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Ocean City Council agenda Feb. 12, 2015


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Ocean City Council agenda Feb. 12, 2015

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Ocean City Council agenda Feb. 12, 2015

  1. 1. ORDLVANCE NO. 15-06 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND SUPPLEMENTING ORDINANCE #87-17, CHAPTER II “AD. VlINIS'l‘RA'l'l0N”, SECTION 2-1.19 OF THE REVISED GENERAL ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY (Mayor’s Appointment of Tax Collector, With Council’s Advice and Consent) BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council of the City of Ocean City, County of Cape May, State of New Jersey, as follows: Section 1. Article 3. “Executive Branch”, of the Revised General Ordinances of the City of Ocean City shall be supplemented as follows: 2-1.20 Administrative Branch Generally. 2-1.19 Powers and Duties. The Mayor shall be the chief executive of the City and shall: a. Enforce the Charter and ordinances of the municipality and all general laws applicable thereto; b. Report annually to the Council and to the public on the state of the municipality, and the work of the previous year; he shall also recommend to the Council whatever action or programs he deems necessary for the improvement of the municipality and the welfare of its residents. He may from time to time recommend any action or programs he deems necessary or desirable for the municipality to undertake; c. Supervise, direct and control all departments of the municipal government and shall require each department to make annual and such other reports of its work as he may deem desirable; d. Require such reports and examine such accounts, records and operations of any board, commission or other agency of municipal government, as he deems necessary; e. Prepare and submit to the Council for its consideration and adoption an annual operating budget and a capital budget, establish the schedules and procedures to be followed by all municipal departments, offices and agencies in connection therewith, and supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process; f. Supervise the care and custody of all municipal property, institutions and agencies, and make recommendations concerning the nature and location of municipal improvements and execute improvements determined by the Govcming Body; g. Sign all contracts, bonds or other instruments requiring the consent of the municipality; h. Review, analyze and forecast trends of municipal services and finances and programs of all boards, commissions, agencies and other municipal bodies, and report and recommend thereon to the C ouncil; i. Supervise the development, installation and maintenance of centralized budgeting, personnel and purchasing procedures as may be authorized by ordinance; j. Negotiate contracts for the municipality subject to Council approval; k. Assure that all temis and conditions imposed in favor of the municipality or its inhabitants in any statute, franchise or other contract are faithfully kept and performed; 1. Serve as an ex offieio nonvoting member of all appointive bodies in municipal govemment of which he is not an official voting member.
  2. 2. Further the Mayor may: I. Attend all meetings and conferences of Council and takc pull in discussions without vote. 2. (last the deciding vote in case of a tie on the question of filling a vacancy in the (. ‘ouncil. m. Appoint 3 Municipal . -tron-iey with advice and consent oi‘Coun: :il. The; Municipal Attomey shall he an uttnmey in good standing in the State of}<'ew Jersey and shall be appointed to serve for a term of one (1) year, or until his successor is appointed and qualified. and shall be paid in accordance with the annual salary ordinance. n. In accordanc: will‘. N. .|. S.. -. 40/: ")—|4l. nppoim lhr Tax Cullcclor with the advice and consent of Council " ’ 112. I1‘ any portion of this ordinance is declared to be invalid hy a court ot'c. o1npetemt_iu1isdiction. it shall not affect the remaining purliullb ol'Lhe ordinance which shall remain in full force and effect. Section 3. All ordmanccs or poriions lhcreofinmnsistent with this ordinance are repealed to the extent or" such inconsistency. Section 4. This Ordinance shall takc effect in Lhc time and manner prescribed by law. Jay Gillian, Mayor Anthony 1’. Wilson. Council Pfcbldcnl The above Ordinance was passed by the Council of Ocean C it)‘. New Jersey, at a meeting of said Council held on the day of . and will taken up fora second reading and final passage at n niocling of said Council held on the day of _ , 2015 in Council ClIa'! l'llIl: l'S, City Hall, Ocean City, New Jersey, at 7:00 0’olock in the evening. Linda P. Maclrityre. City Cleric
  3. 3. CITY UIF Cl': ClEAl| CITY . ¢‘~h. ’ll: l". |'3I''5 GREQTEST Ffilillll Y lw’: 'o*. ‘JR_' C-EPARTI‘-‘E’-JT CF LAW . . LT ? Tt’4i_ . .__ DATE: Febnmry (3, 20] 5 TO: City Council I’-'ROI‘«I: Doiolliy F. Mt: CrmsmI, Fsquirc RE: Ordinance Atttllot-izirig M: iyor‘. '< Appnimmeut 01' Ta. -. Collector. With The A(l"lCL‘- And Consent Of(Z‘ounci| Ocean (‘. Ety’s longtime Tax (‘ollector has retired, and the Adminiztration is preparing to till his vacant position with at new Certified ‘fax Collector. It has come tn the attention of the . -kdntinistratinn that “ll: Cit; /‘s Adntinistmtivc Code docs not cnmporr with the statutory requirement to include rt provision regarding the appointment of a Tax Collector. The attached ordinance would authorize the Mayor to appoint a Tax Collector, subject to the advice and consent of City Council. Allcr passage ofthc attaciied ordineuice on second reading, am! publication thereof, the A1.lllll1'! i5ll1'dIiO1'l will bnng Fonvard a Resolution asking for Council's consent to the appointment of a Tax Collector to fill the existing, vacancy. 881 ASBURY A‘. /LNUE_ OCFAN CITY, NJ 03226 Telephone: (509) 399-241 1 Fax: tt. -'-09) 398--7833 dfi"JCfC5$0l'lt§}u’. .'lIi. lJS
  4. 4. ORDINANCE NO. 15-05 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE #8747 OF THE REVISED GENERAL ORDLNANCES OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, N EW JERSEY (Police Ordinance 2015(2)) BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council ofthe City 0fOccan City. County of Cape May. State ot'New Jersey, as follows: SECTION I. Chapter II, “Administration". Part I. “Adoption of . -Xdininistratis-e Code”, Article ". ’dmini. <'.1raLi-e Branch”, Swlion 2-1.23{a), “De, purtrr. ent of Administration”. Sub-section 2, ''''Pow«. -rs and Dulles. The Admini: slmlnr" is hereby nmenrled to add lllt‘ following: lg] Serve as Ihe Appropriate Auihority consistent with NJS. -X. 40.-:1-‘l-l 18. SECTION 2. Chapter l'V. "Police Department and Fire l‘Jcpartment, "" Part I, “Polio: Department”. Section 6-2. "Director uf the Department“. Sub-section 6—2.l “General Powers and Dulles" is hereby amended to road as i'nllo-rs: ‘l he I)irecmr nftlic Department, in addition to other powers and duties conferred upon him by law. shall also possess the following powers and duties with relation to the Police Depamncnl. 21. Sl*1Cl‘l0N 3. Hi: shall exercise autliority anrl control over all Polio. ‘ headquarters. stations, propelty, paraphernalia, equipment and apparatus now or hereafter owned by the City and uscd or to be used for the protection of life, licallh and properly, and for cnforting the laws of the State of luw . lL'1"56_' and the ordinances of the City. He shall iccounnund lo the City Council the appointment of such ollicers and men. and such other ernployees as he dccms necessary or expedient to ¢fil(: lcl1l. lj. ' govern, maintain and operate lhc Puliuu Department. He shall, from time to time, drnll and recommend in the Business Administrator those rules and regulations not inconsistent with the laws of the Stalc ot"Ncw Jersey or the ordinance: of the City for die ; ;ovi. -rmiieni, control and regulation of the Police Dcpartrnent, as may be na: cssar_v to inalze the Department cffioicw. and u. -:el‘ul. These rules may prescnhc the dutius oi‘ the Chief of Police and all other members of the Dcpmrtnicnt, and may provide such penalties or__fo_rfeitures .15 mny be necessary or L': _qi_: :dig: _n_l. ’[he§jc rules, iml . '7l ‘:1-ill. an-. their-1-'» -'~'ll1«‘ In 'l'l‘~L‘ l. ‘--; 't: n . _lpp;0'zcl. l [W l_'; «.‘ l3'u*'ln«3»— Jxiiir-: n1.4li’I'. r, shall be esmbl-fished and 32:. -: -.. ..": '.. :.. .. .-. ;-~: ‘ I ~ -‘; .. binding upon all ofliuers and members of the Doparluicul. Chapter IV, “Police Dcpartiuonl and Fire l)epartmem. “' Part 1, "Police Dcpzimus. -ul"’. Section 6-4. “Police Chief‘. Sub-section 64.1 “Powers and | ’)utics" is hrrcby amended to read as follows: The Chief of Police shall be the head of the police force and that he shall be directly responsible to the approprime rnitliority for tho GlIIUll.7I1C)' and routine day to day operations thorool‘, and Ihul he shall, pursuant to policies established by the appropriate autlmrit_v: 3. Administer and enforce ruins and regulations and special emergency directives for the disposition and discipline nfthe force and its officers and personnel; Have, exercise, and discharge the functions, powers and duties of the force; Presmbo the duties and nssignnmnls of all subordinate; -: and other personnel; Delegate such of his authority as he may deem noocssary for the efiicicnt operation of the force to be exercised under his direction and supervision; and
  5. 5. c. Report at least monthly to the ; w.m-mrpriute authority in such form as shall be prescribed by such authority on the operation of the force during the preceding month. and make such other reports as may be mqucstud by such authority. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to command and properly regulate the affairs of the Police Depamncnt, subordinate to and ll1ltlL‘. I llic SU]JUI‘lSiLll1 ii I‘ the Director of the Depzutment. All other members and employees til‘ the Police Department shall he tuhordinnre to and under the eouunand of the Cliicl‘ of Police. 'lhc Chiet‘ut' Police shall have command of the activities of the other members of the Police Department. He shall efficiently omm-nand the members of the Police Dcpanmcnt and prcacrvc the records til‘ the Depcirlimml. He shall have power to assign the member: of the Depnrrment to any duties for the ; Jrotectiou of life, health and public safety and to enforce the laws ulthe State of New Jersey, ordinances of the City and the rules of the Police Dcpartizncut. Subject to the ultimate control of the Director of the Department, the Chief nf Police shall have authority to detail such officers and men to duty in cuiuiuction with the Department as he shall deem for the ‘nest inter-ems til‘ the Dopartinent. and he shall periiirrn such other duties as shall dcvolvc upon him by the laws of the State and nrdinances of the City; he shall have (-010 E: lll. 'l ciztiru uuziurzand over all members. apparatus and appurtenances of the Department. In the absence or disability 0f the (Thief, the Director of the Departinent shall designate one of the captains In itbslllllt: cummamt] and perform the duties of the Chief. In the absence or disability of any superior uflicer other than the Chief, the Chief shall liavc full power and authority to desigiintc in a tempt-raw and acting capeicity such pcreuun as he shall cnnsider proper to perform the duties of the superior rank. . Si; L'ru)_ 4. All ordinances or portions thcrcvf inconsistent with this Ordinance are repealed to the extent of such inconsistency. Sr. r.'rm' 5. Ifany portion of this Ordinance is declared in be invalid by a Court of competent jtEI‘iS(ltCtl0l1. it shall nut al1i. ;ut the remaining pnrtions of the Ordinance which shall remain in full force and effect. SEC'Il(). ‘ 6. This Ordinance shall take effect in the time and mamier prescribed by law. Jay A. Gillian. Mayor Aulllouy P. Wilson. Council President The shove Ordinance was passed by the Cuuncil ofOce. ;u1 City, .-‘cw Jersey. at .1 meeting of mid Cutuicil lwld on day of , 2015. and was taken up for :1 second reading and final. passage at 2: meeting ofsaid Council held on day of __, 2015 in Council Chambers. City Hall. Ocean City. New Jersey at 7:00 o'clock in the evening. Linda T’. r7'lilCll‘lt). "t’€, Cit}: (‘iilreiik
