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Logistics 101 from RCL Agencies


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RCL Agencies Inc., as the general agent for Charter Container Line, provides high quality customer service including immediate, competitive rates, detailed booking information and accurate documentation.

Specializing in the shipping of full container loads and specialized cargo projects between the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Mediterranean, Far East and the Eastern Bloc.

This presentation is designed to help our customers achieve a better understanding of the global cargo shipping industry.

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Logistics 101 from RCL Agencies

  1. 1. Basic Logistics: 101 Presented by: RCL Agencies, Inc.Leaders in Global Cargo Shipping
  2. 2. Logistics OptionsOcean freightAirfreightOver the road or railWarehouse & distributionJust in time (JIT)
  3. 3. Containers vs RoRo & Break BulkContainers are conducive topalletized cargo, packed cargo,all cargo fitting inside theconfines of a trailer.
  4. 4. Containers vs RoRo & Break BulkRoRo cargo is roll on rolloff and is conducive to cars,trucks, rolling machinery,anything that rolls.
  5. 5. Containers vs RoRo & Break BulkBreak bulk cargo is any cargo that doesntfit inside the container and does not roll.There are special ships fixed tocarry RoRo & Break Bulkcargo and "usually" do notcarry containers.
  6. 6. Are you “Street Legal”?Question: How much can I load into 20/40 steamship linecontainer?Answer: Most USA states allow 18 metric tons/20 & 20 metrictons/40‘. Sometimes more can be legally loaded with a "heavypermit“ which is not available in all states. The shipper islegally responsible -both civilly and criminally.
  7. 7. Ocean Exports to Russia/CISQuestion: What is the best getaway for ocean exports toRussia/CIS?Answer: We prefer the port of Riga, Latvia for over two decadesbecause of its excellent communications, motor power, rail carsupply, reliability. Containers move to inland points under bond andclear customs at destination city. This minimizes delays/expenses/ unhappy customers.
  8. 8. How can I Keep my Freight Shipmentfrom Becoming a “Fright" Shipment? Book your freight with a reliable and experienced shipping company Understand the terms of sale and Incoterms Know what export documents and export customs formalities are required Be aware of the import requirements Protect your shipment
  9. 9. Marine Cargo InsuranceQuestion: Do I need marine cargo insurance for exporting orimporting my goods?Answer: We highly recommended insurance to minimize yourfinancial risk. Marine cargo insurance covers the risk due tothe limited liability of most carriers & exporters / importershave a financial obligation to the ship owner.
  10. 10. Self ReflectionWhy do you choose the vendors you do?Are you satisfied with the competency and level ofpersonalized service rendered?Are your clients satisfied with all aspects of the logisticchoices arranged?What can you do to make your product/ service moredesirable?
  11. 11. Find these helpful tools on ourwebsite at Conversion calculator Federal Maritime Commission Harmonized Tariff Schedule Incoterms explained Rate of exchange Ocean cargo insurance terms
  12. 12. Thank You For Viewing Our Presentation! For more information, please contact us at: RCL Agencies, Inc. 973-779-5900