Citrix and Oceanos case study presented at SiriusDecisions 2012


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Summit 2012: Targeted Contact Mapping and Campaign Content Alignment
Presenters: Michelle Vaughn, WW Director of Demand Generation, Citrix Systems, Inc. with Frank Willley, President of Asset Management, Oceanos, Inc.
Sponsored by: Oceanos (
With greater levels of intelligence your ability to map and target specific contact types greatly enhances your ability to align your specific content to the audience and create a more responsive contact universe. B-to-b marketers can use this high level mapping to create micro level messaging designed to a very specific audience allowing the marketer to provide very focused and engaging messaging to activate their audience and increase pipeline velocity and downstream revenue alignment to a campaign. In this presentation, we will answer the following questions:
• What types of intelligence can be accessed to improve contact mapping?
• What tools are used to assess content alignment?
• Is this cost effective? What is my return going to be?
• What does a program like this look like?

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Citrix and Oceanos case study presented at SiriusDecisions 2012

  1. 1. Contact Target Mapping and Content AlignmentA Case StudyMichelle Vaughan – Citrix SystemsFrank Willey - Oceanos
  2. 2. The SituationCompetitive space Compelling message Specific target  “Ready to move from the iron age to the cloud age?” © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  3. 3. The Strategy• Develop air cover and resources to successfully penetrate competitive accounts• Highlight superiority in meeting key customer requirements not product feature advantages• Know the audience and map content to their needs• Focus on demand marketing and sales engagement © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  4. 4. Focus on the Message Industry best 2048-bit SSL Consolidation without compromise performance Unrivaled expertise in both virtualization and networking True pay as you grow. No new All functionality, all devices, all the hardware time © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  5. 5. The Plan List Acquisition Email Paid Media Call Down Lead Generation Message Appointment Corporate Web Setting Google SEM & Global Events Domain Target Customer Field Events Communications © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  6. 6. Campaign Creative © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  7. 7. Target Mapping & Content AligmentOceanos
  8. 8. Asset Management – Opportunity Development• Identify and utilize opportunities in the environment to increase performance• Actively seek new “intelligent attributes” to provide competitive advantage• Innovative reporting and segmentation to maximize the return on marketing assets• Ability to integrate with marketing and sales to create efficiencies• Continuity of data quality• Response behavior profile of your potential client © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  9. 9. Business Intelligence – Competitive Intelligence • CI is sources from hundreds of sources including news releases, lease filings, trade publications and the web • Data is reviewed, standardized and processed through and algorithm that assigns a confidence indicator • Process is systematically repeated to idetify and validate new and existing intelligenceCI empowers sales and marketing to more effectively target named accounts with competitive or complementary offers. © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  10. 10. Key Takeaways
  11. 11. Considerations Message Timing Methodology to reach target Legal review Global appeal © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  12. 12. Results Excellent campaign message performance 64x ROI 37% net new Sales advocacy © 2012 Citrix | Confidential – Do Not Distribute