  6. 6. Cl"ll"f OF OCIEAN CITY AM‘. :R| Cf'S GRERTFS’ FFIMILY RESORT POLICE DEPARTMENT Date: January 30, 2015 To: Dorothy Mccroeson. City Solicitor From: Captain J. Prettyman Subject: Change of City Ordinance : ____j in 2006. the Ocean City Police Department was one of the first department's in the state to earn accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Law Entoncement Agencies (Ci-'tLEA), through an alliance program with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP). We have maintained “Accredited” status since that initial assessment. Part of maintaining our "Accredited" status is successfuily competing a re-accreditation assessment every three years. The assessments are extremely detailed and labor intensive. We completed these assessments in 2009 and 2012. We are currently preparing for our 2015 re-accroditaliori assessment which will take place this spring. In preparing for this upcoming assessment, we retained the assistance of The Rogers Group. The Rogers Group is a highly reputable consulting firm who specializes in Police Organization. Management, Leadership. and Supervision. The Rogers Groups function is to assist us in performing a self-analysis of our department's organization and management. and to help us show proof of compliance for over 100 standards. The retention of The Rogers Group has ensured that we are performing the most intensive and deta= led analysis of our current wntten directive system to date. This includes reviewing and updating Standard Operating Procedures, Rules and Regulations. City Ordinances, and City! department operations as they pertain to the police department. We are currently well undenmay and expect to be well prepared for our amssment this spring. During this process, a weakness was noted within our current City Ordinances that did not clearly delineate the line of authority specifically, the designation of the "Appropriate Authonty" and their duties. The recommended change to the City Ordinance will clearly identify the "Appropriate Authority“ as the City Business Administrator. This change to the City Ordinance will also allow the Police Departments Rules and Regulations to be promulgated by the Appropriate Authority, making them easier to be adjusted or changed in the future to meet current or future trends, problems. or needs. 835 CENTRAL AVENUE O(': t:AN CITY, NJ 08226-3642 TI! llI. ‘l[. |ll')fll: |I (609; 525.910 Fax; (809) 399.1970 ww. -.'. ocnj. us
  7. 7. ORDTNANCE NO. 15-02 AMENDll-T‘. AV! ) SUPPLEMENITNG C ll. -XPTTZR V "GENERAL LICENSING” OF THE REVISED GE-NERAI . ORDINAVCES 01'' THE CITY OF’ OCEAN CITY. NE'| »' JERSEY PEDDLERS, HAW'KERS AND VENDORS 5-11.1 Purpose. The purpose: ufthis section is to: :1. Maintain the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the City. b. Di scouragc anchor prevent iiricthiml and dishonest business practices, and c. Provide for, and promote the general health, saihty and welfare of the citizens and residents of Ocean City. (Ont. nus-21. § 1; 0rd. 510-04, § 1; 5-11.2 License Required. lt is the intention of the City of Ocean City to nwsud, lo the highest qualified 1:viddet'(s). a limited number of concession licenses for the purpose of sales of food, ice cream and be'. 'enLge related products at designated City owned >lrct: l ends and designated rights-otlway during the established summer season. (om. 9708-21, § 2; 0rd. H10-ILI4. § I) 5-] 1.3 Definitions. .-its used in this section: Binvzrfe um shall mean any form of box or container placed upon or mounted on a bicycle frame, with three (3) or more wheels and chain driven and approved by the County Department of llealih. Motor vehicle shall he defined in accordance with N. J.S A. 39:l—1 et ea]. Pechllers, kawkers anr1'wrm1'oI's shall mean and include my person, whether a resident of the City or not. Walking, standing, sitting, or traveling by vehicle or otherwise, ‘from street to street. from place to place, or from house to housu, sailing, displaying for sale or ol1L-ring l'nr salt: any item. -:. memhnndise, product or lhud substance of any kind. Person shall mean and include the singular and [he plural and shall also rm. -an and include any person, firm nr corpomtiun. assuciarion, club, co-partnership or society. or any other nrganimtion. Vehicle shall include both motor vehicles and bicycle cm-ta. {On}. #08-2!, § 3; 0rd. #| IJ-()4.§ 1) 5-1 1.4 Number of Licenses Restricted. a. The number of licenses issued annually o. -ll'or motorized vehicles to peddle Food or food related prr-clnctst shall be limited to four (4). he nennined 2‘ ' . _ - ‘ “ _ "y annually. h. The number of licenses issued annually alfor liicyclc carts to peddle food or food related products. shall be limited to two. -m§—twclvc (2-H12}. m+e mud+hMm {hdfl ten, . ' ' ‘ '; -- . gory annually». c. All licenses issued under this section shall be uun—tmnst'embIe without the prior written pcnnissiun uf hnth the Cit}, -'5 Business Administratm‘ and Plll‘Ch8.3lllg Manager. Each license ‘llmll l)k‘. flJ' llw number of the vehicle or bicycle cart to which it is iswed; and, each vehicle or bicycle can shall display a distinct number. between vehicles ' . , . ' ‘ll Vendor sl ll5' . ~‘. uhrnit—a T ' ' . '-‘lets! ha: xsritu. -n . ' . ‘
  8. 8. E%Hglll¥tll the _‘u: :tr. Tht: :1l11tlt; t|, ltt: c:l: <;= foes rtuxl l»; )tni_, l iv} : ptiL__3ll'“ nl Lltc cm"'cnI -. 'vnr (0rd. #08-21, § 4; Ord. #10-O4,§ 1; Old. 1811-39. § 1] 5-115 Badges. The ‘ll-; ’:'u't‘,1llllv; " nlCt'. ‘llSl IL’ Office shall issue to each liccrisec at the time of delivery of his license, :1 badge. which shall contain the ’v‘O‘l'(l. '~S "Licensed Paddler" and "Ocean City" and the year of the current issue, which lmdgc shall. during the time such licensee is engaged in peddling, be wom constarrtly by the licensee on the front of his outer garment in such a way as to be conspicuous. Badges shall only be issued during specific day(s) and timcts) to be designated by the ""l‘. 'rt. ';‘. iIlll‘. ‘ l. it'c1“-in‘l_: _O‘Ffit: e. The number of badges issued to any one business shall be limited to n. total of two (2.) per vcliielc. Each addititmal badge or replacement badge shall be charged a set fee as provided in Schedule Art‘ (om. #08-2|, § 5; 0rd. #10-04, § 1) *1-Zditur's Nute: Sel1edule A may be found in Cltapter X20‘. of llicsc Rcviwd Gt. -ncrul . Orrlinnnccs. 5-11.6 Licenses. LlC . >:r: «--. ~.4 I_l. mrntor-- : u-_~ nu uuctl '1; ". 'L‘lll lllt_l_r | lL'Cll! w'C: - llLll"llL' la‘-ttr3j_of or-c1‘ztlt-. ‘>t1 and are required to exhibit their licenses at the request of any citimn with whom they seek to do bu: -Lnests. (Ord. tt'(l8-'. ’.l_. § 6; 0rd. #10-04, § 1) S-11.7 General Regulation. 3.. Food products sold from hntlt motorized and bicycle cults shall be limited to the following items: hot dogs, hamburgers. cold sandwiclies, soda, water, candy, 2011 pretxels, potato cliips, popcorn, cake, ice cream products, water ice nncl n‘l: l1er frozen coitfcctiouziry products. No person. whether liecnscd hereunder or nut, shall be permitted to engage in activitice described in subsection 5-113 hefi-ore the hour of 4~u£_1t 9:00 am. . prevailing time. or alter ~++H~<: t I‘v; llll run. in any particular day. No person, whether licensed hereunder or not. shall double park a motor-dri ven vehicle or bicycle cart of any type upon a public noadway or street lbr the purpose of engaging in the activities described hcnciu per N. J.S. /. 39:4-I 28.7‘. No person, wlictltcr licensed hcrcuudcr or run, sh. -ill park :3 motor-driven vehicle or bicycle can, cztecpt in ‘.1 lt~. ~'. 'lL’ p‘. .". it1g_ ]‘. l.: ‘.—«s«. - in . m‘. -:: l'ln'munz: tn, I fr»: ‘at, -ti_it_-; , for the purpunc of‘ engaging in the activity destcrihcd hnrciu per }s'. J.$A. 39:4-I283. No penzun, whether licenced hereunder or not, shall park a motor driven vehicle or hicycle cart in any lawful parking place for a period exceeding thirty (30) minutes or portion thereof, during any hour of the day at purtttilled“be1tt: l')” street end or designated space. 1‘lic thirty (30) minutes starts at the time of arrival. A vcllicle may not return to same location for a period of one (1) hour from lhc time of departure. For example, if a vendor arrives at 10:00 am. and departs at 10:30 am, it cannot return until 11:30 am. to that louttion. f. No person licensed under this section shall sell or otter for sale any product within l“Ut'~ QC | 'tlw-'. lILL t3t"'-'. |'l) I-st-I ul' any food-related retail or wholesale establisluxtctil or husiness. fitliiili-'»mi3l: -_ v'c-: —'u: «l’ . " ' ' ‘ ' ? .létl? tt*. ~;l. No person operating either a motorized vcluclc or bicycle cart shall utilize any device othe. r than a hand boll flb approved by the City tit" Ocean City for the purpose of selling or assisting in the sale of any product listed in connection with this section. The hand bell may not be rung for more than five (5) seconds at any given time for :4 tmximum of two (2) consecutive ringing. -1. Rcpctztix-c bell ringing shall he xtn'ctly prohibited ! ll‘lll~. "i'*~. l—. .~. ‘~. ‘-. ~t— '3” ~04: The actual sale ol'au_v pl'UI. ll. I!. 'l3 by the licensees or their agents on any portion 01' the beach, l)t: m.'. llI‘2lI[1p. dune walkovers. or the boardwalk within the City shall be strictly prohibited. Any activity assisting in the sales ofany products on any portion of the beach within the City shall not occur within a minunuut cf lilly (S(l') Feet of any beacltgocr. :ddit. ional1y_. any activity assisting in the sales of any products on any portion uf the beach
  9. 9. ramp, dune walkovers or the bounlwullt within the City shall not occur within a minimum of twcnty (2(l') feet of any beachgoer. The usage of lnuitllwltl signs and loud yelling either on the bench or at the bencli entrance-. ~. allull be . ~.-trictlypmhibitcd. b. No person licensed under this section shall sell or ollbr for sale any product witlun five linnrlrotl (5D0') llrot of any _21t'OpB‘lT_V used as a school from one (1) hour before the regular school day to one ( I) hour ulier the regular school day: provided, this subsection shall not apply on days when school is not attended by children 001’ on solioul property when vending has been approved in writing by the Board of Education. i. No more than one (1) motor di= ia-'ei4-veliiclc and-or one (lo) bicycle cart may be stopped at one I'_l) location for the purposo of st: llin; ,', :”c-od-related items: in accordance with this wecrion. (Ertzunple, H-‘@0118 (21) bicycle can-x orand twoone (21) motor vehicles at the same location, at the same time is prohibited) j. The name of the company and telephone number shall be clearly marked and V‘lSllll(-. ‘ on each vehicle. All signage shall be professionally produced and approved by the City as to clarity and visibility. It. The pi-itx-. (s) of the protluct(s) shall be clearly visible on each veliicle. I. No person, whether licensed lierc. -under or nul. shall park a motor-driven vehicle or bicycle cart tho‘. proliibits ac-was to a pedestrian or vehicle egress or within twenty-live (25'l foot of such access. m. No nermn operating citltur a niolorivod vehicle or bicycle can shall utilize any music or pre-recording for the purpo= e of selling or assisting in the sale of any product listed in oomlcclion with this section. n. oiit tAll persons selling or assisting in the sale ur—lhv'. H1-Eltitll sale of .1113’ pmduct listed in connection with this section Slml he properly attuod. Shirts mus-I shall be worn at all times. slllrifi are o. All 1.'cli. iclos ‘<ulI. l bicycle tarts shall 1-equine proof of current, i++speetiun—satist"actor'_v Cape Ivlay Count y Board of Health repoainspection. p. All motor vehicles shall require both satisfactory New Jersey Division of Motor ‘Jcluclc and Ocean City Police Department inspections. l_Drd. #08-2l, § 7; Orcl. #10-O4,§ l; Ord. '. ‘l l-39. §2) 5-11.8 Expiration of l. it-ense. ii. The initial '. '.-rm of the license shall be awarded for a period of twelve ( I 2) nionths. Providing that the licensee is not in violation of the section. the license may be cxlurrdud for an additional twent3.'-four (24) month period, but shall not exceed a maximum term of thirty-six (30) months in aooortlance with N. .l. S.A. 40A: l l-lS(22). The option for renewal shall be at the sole discretion of the City and shall be bin. -eil upon the rcconmtcndation of the City Administration and the uppmvzil ofthe City Council. I. Prior to fll1_'y’I'L‘. Il(: Wa. l, all holders of :1 pedtiler‘s license issued by it Coutity Clerk of the State of New Jersey in accordance with N, J.S. A. 45:2-'1-9, et seq. Hlltlll produce and submit to the City's License Inspector proof of residency as required under . ’. J.'b. .'-‘t. 45:24-9, et seq. b. ‘lint; City shall notify the vendor £1 minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the cxpimtion of the license ofits intent to extend the license lot the m.1ximum time period. .0 In the event that the City decides to tcnninzttc the license prior to its expiration, the licensee shall be notiliod in writing. .‘»lotificatinn shall occur no loss than three ninety (390) HlI? rlIl. lI. ~ days prior to the established date oftcrmination. In the event of termination, except tunnination as a result of proceedings under subsection 5-! I .9, licensee shall be entitled to continue operation for the balance of the current license year. The City shall not have any liability liar any subsequent license yams that may have remained under the original license. [0l1Tl. #U3-2l, § 8:011]. #l(I-ll~’l, § l; Ord. till-29, _$ 3) 5-] 1.9 Revocation of License.
  10. 10. a. Liucmics issucxl under the pnwisinns ofthis section may be revoked by the City tfnuncil after notice and hearing for any of the following causes: I. Fraud, misrepresentation, or false statement, made under this section; 2. Fraud. lI1lSl(: pt'LSL‘llldli(lI1, or l'ul: ~.e statement, made in the course of carrying on his business as :1 licensee under this section; 3. Any violation of this section; 4. Conviction ol': iny crime or ofiense involving moral turpitude; 5. (Ionducting hnsineis as a licensee under this section in an unlawful manner or in such a manner as to constitute a breach of the peace nu. -uacu lo the health, safety or general welfare of the public. 6. Failure to pay fees by established date of April 30“ uf cum. -nt year. b. Notice of the hearing for revocation of a license shall be given in writing, :pccilically setting forth speei-fieal-l+—t. l1o grounds of complaints and 1.11:: llllll: and place of hearing. Such notice shall be mailed. post prepaid. [0 the licensee at his last kitown nrldncsq at least five (5) days prior to the date set for this hearing. [The address given] on the license shall be prirna fncie evidence of his last known address. ) The liociiscc shall be untitled In ncprescutation by counsel, and shall liavc the right to t.1't)s. ~:-examine wilinessies and produce testimony on his behnlf Lioensees whose license is revoked pursuant to this section shall have no right to continue operation or receive any refund of license fee: paid. (Ont. #08-21. § 9; 0rd. 5'10-O4,§ l‘, OT(l. #| 1-29, § 4) 5-11.10 Records. The l')cpm'rn1cnt of Police shall report to the -4eee+anhle~—Licensing Ollicc all COIlVlGll(}l]5 lbr viulziliun of this section and the (—‘+ty—(—‘le1'k[. iL'e'nsing 0Fl*i. ':e shall record the reports of violations on the record nfthe licensee. |’_()rrl. #t). ‘<l-2|, § I0; Ord. #lD-04 -§ 1; Ord. #1139, § 5) SI l.11 Mercantile License Fees. 3. »t the time nfthe issuance ofthe license. each licensee slmll pay a l~1Cl'»'4dlllllC Licumu. -. we as follows: I Motor Vehicle Vending Liccnsc - Ilncn. -. lll. lIll. ll‘CLl ($300.00) dtvlime per trut: |s; -‘motor ~‘L'l! iL'| x.'. . 3. Bicvclc Cent ‘Uottdiiig Licutuccs - One hundred titty | $l50.t1Cl dnllim‘. for tlie first licciised curt nml seventy-five I’. ‘ll75.l)(tl dnllm-t | )l. :,’ trmzlt addiliuiieil lIlL'_VL'lU cart. 3. Each mtzrcaiitile lit: ¢:t1'~‘. l: fee holder szhnll imy nn nritlm‘ tourism assessment loo. wliicli shall he titty 1iI'l"’. x.‘, | percent nfllw cost ufthe Vending License Fee set forth '. ‘.l‘)(. ‘v¢. '. lOl‘(l. “T93-ll. § I It 0111. #| ll-’. l»lu~', ‘ l’. UI11. fél l-3‘), 35- (it 5-lI_l2 Depots. a. Liocnsccs shall uiuiiitain a. bust: o| 'npuraliun (depot) where vehicles will be stored and-‘or housed during utfhnurs. Depots shall he in strict eoufonnancc with all applicable zoning and health aides oftlle State ofNcW Jersey. and the county and inunicipality within which the depot is located. b. Each licensee shall be ncquired to supply to the City a listing and a pliulogz-. mh til‘ the niutorizcd 'i‘: lllt. 'lB$ and bicycle carts that are to be utilized hereunder. Each motorized vehicle and hicycle cart shall display a number, which number will be noted on the liuotisc corresponding to such vehicle or bicycle cart. All motor vehicles shall be pmnerly licensed by the State of New Jersey and shall be registered and inspected for use as prescribed in N. .l. S.A. 392364. I. (Ot1'l. #O>Z—;1'l. § 12; 0rd. #1U-U-‘l, § 1) 5-I L13 Regulation and Restriction of Balloon Sale. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section. the number of licenses to sell or exhibit for sale balloons of any 50115 at any locations on the Out: -an City Boardwalk, shall be limited to I live (5). The license issued by the Meveam‘+le-Liccnsiiig Office shall (lL? SigllzllL'- a street end or area where the licensee shall. be uutliormod to sell l7alltPUll! ~.. The licensee must remain at that
  11. 11. strw and or area and shall not be permitted to sell balloons on any other area of the boaitlwalk. (Old. #08-Zl, § 13; 0rd. #10-I)-1», [Q I) 5-1 1.14 Exemption. l‘t'rsoiis llU[l'Lll'1|bl)’Lll: L'lI21fgULl lioin tlic military scrvzcc ptisscz-: .~. iIig a pcddlons license lS5l. li; .'(l by a ("ounr_v("| erl-; of the State of New . |er. <ey lll coiifrvrmity with '. .l. S.A. -'l5:. ‘~= 'l-0 and II’) we authorized to -. -cm‘. nrodiicts in accordaiicc with this section upon the subniittal and approval of tho required foriiis mid tlic | )il_‘lllL'. lll of llic piiittttssiiig and fl‘L'Ui1lS 1'L'Lt. L‘uIiiplclL' appliculiozis Slldll bc rcccivctl mi sooner than February ls! ofihe curmil calendar year . md no later than April Slttli of current cnlenrl: -it‘ ycnr, .1. At the tiiiic of the issuauicc of the liccnse. cs. -lch licc-nscc shall pay pniccssiiig lec its lbllows I. 'v1ntm' Vchiclr "ci*r'iiiig_ liocnsc Tvm l1Il"l{ll't‘. |l fifiy | ,S? i(l(D-Ill llollam pct lruclt. ~‘ninlni' vehicle‘ 2. Bicycle Cait Vcnding Liccnscs One hundred (‘$100.00) dollars per licciiscd bicycle cztrl. l (0rd. #508-2|. 14; Orcl. :»io-r. L-2. I: 0rd. to i-: n, §- 7) 5-11.15 Insurance Requirements. All licensees licensed under this section shall maintain 0 Public Liability Insurance Policy, covering all motor vehicles andlor bicycle cans to be licensed. for personal injury and property damage as follows: a. General’ Lirzldlity Itr. sur: 'zn. c'e. l l 1. General liability limits of one million ($l, UUU, UIJO. (Jl)) dollars each occurrence and one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars aggregate products and completed operations. li. /lueomobiie Liul: -z'! is[i' Insurance’. 1. Automobile liability insurance oovemig oontractoi for claims arising from owned, hired and non-ownerl vehicles with limits ofnot less than one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars . -my one person and one million [$1 , Dt)t_'I,00t). (l()) dollars any one accident for bodily iriiur_-. ' and one million (S1,000.‘J00.D0] dollars each accident for property‘ damage. shall be maintained in full force during the duration of the contract. c. Workerls Compensation Inmrmzce. 1. Workers Compensation Insurano: shall be maintained in full force dtuing the life of the contract, covering all employees engaged in the pcrforinauce of the contract pursuant to N. J.S. A. 34:lS»l2(_a) and N. J.S. C. 12:. ‘-:35. Prior lo the issuance olany license the liwrisoc shall issue proof to the Mercantile Ofticc of‘ times: insumncc [’I3l]llll'CIl‘lc": l'lTS. If oovcingc CXpll'I?3 during the tcmi of tlic licciisc liar any rua-_-iuii, pruul' 01' runcvval or I'E]JlHL't. 'I1'J£: 'I'll ctiveragti shall be pruvideil lo the Mercantile Office prior to the date the initial coverage expire= . (Ord. #08-21, § 15; 0rd. #10-04, § 1) The above Ordinance was passed on first reading by the Council nl'Ocen. n City, lew Jersey, at n ineeting of said Council held on the 22nd day ofllanuary, 2015 and will taken up for a second reading and final passage at a nioedng of said Council held on the 12th day of February, 2015 in Council Cliambers, City Hall. Ocean City, New . lersey, at seven o’clock in the evening. Linda P. Maclntvrc. Cit ' Clorl;
  12. 12. CITY or OCEAN CITY AMERlCA’S GREATEST FAMILY RESORT MEMORANDUM To: James V. Mallon, City Business Administrator From: Joseph S. Clark, QPA, City Purchasing Manager Date: January 16, 2015 Re: City Contract # 15-06, Concession Licenses for the Sale of Food, Ice cream & Beverage Related Products at Designated city Owned street Ends From the inception of the Concession license for the Sale of Food, Ice Cream & Beverage Related Products at Designated City Owned Street Ends Contract the City was aware that over time this contract and related City Ordinance would evolve to more adequately address the City's needs and at the same time deal with unforeseen issues i: hat arose along the way. Over the past three (3) years, I have worked with the concession license holders, Code Enforcement and our City Solicitor to work through many of these ongoing issues. At this point we are recommending the second revision to the Ordinance which will modify the following: * Number of Bicyde Cart Licenses — reduce the number of bicyde cart licenses from twenty (20) to twelve (12). Under the original contract (2008) the City offered twenty—five (25) licenses, whidi were subsequently reduced down in 2012 to twenty (20) under the first revision of the Ordinance and second letting of the contract. At this time we are recommending that the number of licenses be further reduced to twelve (12). Under the most recent contract (2012-2014), bids were received for only twelve (12) of the twenty (20) available bike licenses. Also in the previous Ordinance and contract documents, a single bidder was precluded from bidding on all of the available licenses. Under the proposed changes that limitation has been lifted. Thus in theory a single bidder could obtain all of the available licenses, if they were the high bidder on each. * Hours of Operation — under the existing Ordinance the hours of operation are 10:00 AM to sunset. The proposed Ordinanoe changes the hours to 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This proposed change is much easier to enforce, since it is a set time daily and won't vary with the setting of the sun. * Minimum Bid on the Truck Licenses - the minimum bid on the truck licenses was previously set at $1,500.00 and is now being proposed to be raised to $2,000.00. This recommendation was based on the dollar amounts that were received for the four (4) existing licenses in the previous bid process. All of which were slightly higher than $2,000.00. Traditionally, we advance our minimum bid amounts to follow the previous bids that were received. 861 ASBURY AVENUE, CITY HALL — ROOM 203, OCEAN CITY, NJ 08226-3642 609-525-9356 Fax: 609-399-3779 www. ooean~city. ni. us
  13. 13. Memo-1/15/14-Page #2 * Number of Trucks or Bicyde Cans Permitted in a Street End at one Time - under the existing Ordinance both a truck and a bicycle cart are permitted to be in a street end at the same time. The proposed Ordinance will limit this to either one (1) truck or one (1) bicycle cart at a time. The majority of the issues that we had to deal with over the past three (3) years were based around this one single situation. A further examination revealed that by permitting the two (2) vendors in a street end at a time we inadvertentiy caused an unsafe situation to occur where vehides were moving in and out of spaces while children and beach patrons were walking about. By limiting access to the street end to a single truck or bicycle cart at a time, this unsafe situation will be gready reduoed. Further this restfictlon will also have the after effect of reducing the number of bell ringing in a single hour time period. Based on our discussions with the vendors there will be less movement of the carts and trucks do to the reduced competition in that given area over the allotted time period. Our experience has shown that when the second vendor entered the street end that the first vendor had a tendency to move to a new location. Thus it seemed as if there was constant bell ringing in some locations. By placing this new restriction, vendors will have a tendency to sit in place for the maximum allotted time period, which will reduce the bell ringing dramatically over the course of a day. Hopefully this summary adequately addresses any questions that you have had conceming the proposed changes in the Ordinance, if you have any Further questions please contact me at your convenience. 861 ASBURY AVENUE. CITY HALL —— ROOM 203, OCEAN CITY, NJ 08226-3642 609-525-9356 Fax. ’ 609-399-3779 www. ocean-citv. ni. us
  14. 14. ORDINANCE #l5—03 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE #87-17, CHAPTER IV “POLICE REGULATIONS” OF THE REVISED GENERAL ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY (Jumping Off Bridges; Abandoned Bicycles) BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council of the City of Ocean City, County of Cape May, State of New Jersey, as follows: SECTION 1. Chapter IV, “Police Regulations, ” Section 4-41, “Jumping From Bridge” is hereby added, as follows: 4-41 JUMPING FROM BRIDGE. It shall be unlawful to jump from any bridge within City limits including, but not limited to, the Route 52 Causeway bridges, the Ocean City-Longport bridge, Ocean City- Strathmere bridge, the Rush Chattin Bridge, the W. 17"‘ Street Bridge and the 34"‘ Street Bridge. SECTION 2. Chapter IV, “Police Regulations, " Section 4-42. “Abandoned Bicycles” is hereby added, as follows: 4-42 ABANDONED BICYCLES. It shall be unlawful to abandon a bicycle on public property within City limits. An abandoned bicycle shall be tagged with notice that it must be moved within three (3) days, afier which it will be impounded. Impounded bicycles which remain unclaimed by their owners shall be released to the Purchasing Division for auction after six (6) months, unless so deteriorated that they have no Value, in which case they will be discarded. A bicycle shall be deemed abandoned if it is located on public property and is not moved for a period of seven (7) days. SECTION 3. All ordinances or portions thereof inconsistent with this Ordinance are repealed to the extent of such inconsistency. SECTION 4. ll‘ any portion of this Ordinance is declared to be invalid by a Court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not aFfect. the remaining portions of the Ordinance which shall remain in full force and effect. Section 5. This Ordinance shall take effect in the time and manner prescribed by law. Jay A. Gillian, Mayor Anthony P. Wilson, Council President The above Ordinance was taken up by the Council of Ocean City, New Jersey, at a meeting of said Council held on 22"“ day of January, 2015, and was taken up for a second reading and final passage at a meeting of said Council held on 12th day of February, 2015 in Council Chambers, City Hall. Ocean City. New Jersey at 7:00 o’clock in the evening. Linda P. Maclntyre, City Clerk
  15. 15. CITY OF OCEAN CITY / WlERlCA'S GREATFST l’M'. 'llL'f RESORT DEPARTME-. N? OF LAW Memo DATE: January I6, ? .0l. S TU: City Council FROM: Dorothy F. McCrosson_. Esquire RE: Ordiiiance Amending Police Regulations In Prohibit Jumping Off Bridges and Regulating Abandoned Bicycles The attached Ordinance is offered at the request of Police Chief Callahan. U pon adoption. it would add two provisions to the Police Regulations in the Administrative Code and provide a basis for the Ocean City Police to address situations which are currently unregulated. The first new provision would make it unlawful to jump ollany bridge within Ocean City. The second new provision would provide a means for the Police to deal with abandoned bieyclss. 8131 ASBURY AVENUE, OCEAN Cll Y, NJ 062% Telephcne: (509) 399-2411 Fax: (639) 398-7838 4lrr. r.t: rrnsnna§, |o: n;. u5
  16. 16. ORDINANCE NO. 15-04 A BOND ORDINANCE APPROPRIATING $5,000,000.00 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $4,750,000.00 IN BONDS AND NOTES OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY FOR THE VARIOUS LVIPROVEMENT S OR PURPOSES AUTHORIZED TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, COUNTY OF CAPE MAY, STATE OF NEW JERSEY, (not less than two-thirds ofmembers thereof affirmatively concurring) AS FOLLOWS: Section 1_. The several improvements described in Section 3 of this Bond Ordinance are hereby respectively authorized as general improvements to be made or acquired by Ocean City, New Jersey for said several improvements or purposes stated in Section 3, there are hereby appropriated the respective sums ofmoney therein stated as the appropriations made tbr said improvements or purposes, said sums being inclusive of all appropriations heretofore made therefore and amounting in the aggregate to $5,000,000.00 including the aggregate sum of $250,000.00 from Capital Improvement Fund as the several down payments for said improvements for purposes required by law and more particularly described in Section 3 and now available therefore by virtue of a provision in a previously adopted budget or budgets of the City for down payment or for capital improvement or purposes. Section 2. For the financing of said improvements or purposes and to meet the part of said S5,000,000.00 appropriations not provided for by application hereunder of said down payments, negotiable bonds of the City of Ocean City are hereby authorized to be issued in the principal amount of $4,750,000.00 pursuant to the Local Bond Law of New Jersey. In anticipation of the issuance of said bonds and to temporarily finance said improvements or purposes, negotiable notes ofthe City in aprincipal amount not exceeding $4,750,000.00 are hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to and within the limitations prescribed by said law. Section 3. The improvements hereby authorized and the several purposes for the financing of which said obligations are to be issued, the appropriations made for an estimated cost ofeach purpose (in each case, including all work or materials necessary therefore or incidental thereto, and as shown on and in accordance with the plans and specifications therefore on file in the Officc of the City Clerk and hereby approved), and the estimated maximum amounts of bonds or notes to be issued for each such purpose, are respectively as follows: SEE ATTACHED SECTION 3 The excess of the appropriations made for each of the improvements or purposes aforesaid over the estimated maximum amount ofbonds or notes to be issued therefore, as above stated, is the amount of the said down payment for said purpose. Section 4. The following additional matters are hereby determined, declared and recited as stated: (a) The said purposes described in Section 3 of this Bond Ordinance are not current expenses and are each a pmperty or improvement which the City may lawfully acquire or make as a general improvement, and no part of the cost thereof has been or shall be specifically assessed on property specifically benefited thereby. (b) The average period of usefulness of said purposes within the limitations of said Local Bond Law and taking into consideration the respective amounts of the said obligations authorized for the several purposes, according to the reasonable life thereof computed from the date of the said bonds authorized by this Bond Ordinance is 5.00 years. (c) The supplemental debt statement required by the said law has been duly made and filed in the Offi ce of the City Clerk and a complete executed duplicate thereof has been filed in the Officc of the Director of the Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs of the State of New Jersey, and such statements who that the gross debt of the City as defined in said law is increased by the authorization of the bonds and notes provided for in this Bond Ordinance by $4,750,000.00 and the said obligations authorized by this Bond Ordinance will be within all debt limitations prescribed by said law. (d) Amounts not exceeding $1,000,000.00 in the aggregate for interest on said obligations, costs of issuing said obligations, engineering cost and other items of expense listed in and permitted under Section 40A:2-20 of said Law, may be included as part of the cost of said improvements are included in the foregoing estimate therefore.
  17. 17. Section 5. The funds from time to time received by the City on account of any grant or monies referred to in Section 1 of this Bond Ordinance shall be used for financing the improvement or purpose described in Section 3 of this Bond Ordinance, by application thereof, either to direct payment of the costs of said improvements or purpose, or to payment or reduction of the amount of the obligations of the City authorized by this Bond Ordinance. Any such funds so received may, and all such funds so received which are not required for direct payment of such costs shall, be held and applied by the City as funds applicable only to the payment of obligations of the City authorized by this Bond Ordinance. Section 6. All bond anticipation notes issued hereunder shall mature at such time as may be determined by the Chief Financial Officer; provided that no note shall mature later than one (1) year from its date. The notes shall bear interest at such rate or rates and be in such form as may be determined by the Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer shall determine all matters in connection with notes issued pursuant to this Ordinance, and the Chief Financial Officer's signature upon the notes shall be conclusive evidence as to all such terminations. All notes issued hereundermay be renewed from time to time subject to the provisions of N. J . S.A. 40A:2-8. 1(a). The Chief Financial Officer is hereby authorized to sell part or all of the notes from time to time at public or private sale and to deliver the same to the purchaser thereof upon receipt of payment of the purchase price plus accmed interest from their dates to the date of delivery thereof. The Chief Financial Officer is directed to report in writing to the Administrator and Council at the meeting next succeeding the date when any sale or delivery of the notes pursuant to this Ordinance is made. Such report must include the amount, the description, the interest rate, the maturity schedule of the notes sold, and price obtained and the name of the purchaser. Section 7. The City hereby declares the intent of the City to issue bonds or bond anticipation notes in the amount authorized in Section 2 of this bond ordinance and to use the proceeds to pay or reimburse expenditures for the costs of the purposes described in Section 3(a) of this bond ordinance. This Section 7 is a declaration ofintent within the meaning and for purposes of Treasury Regulations §l . 150-2 or any successor provisions of federal income tax law. Section 8. The Chief Financial Oflicer of the City is hereby authorized to prepare and to update from time to time as necessary a financial disclosure document to be distributed in connection with the sale of obligations of the City and to execute such disclosure document on behalf of the City. The ChiefFinancial Officer is further authorized to enter into the appropriate undertaking to provide secondary market disclosure on behalf of the City pursuant to Rule 15c2- l2 of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Rule”) for the benefit of holders and beneficial owners of obligations of the City and to amend such undertaking from time to time in comrection with any change in law, or interpretation thereof, provided such undertaking is and continues to be, in the opinion of a nationally recognized bond counsel, consistent with the requirements of the Rule. In the event that the City fails to comply with its undertaking, the City shall not be liable for any monetary damages, and the remedy shall be limited to specific performance of the undertaking. Section 9. The full faith and credit of the City are hereby pledged to the punctual payment of the principal of and interest on the said obligations authorized by this Bond Ordinance. Said obligations shall be direct, unlimited obligations of the City, and the City shall be obligated to levy ad valorem taxes upon all the taxable property within the City for the payment of said obligations and interest thereon without limitations of rate or amount. Section 10. The Capital Budget ofthe City of Ocean City is hereby amended to confonn with the provisions of this Ordinance to the extent of any inconsistencies created hereby. To the extent of any inconsistencies, a revised budget has been filed with the Division of Local Government Services. Section 11. The Bond Ordinance shall take effect twenty (20) days after first publication thereof after final adoption, as provided by said Local Bond Law. Jay A. Gillian, Mayor Anthony P. Wilson, Council President The above Ordinance was taken up by the Council of Ocean City, New Jersey, at a meeting of said Council held on the 22nd day of J anuary, 2015 and will taken up for a second reading and final passage at a meeting of said Council held on the 12th day of February, 2015 in Council Chambers, City Hall, Ocean City, New Jersey, at seven o’clock in the evening. Linda P. Maclntyre, City Clerk
  18. 18. Section 3 of Sand Ordinance 15-04 Eslrmaxcd Maul. -num improvement dmoum of Bonds or Usnlul lmmmnmflmun _ N}. -tn: V _ me [A] lagoon and link my dredging program Including but net Enun-tad to, pan miltlugmugineevmg, and dads: cl lawns and bayfmm areas, as well as the prcpamu on an! emptying to! nor 5 5,000,000 54,750,000 5 or move conllned dlsoosal Iadlllv sues. S s. am). nnn 5 4 75“ 0011 51.30
  19. 19. NOTICE OF PENDING BOND ORDINANCE AND SUMMARY BOND ORDINANCE NO. 15-04 The Bcmd Ordinance, the summary ta. -rms of which are includud herein. was intmduced and passed upon firs! reading at a meeting of the govcming body of the City of Ocean City, in the County or Cape May, State of New Jersey, on January 22. 2015. It will be finthur considered for the finul passage, afier public hearing hcroon, at a meeting of the goveming body to be held in Council Chambas in the City on February I2, 2015 at 7:00 a’clock pm, Dunng the week pnor to and up lo and Including the duke of such meeting. copies ofthe full ordinance will be avallahle Title: A BOND ORDINANCE APPROPRIATING $5,000,000.00 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $4,750,000.00 IN BONDS AND NOTES OF THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY FOR THE VARIOUS IM? ROVEMENTS OR PURPOSES AUTHORIZED TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY THE CITY OF OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY Section 3 of Bond Ordimmee 15-04 Estimated Maximum Improvement Amount of Bonds Useful Authorization or Notes Life Improvement nr Purpose (A)lagoon and Back Bay drcdging pmgram including bul not limited to, pcnnitung, engineering and dredging aflagoons and bayfmm‘ arms, as well as the preparation and emptying of one $5,000,000 $4,750,000 5 or more confined dispusul facility sites. $5,000,000 $4,750.000 5.00 Appmpnations: $5,000,000.00 Bonds/ Notes Authon'zed: $4,7S0,000.00 Giants (If any) None Section 4-A:2—20 Cnsts 3| 300,000.00 Useful Lifc 5.00 Sheila Coltrcll, RMC Occan Cily Deputy Clerk This notice is published pursuant tn N. .l. S.A. 40:A-2-I7
  20. 20. r - ‘ CITY OF OCEAN CITY CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION # . —.. ‘l AU] HORlZJ; (. ' I'HI: AWAR. l) OI" CITY CUN'I'RAC'l'#1S-09, LEASE OF AlRl’0R'l' DIN ER ‘WHEREAS. bid: wun: uulh-. .~riz. n:¢l by Rusululiuu Nu. I5-511.103 on . |anuarj. ' 8, 2015 for City Contract #_5-O‘). |. (:H. t: n" Ail pull “l": CTL nml WTIEREAS. the Nance to Bidders was 21dVEl1iSed in the Ocean City Senrinei rm ’v': >;1ncsday, lamnmrj. -' 7.-1, 2015, the Noliut: an Bi<| u|L: r-; «ms pnslcnl nu ma (fily ns"()a: L': -In (fiIy". ~ ’-(‘. |Jh‘iIL'. wvv-. v.uunj. u.; an! lh: 1m~'il:1lion to Bid was -iistr1": r.Ytet: l to. cm: (I I pw-spec. tive biddcr(: ‘.I; and VVIIEREAS. bids were opened for City Contract i¢|5—O9, Lease of Airp-31'. Diner on Tussday, I-c'. mmry 3. ZIIHS and out (1) bid was mm: i'c-‘I [J€1l'H"“. almcluad SunIn1$u_' ol'Bi| P1'(1.:4:»se: ls: and v"Hl:2l{EAS, James V. Mulloll, Business :1.dImmstr: Jtor, hank Donate, llL Director nf 1-'in: L". ce; William R. Colangelo. Manager of me Aizpon: Dorothy F. McCr: )sson. E. sq. , City Solicitor; Darleen H. Kc-mp, Purchasing A: :.sis1anranu Josunh S. Clark, QPA, Cily l’ura: ha>ing hrlmragur ham-. n'viu‘»wd 111:: bid and spA‘. t.: llic: m'on5 and recommended that City Fmlrasl #15-09. Imsn: af Airport Diner he awarded to In-Jo Fwcrpriscs. Tnr: ., the highest rcs]1m1sih| L‘ Imkk-. r: and NOVV THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City‘ of Ocean Ciw, New Jersey. that City (jontracr #1‘-()9. | .e: H:= . of‘ Airpnn Diner he and is l‘: cr: ’.| ‘oy awarded ? n the fn| Tm. '.'ing highest re. =pm: sI. wle bidder: Lo-Jo Enterprises, Inc. 2fi02 Bay Avenue Ocean (‘it_v. _‘J. | 08226 Hm nrsmntian 1 ui - . LLniI. s‘.9§1 1 Ainpcnl D-var Ram I-‘ea S'~‘.3_. lJl1 9". ) M mimum Bid: $22,90(). {|0:‘per y_-‘car [J The Diddcm Dasc Lcast Ftc will be an-; rI: '.4:; u.1 by two (? .‘! ~’i{) pet cent. on an mznuai basis ‘Tor the dlil‘-llioll ofthe Cu11l; “.1cl 2nd 5; 4r. 5; 23.4:*| .22 3rd $ 46942 S 23.<24mj4 4th $ 478.31 S 24,419.45 5th 5%; 4x. -.. I.9 >3 24.~)u‘I. x5 BE IT Fl'll'l‘ll]L'lt RE. :s'()I. 'v‘H) rat the Mayor and (fily | ’unrha<in3 Vlanagrl‘ am lutxcby 2ulh. _ui4-. :d Lu -. ;ut: u' imn a fonnzLl contract with La-Jo Elatcrpriscs. lnc. , 2I'J| .‘6 Bay Awnuc. Ocean City, NJ (I8226 for :1 period affix-E I5) ycars beginning on Avril I. 2015 and cmrinumg through until March 31, 2020 for (thy (lozulracl #15-U9, LL'&lSL‘- or’ Airpc-11 Diner. as lisled and in accordance, with the bid specitications and the. proposal form. A. .n. .-. {.y P Wilt-uh C-otmcil l‘reside; '.t H vs: I-Utw I54. -I. L1.k. ~.«'I: .’. .qu. -n. lliuu . ‘.x'- Ofilered by. . . .. . _ . . . . _. . . Seconded . The above resolution was duly adopted rvy the (Fry ('mmm| of th: (‘ply -at'( Ilrcan (, ‘i'~. y_ Ncw .7uIcec)v. at an Inc: -.'Ln-g of said C«Jun:1'| dul_' held an the . .daynf . . HMsIt AH: .'. i AI!5!: h-I AB5l. ‘.lNl: 'U —'u Tu: nun T} r' ir ~ P1 -. iJmne- ~17 | |.4vv. <- I ’vlv:1;'lc| ¢rI '-‘ladder W |1'. vUll ~ j —— -— (‘I~y(? |L: rk
  21. 21. , Clll ‘r’ ()l' ()(_'L. -”'~_. "~l £_)l"‘r: " 4". ’ . "‘D‘HlL'«'21i§HI: f. :31 >. sML V m PJRCHASKZI : I'JIs 1) 4 SLIMMAIW UT BIDS DATE RE&lVED: Tlllllllv, Fnbrulrv 3, 2015 0 1:00 PM, EEK CITY ®NTRAC| ' Q: 15-ll! Iv TIEGUVERNTNA: mom of fur cm or DCBN CITY, M1 PIIOPOSAI MAME: luu M nun Airport Dina! NAME, ADDIES5 & Lo-la Eirlupriuu, Inc. BID OF EACH BIDDER Minimum uase Fee of s22.9ou. on Annually n Clly, M: 0912'}; elm 1-. Kg-: .pru‘u: nt use LEASE FEE Fun us: LEASE rs: Fun THE THE rnzsr VEAR OF THE mzsr YEAR OF THE CONTRACT CONTIIACI’ wulmly III M IAIII 51!! !! I II‘; Avenue in U] (Ry of Ocean City, NJ N226, Lo1:! .3; Blodc 3350 Iasc Fee - In Year Lease Term »* mom 5 yet) V_ ml ng on Aril 1, 2015 - March 31. 2020 Incruawd by two (2%) parcel! an annual - Igaini fur the duration uf flue contract . ’ 2,471.5 . _ 5 RlGH'rT0EX'L! Nn TIMEFOKAVIIID — FUN-It W5‘-'l°5U| -E STATEN EH1’: — NDN—C0lLU5IflN Arrxmvm . __ NJ muonom E wu EMPIDVI-IEIIT or-vonrunm uueums: /V _ vs/ no YESIIIG ~tr»§I| D_ vrs nu M1 IFFIINITIIE ICVIDII IEGIILIVIDI EIIVIFHAIQ V3/W VE5I'I| 'l mscmsnx: or mvssmsm gcnvmfi Lu rum srn: -z VF! /no vs: no Yil/ llfl was/ no ’
  22. 22. 'I| « } w ,4:-w~. - ‘ CIITY OF CICE, /KN CITY "5 I’ ‘T A F AIu'»Ff4l(, :A‘. ‘5 L-u-temasr FAM LY RESCRT ITIVIFJIONS or REVENUE CO! I ECIION 5. P, -'~. RKIhG REGLLATIONS Tu. Juseph S. Clark. QPA — lwanagcn ol‘l’ub| ic- Pu1'chusing and ('. 'mm'acI Administration l"1‘um: William R. Colangelo, Manager cfPubl; c 'l‘mn. ~pur: zm'on & Rcwxcnue Cnllectinn KL-I Award u: -fCity Contract #15-05); Lcaso 01'. -irpo:1 Dine)‘ Date: I’e. brua. r3.- 5. 2015 After rcwcwulg the 501-: bid Iivr the abox-‘e-nlemionccl cuulmcl, 1 would like to recmnmend the award 10 Lu-—Jc~ Enterprises, Inc. My reason frn lhu Lwuuxlxlcndaliun nf award is that this vendor has been uur tenant for the last eight 3,-'ea. rs and it has bwn as pluasurc working wizh them. They have maiuluiuu] :1 level of sewice that is a good r¢pru. »‘cnlw. i0n ofthe City‘. = values If you have any qw: sliun: s OI’ require an_n- other documentation, please do not hasimlc In uuulact mu. Po: I-‘rank Donulo III. CFO Director nf‘ Financial Managa: umnL 25'“ a. BM’ AVENUE. OCEAN crrv‘ m uum; -: -09 5259223 . mx sag-3v. ~9.7.. =m= ,
  23. 23. C ITY OF OCEAN CITY T CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION # L _- . —.. _y-—-. _ —-w <. —u—-i AU l'll0RIlI. l('. ‘ 1 HI-. ' . .munn in (. 'I‘l'Y (. ‘UN'lRA(, "l' #15111, LEASE or TEE CULTURAL CENTER CAFE WIIERE-AS. bids -wcrc: aullioriiscd by Rcsulution Nu. 15-5|--304 on Januar, » 20.‘: for City (Ininnui 41]. ‘.-It}-, i. |T'r‘l| W 4‘-lllit: ffllllunil C; :"lcr (Th ii’: and WHI-. RIf. A.i. the No’. ice to Human wuai }I(irL‘I'~lx'l: ii in ‘TIC ()Ct‘xlIl (fily Si: nlim_: l on VVC(. l1’l'‘-Si'. i;4_, i, Jantiary l»"-, 2F. '|S. th: Notice to Bidders was posted nn the City of Uceaii (I'it_v’s wehaite. u-wnr. c:_: -jg: and the In-. =ilatio: ‘i to Bid was Lii: '.l‘l'Jlll(. 'i'J to one (1) prospect '1'. -"e l. r.dde: (s}; and 'WHI-'. Rl-'. A.‘i, hirl prnpnsnls were npetleil thr City ( '. nntInoI #l 5-H). Luwsu of illc Cultural Cc: '.. ur C: -.I'C' on T'. iesdu_. '. February 3, 2015 azc‘ ans (1) bid proposal was rctctived 1): ’-I'l. iI'. ‘--‘. il.1.£'JL'l1¢»'. i $'. l]Ill'l‘. i1l"y’ ofBid. < Proposals; :'1.l1i. 'l Vli’HI". Rl'lAfi. .I: uni. :- V. 1:i| lcui, Hiisii| t:: ~'~: Atliiiiiimlmnrz K| 'l‘| liI| I’ (_i2~. ll: IghL'r. Director of Community Services: Wendy M: -ylc. rvlanagcr of the Recreation Progi-aim: Frank Dcuato. III. Diqectm of Filmiicc, Dumlliy F. i1CCl‘c)t-''lJl'I. I-Isq. . City Solicztor; Darlecn H‘ Knrup. Purchasing . -‘assistant and Joseph 5. Clank, GPA, City Purchasing Manager have reviewed the bid proposal and Sp€ClfiC~£lt10flS and 1-ecommcnded that llity Clcmtract M5-10, Lease of the Culiuial Ccntui (‘xiii-. be-. uwauluil In Sol-luR(-_. LLC. (ix i1_i‘-£11631 iuspumililc biddci . and NOW THILREI-‘GRILL, BE IT RI‘. 'SOL«'El) by tlu: City Council ul'll| c City i. i'Occu:1 Ciiy, Nev. ‘ Jc: ‘sB_v, that Cit}: Contract If 15 1C-. Ixasc of the Culmml Center Cufé be and 1: hereby awarded to the follmwnng highcrit rcspnnsilvlc hirldcr: Sofloko, L. l.. (.‘. 508 E. Douglas Avenue Margate, N. l 08402 Item I)excrl]'it'. lon Qunntirv llnil goal 1 Cullunil Ci. -nlur Cali‘: Base Fci: 3 ll. l.fl00.'. 'l'. 'l Minimum Bid: E l (J. ';| L'|0.nUfper year 3‘! The Biaklcrs 13:15:; Lcnsc FOL! will be incrcasnx‘. lay Iwu If! "/2,) puwcnl mi 2-" minm-il lm: -«ix liir lhi: du. ~n°«. ior.1 ofthe Cm1tm: z Inc‘ 1'» I-!0Ct. |I|0 S I 0,2.00.'J0 Tirrl Ti} Z04-Iilll . 10.411-1.€li) -1th $ 308.03 S 10.612138 5th $ 2 I2 24 S |0.82-L32 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED tat ihe Mayor and City Purchasing M: -.nager are hereby aui rioriatd to enter inln as ‘brnml cunlmirl with SuHul<u, I , l,. (‘. , 508 E‘ Douglas A: 'L'. :“_l. Ei. '- liargalc-, NJ C-Srl02 for a period of Sixty ('60) nu‘-nths. 'fi'e (5) years bcgiiiniiig on July I, 2(l',5 and mntiiiuing through until June 30, 2031] {cu Cil_x- CUllll'a. 'l. City Contract #1548, Lmse of the Cultural Center liafé. as listcd and in €tI. 'C0l'dE'. ZCb‘ with the bid specifications and the proposal form. . ‘tntJ1orij. ' P Wilson; Council Prcsitlcnt Film: RIIW I3 l0CIJlm: lC'z1l: rCift-Alix; t)Ft'¢= re: | by 4| , , , . _ Seconded by . The above resolution was dulv adopted by the (‘ity (inunc- at‘ The ( iii) in ( )u. .::4u Cil_~. Ncw lcrscy. at a meeung of said Council dulj. licldun the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . dayof. . ..2(I N*‘-‘IF AYF N! ‘-Y . ’l$5l: N! AB»! ;'~. lNl: D ml, -gum» Do: ‘v lien‘: Umnnss-J Hanrcll Md lc Lu’. Madden W mm W I l I
  24. 24. : «= rw. .< :1: r: <.1'«| -1. SJ MMAIV W I! DS NAME, ADDRESS G IID OF EAEH BIDDER Mlnlmum Lnn Fun of $1D. ll¢l| .00 Annually BY THE GIWEIINING BODY OF THE CIT‘! OF OKIAN CTTV, N1 RD LLC 502 N. Douglas A-e. Maryann, NJ 08602 12.1 L"‘x' OJ-‘ . MH . .«, v_ losinnis siganas: owner G09 -Z87-5055 609-321-2619 Fax Ll: A fix! '. w 1 1 ms : ‘T TI" '1'’ DAIERECEIVED: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 -.0 2:00 PM, EST CITV CDNTRACT Ir’: 15-10 PROPOSAL NAME: Luau: ulcullural Ccnlcr Cam": _. ..-. ... ..1.. ._. ... __ BASE LEASE FEE FOR BASE LEASE FEE FDR EASE LEASE FEE Fol BASE LEASE FEE FDR ms THE rmsr YEAR OF IKE THE nnsr van or THE THE FlR§| ’ YEAR ur THE Fxnsl VI-All as THE nescmprnou TV CDNTRACI oourrmcr counucr com RACI Clusin . y V 1 wlthln the Ocun City Cultural Canter at 1735 SI on AVl: ., Ocean Cl , N1 0!! !! EE 5 I0 INOJJB - 5 ~ - case form so months (5 years) heglnnlng nn 1 _ ill I 2015 -Juno 31, 2020 1 _ 1 IS IS I ' i 1 inmeased by two (2%) percent on In annual basis (cu Iln: éunlion oflhe oontna 1 _ _ ‘ 2nd S 200.00 _ 1n,2on. un 1 3rd 5 2flfl.0O lll 404.09 1 am 3 703.08 1n, N 1 5th S 2I2.24 10 824.32 mm Infnlnmlinn nusrn T0 rxrznn — rm: run Awuu: vésmo I-_s usmo _ vts1un_ vrs/ no run "2 nvscms: -as nnsnsu-n vs no vssmo 11:5 no vss/ no _ Mon couusuou Alnmvrn vs; nu En vzsmo vEs[IIn vzs/ no NJ MANoA1'oIlv Al um-Lovu am nIPon7uII1v_uuEuAIik: vague s us/ no _ vs: no vcs/ rau _ M AD(NoVll. EDfiB4Ell'T or nzcun or Aonzwn: V31!! !) E vrsnm vzsnao vzs/ no nu AFFJIMATNI ACVION ucuunuu cgn_nm4cs um um vssmn vlsmo was/ no V25/N0 DISC| .D$UIlE or mvsrnem Acuvmes [H mm sure-2 mu ram: vamu vssmo IE5/no vtsma Iu nusuus nmlrrunou z: :nn_nx: ne mac) aanwgvyrsuu was/ no 5 vumo vzslno vlsmo nnmu up cums sunnmzn 1 : vsmo " us/ no vxs/ no vsslvuo ’
  25. 25. CITY or OCEAN CITY T CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JFRSFY RESOLUTION # AU'I HORIZLNG l'HI'. ' AWARD OF Cl'l'‘ C0;'TRACT #15-II, LEASE OF COIN 0l'ER. —TEl) BINOCLLAR "lF. "|-'| 'IN(_i MACH Ihlth WHEREAS, spec. ficat. iru1s wcrc t: ul. ltmm. :tl hr . ~ulwr1i. s.. mL: nt by Razsolution No. 15-51 003 on January 3. '. -‘. *.ll. ‘i for City Contract #I5—l 1. Least: nt'Coin Opcmted Binocular ‘v'LeW1:‘. g llolac“ nu-3: nml WH l<‘. ItI-JAS. lln; Nul'. cc ; o Bitléurs was auzwertisec‘ in the Ocean l'Tit_v Sentinel on Wedttcsday, JtLI‘; u2u'y I5. 2015, the Nmice to Bidders was posted ran the tit)» ul‘ [_lL. L‘ulI City's w<: LtsilL'. . ~w}g.0cni. us the In-. 'it. 'm: m tn Htd wa. -= distributed to one (ll lrosp-. 'c'. i~'c bidclcrtsj; and WHl4‘. l-{I-{At-l. lllfl prnpawela w(1lL": (>p: ::L= Ll fut Ci. y C-l?1lll‘dl. '». #15] l_. Lcasc of Coin Opemte-d l5im'. ~cu| ar 'i. ttv: ng Mavltincs on 'l'ucsday. l"cb. “uar' 3. 2015 and one U) hid pimp: -:u. ‘~ WH- m: .:i1.«: tl [, ‘I‘. t' Lht: §{[l{‘l. 'l'll. ’i. l S1‘:11.'rtary of Bids Prom. <.2ls; and WH'l-'. I—lEA‘S, .lexncs ’. Mallon, Business Adtmnzslratorg Frank Dnr.1.1n'-. Ill. llirectnr of l'in:1m"e; l. )LILUlll. ): F. tvlt: snri, F. <q. _ City Siolicilnr; Tlarltxtn H. K-"Yllp: l’1m: '.1z1su1g . -ssist: mt and Joseph S. Claflc, Ql’A. City Purchasing Ma1uu_. ;cI‘ lli. 'vL. ' t‘. .'vi«. ".'. 'ca. l ‘. ltL: ‘trial pmpusal and spocilizatinms and recommended that Cit}: (‘. 'oI1tr: )ct #15-ll. Leone 0! Cum Operated Binocular ’icwin. _r_- Macltirms he .1-. vantled *0 'l'l-. e l'nxv. =.i-('Jp‘1ii~. n| tfoitlpnuy, l1tL: ..llIul1ig‘: .v. .‘. :-‘l rusponsiblc bidder: and NOW THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council nf the City oftlccan (, 'ir_-', Ncw . l:': mc'; . that City Contract M5-I 1. heart: of Com llpcratcd llinacimr v'irwinf_~, lac:1im‘. ~:. Lu: and is b. -.n: by awamicti to L1: following 1'. .7g|1est rcspoilsiblc bidder: The Tower Optical C0u| p:m_v, Inc. 275 East Avenue Norwalk. C T 06856 Item Descriglon Quantity Unit Cut 1. l’crcenlugc of mvcnue that is to be paid to the t"it§. - for use of the t__-it (fit)-' locations and Lllc pla-a:11;t‘IIt ul'{7) lJlIl'JI. '~l| l;4l' viewing machines. as llstcd in Section I61‘! I 1.’/ u 30% 1.21.. Coin operated binocular 'n‘ewer crust pervl-aw I cents . _ II-.25 l. B. Coin operated binocular viewer minutes per View I "t‘llFult. :.‘. '? ..“ mim1'. e=. RF. I'I' l*'l7R'l‘Hl". R RF. S0l, ,VED Il1';2t the Mayor and City Purclmsinla Manager are hereby autL'lo1't7Jccl tn cntcr min. » a fonnal contract will1'l‘he 'l’owel' Optical Conlpnny, Inc. .. 275 East. Avenue. NurwF. 'l<, (. 'l‘ utfattfifi for a pmio-; l -; :I'Lwo (2) years beginning on April I, 2C! 5 and continuing tlwough March 31. 21,117 with an option to extcnd Iiwr an acldiliuml year for (. ‘i’y (Inntmct tlil 5-l l. l case of Coil: l. )p. ‘;1:1lL‘d Biuutzulztr Viuwillg ML~. I.‘lti’.1ct6 as listed and in ztL‘. CCI: ‘d21nce will: Mu hm specifications and the proposal farm. Anthony P, Wilson Council l’rL:31'tll: l1'. 1-iIr. <: RAW I. »-I 1‘ l, n<ccI ttivtccualat Vll"I'": IS. »J-.1: (lfiered by. .. . . Seconded by . . . . The nlmve resolution was duly arlnprcd by ttm (‘i'y (, ‘u, .u; .il oflhc City ul'0c: an Cit-. '. New Em 'C_'. an it Im. :'. : m~_-, nI' said Cu. .vuucilt. lul_yhcldunthc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., {lax 0| 30 'vu‘. Ml: .'Yl: P-A’: Al. |Sl. '.’’l —‘«l! §T. hlN| "T All: -ml‘. -.I 'Tn‘v in»: (hrnss. _ . .. . .'. -:: .::11.. . — ‘ ‘ < «L «e-it ‘. l.: .x‘. den Wtlum
  26. 26. (‘"T"r’ CW 0-CE. $=. l? 'L’_. ‘ll'Y N-1E>'. l-. .:‘~>Lr>‘! B«Itbrl4X’lvbvrxm FURL‘ Itxslw '. 'r/ ;r', =r4 sunmmv or ups DAY: uecerven: Yu-. day, I-cbruary 3, 2015 @- 2:00 PM, ES! ’ | :n'Y comucr #: IS-II av THE Gonlsnmus new of THE cnv or ucnn (Luv, NJ vnomsn NAME: Lu of Cain Operated Binocular Vlewln < Mal. Dunes Tho1’awaroca Dam a . IM. HID CIF EACH BIDDER 275 East Avenue 393-866-2467: Fax -r‘. »Fmrwemptrr. I.m "r '1: Duunt In In Paid Percent In as Paid Percent to be Paid mmeaty Infllncily City Inllll can the city far In! of an law (05) in locations am the placement of seven (08) binocular winning mndlincl an lixhd in Section 15.0 at thnse npeclflod lo¢= _tioIIs N 9' (fill operated lI| l1lI('| lIlI' vluwlr, Cull fill‘ VIIW (CHIS Coin I: lrllcd billocuiir viuvlev lllllules Er vi2w| mmuhzs . ‘ minutes —'— I: III Il6|1|"I'O anew - ‘rm: Fol AWIID:
  27. 27. CITY or 0cr. ..w cnw-' I CAPE MAY COUNTY, NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION #4 ALTHORIZINC TIII". A WARD OF CITY CONTR AC1 #15-I5, 2014 I1UI. I-(HI-'. AD II-IPIIOVEMITINTS AT VARIOUS L(J(? .-‘LTIONS WI: lE1{I£. 'tS. >pcciIicatinns worn atrthurized for advertisenrcm by Rtzmltttiotl Na. I5-51-(J06 on . Ian’-. .1:1l’}»' 8, 2015 for City Ccmtmct #1 E-15. 2014 Bulkhead Il11]]1'0‘-'L‘t'.1L‘Jll: - at Various Incarions; and WIIERILAS. the Notice to Bidders was ad-«er-tisul in the Ocean City Sentinel on Wedu-: sda). '. Iatiunry '4. 27.1115. til: Notice IA) Bidders was poster: on the City of Ocean C1t_v‘s website. www. c»cnj. u:s and the bid proposals were distributecl to tcu (10! prraspccrive bidder[s); and WHEREAS. bid proposals were opened for City Cotztract #15-I5, T-XIII-1 Bulkliead [mprr-vetncnls at Various L-: -carious on Tu-. sday. Fohruary . », 20|’3' ant‘. {inn (5) bid proposals were rcccivetl per the zittachetl 5inmmat}' of Bid I’rop<I-suls; and WHEREAS, Roger I). Mclnmun, P. E., P. P.. (. ‘.Iv1.I-‘. .. C. F.. «I. . C. P.W. M.. I)II'CCI')I’ of C-ommtrnity Operations; Arthur Chew, I". F.. , Assistant City Engineer; Rogcr Rincét. Iieutagcr Specialist; Mathew van der I-Iayd-. -u, Manger of Cfapiiai Plaumrrg; Dorothy F. M-. ‘.(Iros: or1, b'sq. . City Solicitor; Uarleen ll. Romp. I‘urcI'. asing Assistant and Joseph S. Clarlr, QP; _ City Purchasing Manager rervic-. ~.-o4.l the live [5] bid pmpu. -;. rIs and spccilicatiotis and rccmiimended that the contract he awarried to K & (3 Marim: f. ‘nmr-at-. i.ir1g. Im'. . the lowest responssblc bitidcr, NOVV THEREFORE. BE IT RIi3SOLr'l: LD by lhc City Council of the City uI‘Ouc£tr: City, Now IL’-l'S6y, that City Contract *~‘l5—l 5. 20 I4 Rtilkltttad Improvements at V. m'iou; , Locations be and is lwu. ;I_i_-. -' awarded m the following iowcst ruspunsible bidder: K & G Marine Cnntrncflng, Inc. 46 Indian Road Manahawkin, Pi. ) "8050 Item Description Quantity ll nit Cost Total Cost 1 Soil Izlrosimi and Sediment Control I LS >3 I, SO(J.0l) S I.5l)(jI.0O "3. Dcuac Gr-. u.le: d . v‘ggreg. ar<~. Base (. Toursc: —, 6" thick (#5 SY I150 3 825.00 3. Hot Asphalt St2r‘I}1(: t: Course. Mix 9.5M(. i='s. 2" Thick I56 SY 3 35.00 S 2,3IU. |)U 4 Composite Btllkh-trad I IS 3 49._50t"J.0ll S 49.5(l0.0ll S. Riprap Strnu: Slope Protection, I2" lhrclt I? SY .8 42.70 Ils 725.90 6, I5" . ’I. 18'' Concrete Vertical Curb 2!} LI’ S 8|. .|. II(l $ I,600.0(I 7. 10'PiIings. Class Ft 36 UNIT Fl» I, :‘.0U.00 $ 54,UUt'.0(| 8. IVIIITIIIZ1 Dock I IS $ S6-.50|‘J. ()(I $ 56500.0( I 9. Water Heme: I LS $ 7,500.00 S 7,500.00 I0. Shore Power Stations 6 UNIT $ 3,85l). ()U 5 I7.II; I0.(I(_J Total Amount Bid for Base Bid Items I-I0 S 191,560.90
  28. 28. CITY OF OCEAN CITY CAPE MAY counnv, NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION BE IT FURTIIER RESOLVED that the Mayor and the Liity l’urc. ha. ~:ing ; IIanage1' are l1e1'eh_v authorized to enter into it contra-2|. with K 5:. G Marine Contracting, Im: ., 46 Tndimt Road, Manallawkiu. NJ 08050 for City Contract £15-I 2014 Bulkhead hnprm. 'c. nu: uIs at Various Locations as listed and in accnrdnnce with the bid specifications and the bid proposal Form. The Director of‘ Financial Managctncnt ccttifics that limda arc avuilazblt: and shall he chnrgerl to the tb11twvi1u_. -, Capital Aocuunl Jr‘ C-D4-: '-S—. '38i—0l (I. CERTIFICATION OF FUNDS Frank Donatu. Ill, C/ ll"-0 Atilhony P. Wilson fl Director of Financial Management Council Pmsidanl Film: RAW 15-’ 5 2'1!! ! R‘llHl3'i1IIl1?‘ xi: -.~ Oiilered by SL>cm1(lcdhy, . . VI The nlim-‘c tcsolutmn was duly adopted by th: -- C iLy Council of the City of l. )c. -av ('il_'_ ~. w' Jcrscy. at a meeting of said Council duly held on the . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . , day of . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 20 ‘HAM! ’ AVF N 'n' : B>t. l . 'uUS‘lA. I-EU ‘. ||q_: rrI . - Z]-2'-»'lIc,3r. r (iuintns-: rla; fl!cII M-. Llc| l.l'I Maulcn Wilunm . ‘ , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  29. 29. A CH ‘I’ O1 OLL. -’¥| "' LI l’Y _ /1 wan“: an§n£s'r. :vu seam rvm. :m£ : tm5.ou guumm 0; mg; nag nzzmsn: 7.2:". Ielulnly 3. 2015 5 mm In. I5!’ L1-nv mm in :57 IV THE UIVEIIIUG IDUV D! “I CIYY III Dfilll CIIV, Ml H| l!FD§Al MIME; 2014 Iulduezd Jmpmnnnum ll Vlliml uxzmns mun, noun .3, ‘ RA. Iunytu 1. son. Inc. WIIII Murine Emltr-= Ii-I. 1-K- . .n up W“ 3.3,“. :2 n millmnn um. Auwnodnlnn-ocnuwhwnn-d SQIII (I1. NJ 0533 D1 Mil €nuI1|IaIne. ll‘. | l1l71l'l Ont-anti: -w NJ BIEII znunsuunamm us: an: __ 1 54:]! Rain» and Sedinanttmmul V 1 2 nu-ac: -uud-, -A; csluuacwrwgjuuiu :5 3 Hells nsmvaucou . uixssusq 2’ mm , : ". ‘)J. U|l ' 5 w: L. - - s ‘ . 2:: mac: —‘Lfl. i&J — —I YE msuurorsunm RIGNY V0 Efllrlb-HFIIFOI IDJIJD PLILIC DISCLOSIAII ITAVBFKIN1. um aunmaun mnmn. ununlrn suuavgrnanus usruoa onnmsuacpnrmnaus 137:0: A: IwWkNltYo! lE§__avr as Aunsuna ms. IuwIu. o» annsmuu iuuuu us Ann sun: -2 vgnv man» In -[av-mu nrmsvnmu a-um mg junlanao rag gaqran sun tomucruu. wultrrrrn In Du n n-. warm: cmmar. -an nmwuuou on cB_rr_xua. re M: Dunn: woaxs cuvmcmu nsglsunnan nrr mmncnrr ran an coulucvons ni. 'I¢n ru. j1E‘1.'. Ej2j
  30. 30. CITY OF OCEAN CITY AMERICA'S GREATEST FAMILY RF. .~: mn DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY OPERATIONS ‘AS~A Code Enfou. -mum: v Consuuelim - Engineering ' Euvinmmmld Mmngemem - Parks and Recreation ‘ Planning - zoning Tb: Joseph Clark, GPA. Purcmsing Manager From: ArthurJ. Chew. PE, PP, CFM. CHE, CPWM cc: Roger D. Mcbarnon. PE, PP, CFM, CME. OPWM Duh: Fenmarys. 2015 In Rcoommendafiot1alAwItd-Contmc115-15-JobiI2-2016-015 [have reviewed the qualifications and bid prices oi'K(} Marine Contracting. Inc. and find them acceptable. The company previously constructed lhc bulkheads on Revere Place and Bayberry within the City of Ocean City in 200.9. ‘l'heirpresn'ous work has b generally acceptable and 1 have no objection with the contract being awarded to KG Maxine Contm. -u'ng, Inc. This project includes the replacement of the bulkh end at the Teunusucc Avenue boat ramp that is adjacent to the Ocean Reef complex. It also includes the installation of the south pier at the 2" Street Marina. Work associated with the pier installation includes bom slips, shore power and water. This war]: will return the south pier to the condition of the pier prior to Octubcr 29, 20 I 2. AJC fix3mEMNww #m! I mu: Buy‘2-2015015 N 1‘! Bulkhead hummus Various 1 near| :na¢‘l! .e9nee1‘. Itenammeadu| uo Io Awnrdxloc I15 12"‘ Strc:1.0C‘F. A'N c.1rv, m osm- PH: 609-399-6|] 1 FAX: 609-525-0831 Prinz led an Recycled Plpvr
  31. 31. CITY OF OCEAN CITY CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION # AUTHORIZING A PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CON'l‘RACT BE'l‘WEEI' THE CITY OF OCEAN Cl l'r & CDI IN I"RAb"I'l{l, |C I'URlL. LLC I)/ BI". - L. R. KIMBALL FOR ENGINEERING & C0‘SU| .T. -NT Sli. 'R«'lCl"~‘. S FOR THE OCEAN CITY MUNICIPAL AlRl’()R'I' FOR TFII-‘. CAI . F2ll)AR "I1'. .-SLR 2015 VIIERE. -KS, lh: City cf Ocmn Cit‘; n: q‘. '.: 'r<: s prafcssiaual czzgineermg & cr>ns'u| tanL : ~acr-. -nu; -2;; [nu ma IZ‘yc; :.m (tiny Mu; ‘ici| :iIl . -Kilpntl. "nu llm (: ‘tllfIl(. ?lI _v'. :m'f7.l]l . "., run WH l4.'Hl4.‘Ati, J. is d. -Ic: m.: u,-d L0 lac : n Lht: l| L': -:1 nmurc. st3 ul'1l1c City ot‘(J-. ".: -an City to ‘.1.we (‘DI lr. frastru: tur: :. l. l 1}‘ d«’lw'a | .. R. Kimball as the airport engineer A‘; consultant to r1e. <cg: n. develop nnrl tTIwi's+: c va; iu. vs pnuju-. -.ts 1'01" llw 0-: c-. -'r. City . {mi-: ipa| :i: 'po11; ; u'uJ. WH| +‘. lllI‘. A.‘a'. . (‘DI | n:"raa1ru-. :': m': _ l. l.('. (lf: >.':1 L. R. Kimball lma lutca przrfunuiug ll; -css: cnginccring and project mauagcmcm services for th: Occur. City Mu11ic. 'pa| ."ll‘_J0l'l and has beer. determiner! to Inn-u | lI'. : m-: :uma. -~y : :.-pnrrlixc to continue to perfcrm thcse services; and VHl*'. RF. A.‘i. Jmepii S. (Tl. -tic, QPA, (Thy P. irc? -Ming lVlnnng; er Imq rlr-lenuincd and tn, -:t; Ii; xL in -. -ailing llral Linc value at‘ the contract Will c. ~;cccc. $17,500.00; and “'1-lEIl_EA§, 2: L‘-UlIll&lL'1 lb: Pr-)li.; uu: ».l SUl‘’iUL'S with CD] lt; li'aslt'ut. ‘ltlrl. '. LLC d/ b-'u L. R. Kimball may be cnturcd into w1". |muJ compeiittvc 'r: (lding pursunw In ‘J. .l. S.A. 40A: l I-F~(l "; (n_‘t(i) air. _N. .|, .‘l. .-X I9'44A-‘V3.5; and WH I-‘. Rl~L. -£5, L'l, )l Jnrrastmcturc. LLC d. ’b: ‘u L. K. Kimbal; has zigrced to serve as tile engineer and corsullant for the Ocean C ity Mmzicig-.11 m'r,3on for the calendar year 23 I5; and ¥llI7IRE. -‘KS, CDI lnfrastiucture. I. ],C' : l.’l/ :1 l. . R. Kimball llES crmplctcrl and xul-mitt: -rl . -"1 Business Entity Disclcsure Ceniricauoti w: .1-:11 ccnliies that CD1 lnt'. 'nst1uctm'c. LLC db. -'a L. R. Kiuixhall has nu: umdu 21:13.’ t:0Z_'J'll)llliUI1 to a political or candidate committee for an 4:lc'. '=. <;d uffics: in the City of Ocean City, NJ in the prev. -nus one {I ) year -_nenn. -I, mwl that the xzunlmct will prv. *-hihit CT)l llill1!. I‘.1lCllll’(Z, l. l (‘T clih/ a l. . R. Kiml1:'-'l from "l':1'-: in. r_: any cot1l:1l11Itious tlunugh the tcrm ofthe suntmct; mu‘ VI-IFRFA5. the fT*1jx 0|‘ (‘lccun (‘lily is (li? S‘I'(MI. s‘ nl‘ cntrring inln a l‘roFc. s.sinIta| Scwiccs Cotilracz wiilt CD1 litlizmltuclulc, LLC t; l’lI"a L. R. l‘~Li| ulull, 615 Wcsl Ilig‘: .l. -tml Avclutc. P0 Bax i001}. Fhunshttrg. PA 15931 to sarce as cnginwr and consultant for the Ocean City Mu11icip. :7._»irpor: ; and WHEREAS, the vendor has been acmseti tlmt this award does not guarantee that all of the <m--. 'i: u;. -. Iixtecl will hr required during the contract -_. aer'oc an-: l amt subject to the actua: need as established . r_v the City ofoccan (. 'it_»-. As : «;r'viL: t.'. s em: rcquircd. th: City PllI‘t'1|€l8lllg . lm121;: .ur shall issuc p. xc. l1asc crdcn: fa: -r those services. No serviccs shall he pen-r‘m111ed fnrvlu: ('. ‘il; ,- wiI"= nu‘: lir4I071‘aining, :1 purrzlmsc nrdcr I311‘ s. |'§«| ~: '.. -rw'cu: ~'; and WIIEREAS. Roger D. .1c—Lamon. P'. E., P. P.. C. M.l3., C. P.l~1., C. P.W. M.. l)irc-ctnr of lInmn*1;m‘. y ttpcmtinm-s; Ar‘. hur Clmw. l’. l-7.. Ausislnri (‘ity Fnt_r_‘m2cr; I-'*: ml: |)m1am_ l)'ir: ‘.(‘. tm' of l"ittm1(‘. iE3 Nianagemcxil: ‘WilLi3.nI Coiangclna, Mallagci ul‘ Public Ttctuspuitztliun and Rcvcm. c Cull. -:cliun; Darltxcn Koup, Purcltasing / ‘ss: sl: Int: Janice L. 1{: 'u2._ Principztl Clerk and Joseph Clark. OPA. C ity Purchasing Manager lwcwe re'. 'ie~. -Jed the tems and c: m.r; ‘ :: a. ‘ um: um‘ | "nCl mud uecmnmcncl the a-. -.'ar(. of a pI'('| f€S. "~lt‘tl]fll . Cl‘. 'll': ‘: cnm 1}lL. 'l In (it)! luvI‘m: i": m:'. n.~. , | .I. (‘. n‘. "b/ :1 l_. R Kimball lb: em: ineerin2 and consultant services for the Ocean City M; :r1icipal Airpott for the calenclar yea. ‘ 2:111 S: and V'IIEllEAS, this cutxlract is awardas-. l ll‘. IULIg: l1 an all'. ;:'nalivc nonmlvcrtiscd method of a‘-vard p-.1*. ~c: «:. s. pursumn to §I_. I.S_. :. |9:4fiA-2I'| .4 cf scq. ; and NOW’ THEREFORE. BE IT RESOLVED hf. ’ the City‘ (Lnuncz. of the (fury of (lccan (fily. ‘law . l.~. 's(: _., that a pm‘"vs= .inn: il v: c*rvic: x ztnntrmtt with {Tl)l lnl: ."n&t‘:1u‘. h1rv: :, l. l.(' rl. "l1‘a L R. Kimlnrall, 615 West Ilighland . -Xvcnuc. PO Box 1000, nsl1uIg. PA '.593| In: awautlctl as Ii-llmvs:
  32. 32. CITY OF OCEAN (TITY CAPE MAY COUNTY, NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION (‘DI Infrnnmun-hire, l, I.(‘. d. -'b/ :1 l. . R. Kimball (Continued) Item Classification 2015 Hourly Rates I Scnzm _«Ir[7-m1 I'. ngim: .:' $¢5C'. (lII 2.. .’I. irpr. r1 lingI1Iee1'-In-'l‘rafining $2506 3. Aixpcrt Constructi-: -n Manager $? ’3.0{) 4 Airpcrlk. -.":1d: >-nlI’1mV3cl Representative IRPR) $36’-.03 5. AIFIJCI1 CAD! ) Speck-J51 $23.26 ti. Senior Airport Plmmc-n ‘£50 IS '7 Gran’. Adminialratnr 5215.110 8. Clefical $17.76 9. SL'.1'. '-; ying $36.54 I0 Rcgxst-: ;'cd Survcytrr $53.54 I I. C‘n~'iI Engineer’ fIi47.(: ll I2. [Land Develop-: .1c<1'. ) $45 5!} 13. Civil Ilngince: '~' $3<J. I -I I4. (Highway Design) $38.64 I5. l: nv: m1mc.1ta| Mana_c_cr (NI-JP. -} 344.312‘ 16. Environmental Specialist $.25 . ‘I0 I T’. (HEPA) S35-. T".2 IR. FI| w."umu. :"l: |I Spvacialixl $35.51 19. (I-Iar. . W: asI. L:. -" FIui| ui*ng~: ) $25.76 ZII. Slruc. urdl Ellginccr $38.46 21‘ Sl['lIL‘. ll1'dI BIT S2b. .*. .b 2'-J. Elcrlu ILHII E. :1giucc: $53.96 23. Flccln in-ml Tuclmician . 21.90 24. Sr. Gemeclutfcal Engineer $44.53 25. Gt: ulu: ;:hni'. :a| Engineer 3-’-; l.?6 20. Cieclogist $35.44 2?. Project A1: hi'. e¢t $50. ‘ Ii 28. The lcllll of the : .=m; uzu;1 sh. -all bc for 2.4. pcfiud of‘ um. ‘ []) year. commencing on Janua. “j. ~' I. 2015 and continuing t1n'o'. ‘.g11 December 3 I. ll‘) I : '~ 29. A copy of Busincss Emi'. y Certification. Detenzination cf Value and Lac Bus1nc. ~;s Registration cumficulnuu I‘HR(‘. } Imx Iuum suhmilucd and shall br placed on file in the C'ity‘r. Purchasing Division Dfrice. 30. A I. 'np_§« «II this R'. ;:s'uIuliUlI and Cunlracl shall be available for inspecvtion in the Ocean ('1t_v(Z? _erk's Uflicc and sluall be published on one ( I ) occasmn in the ( Icean (iuty Serrimal.
  33. 33. CITY OF OCEAN CITY CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION BE IT FIJRTIIER RI-LSOLVED by City Council of Li‘. -: Cily 0|" Ocean City lhat the Mayor and City Pui chasing Manager are hereby authori7:o'. to enter into a formal cont-act agreement with CD1 lnfr: -srmcuue. LLC d/ bia I. . R. Kilnhall. 615 West Highland A. 'cn= .lI: , P0 Dex IOC'C'. Ebtzisbllrg, PA for piulbssiullnl s: :n'lv. '-r-5 éb Ihc City oI‘OuL= '.1n Municipal Airport E1i; ;iui: i:r. ~niiI (! .nu. ~ii| t:mi mi liszal in mwnrdanoe -. vIr‘n this resolution and contract. Thu l)iI1:(: 'ur nf I~‘immm: iI Manageinent cemfies that funds are contingent upon adoption of the 2015 Local Miiiiicapal Budget and shall he. charged to the appropriate . u'. cmmls as PIIn: Il'¢lS'- f_)r': It-rs arr I'$5I| ‘»l'. CERTIFICATION OF FIDIDS Frank Dnnnm, III, (‘. M|if) Alillzxuiiy I’ Wikann Director 0fHnaIncia| Mana gemcm l". mmL: iI P1’L‘! sI(IL"I’I'i Files: RPS 201:" (‘D1 lr. ti1«nr. Ii. 'Lun: - L. Ii. Kmltlull L;3liIing. I««: ()lIm’ciI I13. _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... .. . . S-iecondevd by . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. The flIJ|1"L' rcsulutiun ~. ';<. s duly adnpncd ': .»_~. ' the (7:15 Cnuiicil n. "1lic Cit} u| '0u: an Ciy. New . I;; mcy. an an nicetiug of saidCouncxldulvheldunlhc . _ _ , . . . day of. .., ... . . ... ..2|l I-'c'«AF AYE . -'Y -KBSFI-. l' AEVTAINFD . ~LL1r.1k- Dc‘~'| icgcv lIIIlIll'L . "" """" Il. u1;«-I ('= ‘y (Tktrk / Idhtllan ‘vlmldm Wilson HM
  34. 34. 1 5 . +354. .33} CITY OF OCEAN CIITY / ~l‘i. 'lER*CA'S GREATEST FAMlLY RESORT lllVl! fi‘UN. ‘J' DI’ RF‘-”‘NllF CO! I FCTION 6 PARKING REGULATIONS To: Juseph S. C'lark, QPA — Manager of Pu rchasing and Contract lvlaiiiagexnent Fmm: William K. Colangtlo, Manager of Public Transportation 6; Revenue (Tnllcciinn Re: Authorization to Award l’rofcssion. al Scivic-u Contract for tlu: Rcmtrvati mt‘ Airpurl Ol»; truL'lion. < Date: January 7, 2015 Several years ago a committee was formed to select an r. ;rpc-I1 engineer. This pruwss was complttlod in accordance with the 1~‘AA’s rules and rs‘-gul;1lious in their . "$d-’l50I'}' C irculur I50/Sl 00- I 4|’), “Architectural, Engineering, and Planning f“nns: ul1m-z S‘-ewi-:29 for Airimn Grant 1’rojccts". l, .R. Kimball zmd Associates was chasm to be our airport engineer. Allcr reviewing and discmisiiig the amnclied pmposal with Roger Marl nrnnn, PF, (= u1'Cil_v Euguiccr, 1 am req1iesti11g 3: resolution be dons av-': ’u'diug LR. Kiiuball amid Asettcialcs the professitinal service contract for “ l'hc Rcnmval 01' Ubstructiuns li um Runway 6-24 Appruw. -hes". lfyou have any questions n: g.. trdix: ig this l'C: ~L'1l. ll. itII'l. PICLIEC do not hesitate to COIIIDC1 me. Thsmlc you far you: help and wxnsitltzratiun in this matter. Pu: Rugcr McLa. mun PE. Director nf'C'omn1 unit}: Operatinrus Frank Donate Ill, Director ofFimu1t-Lal Nlainzsgcmciil file 2:. ” 4 aw menus, scam 0 ‘Y. NJ 08226 eo9—s25—9223 . Fax um :99 .7323
  35. 35. it . x: vr-. « ('lII: silIt: |LtuII I Pt. -numiel llltc liullcdulc (‘DI Iufrinlrurlurt-, LLC I| l.In LR. Kilnlnill :9 nu hluu-. u-. urwrI turn . :., ... .x L-u. :.. ..n. ... um. ..» |9lI'lIi0't! V'ldW1 lap: -.svu1u: cII'R) Mryn. iralm finrrv «Ila Cai I; ._i| n« . 4| nnlfh-n . ;.-mm Emmi uvfl Vanna! (lts'lAV Lhm-rnrnfl Spun! I l. f PA: mnnimnfl spntal an 01:17. -4 mm: lump] I! 2-pull I n 1' 4-um» I mm H I---an N L 2-n-.1-, Ham! L .4 er. s'I: '~I: .mI ‘ I: .4‘m . '. . -an-4 M. t. .-. t rt. 5V1h. nl. Tr: (Jr ‘E t‘: )'€. l'Ivr ‘F E. F -Iin Mfi-1°-Fr '1 Fl‘ Hal ' '. uw. F1‘ ‘ntx¢. :l. ~ ant. LI 1 I-:1 l« I-‘.1-um. F. V to’. |Z£l': 'n. J'l I-c. .'«l. h:il. PE ifcn C fie ‘E P. S A vwf. Séll 1. (In W! » E . ‘ ix’ " I0n‘v‘nlIr. -»F- '. .5’l'I wail I: ;vrlA: .F I >. l‘uh. - s ' gum. I‘ iauul ‘Y I-in ‘-fllllfllv 1'? N. “ 31:» nl; - 1x. ..~ ( wzr; LEd»m.1.. n Nrrla-. 'l )1-Au Fl flnlnlzmu-u ~i= ,rr»= x - v4(IrI'~ ‘-; v l'I ‘unique I .5. mm nQ' L. ltrrcm 1.5.: n . '.. , = .-Om “- (moan nuo. r I. .1-n or H :2 -. .3-H, V: aim Au nhitn: Jrv h. n. .¢piae1a: v[ an L1 II'. ' Fk Uau. tIui. i. I. - "- J¢ui‘. |l. l|n ; xu J Ila. -I‘): H-)1. . |'ll’ u-nu» t'. . -1, ‘IA. Vlll’ IL‘!
  36. 36. CITY OF OCEAN CITY CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY 6 RESOLUTION _' -—v—'—-—- . llTll0R|7.ING ('. ‘l'I. <'GE ORDER #5, Fl. AL AC(. 'I'Ll"l'ANCE AND FIN. -l. PA"~'tlE", "]' OF i('. l'I'; “‘ CONTRACT . *!'l2-47. 2012 FALL ROAD IMPRO"l4‘. M ENT PROGRAM — PIIASE 2 WHEREAS. Sputlllvflllollbs bids were authm-1': -‘ed for ncli-crtiscmcnt by Rusulutiuri v‘. 'l2—49—Il0:’: nn December l3, 2012, for City ('. "m1trnct#l 2-47', ’? .I'il F; -ill Road lntpr«; wcmc'. nt Prngrani Phase 2; and WHEREAS, the Notice to l'3lIl£iCI'b wen: advctliscd in the Ocean City Scntiucl on Wedmzsday. l)cc: :mbcr 30, 2013, the Notion: to Bidders W45 posted on the City at‘ Ocenn Cirj. "s Vt: ’l‘lJSll('-, vwt-"ti . ool‘. ‘.u'. ~“ and the Invitation to Bid was distributed to fourteen (I4) prmpeztivc l3lt'lI'll}: ’I: S_); and WHERIEAS. bid prupusuls '. M:I‘C~ opened tiur City Contract . ‘.‘l2-4'-'. _ 2012 Fall Road hnprm-t.111ent Pm: _n'; rni Phase 2 on TlIursda_v. Jnnunr}, -' I0. 2'33 ‘3 and it'll ( I0) hid prupusals were received‘. and WHEREAS, /t1hut'(. 'heW, PH, htiitncipnl Engllliiiffi Gc. orgi. =. Arnold. Manager; Dm'nth: .' F. lVlt‘. CrOSS[III, Es-q. , City Solicitor; Datieen II. Korup. Purchasing Assistant and Joseph S. Clark, QPA, Citv Purchasing / Ianagcr rt: vtt: wod lht: bid proposals and specifications and recommend that the cuulnu. -t bu awarded in Int'r'. -.Slructurc, LLC. the lm-Jest responsible l‘Il(‘l(lCt‘; and WIIERE. -XS. the City Council nftlcezin (iity, New . li3rscy : 'tW1-i1'(lB(l Cit}. -' Contract : ‘?12»47. ZUIZ Fall R-Dari Jrrrpruwmtmt Prugam — Phase 2 rm Jar. t::1t'j. ' 24. 2033 by Rsolutirm #13-4‘)-l L! to lul'raSlruclure. _ LLC, [55 South 'cw York Avenue, Galloway, NJ | ]82[l5 in the amount oi'51,6()3,837.llO; and WHERE. -S, Roger I). Mclmnon. P. P.. P. P., C. M.E. _, C. F.M. , C. l’. W.M. . Dircchir of Cornniunity Openitinns; Arthur Chew, P. P.. Assistant Cit}: El]$_1lI1€-Cl‘; Georgia (. ‘. Amt-Id. l'l'clIli1gL‘-I, Dorothy F. h‘lcCr0s; on. l-‘M1,, (‘iiiy I‘n| i«: itm‘; Déll‘ltfufl H. Kurup, 1'u: t=h: '1sing A5.~: istant; Janice I . . Mruz. Principal Clerk and . l(I. ~Upll S. Clark. QPA. City Purchasing Manger r-e: ‘ewed the pro; -mned change order and the (_‘. rt_v (_‘. ounu; -Ll of llru City ul'0t'4.'un City authorized Change Orrler #1 in the nmnunt of" $93,760.63 by Rarolution #13-'19 281 : idopte<1 on Augtrst 2¢. 'll. 'i res. i|ting in an adjusted contract amount of $l. '.‘§ti.59‘? .b3; and W'IIERE. »S. Roger D. ‘l-zlnrnon, P. l'. .. P. P., ('. M.I: ... (Cl-'. M., (. ‘.l’. W.lvl. . Director of Con1munit'_v ()pcrminns: Arthur (_‘. ‘.-miv. P. F.. Assistant City Engineer; Georgia C. Arnold. Mamuger. D0l‘DTl1_’ I-'. h'leCm~_-neon. Esq. , City Solicitor; Darlcatl H. Ktirup, Purchasing Assistant: Janice l. . 'lt't]‘/ ., Principal Clark and Joseph S. |. '.'larit, QPA, (71lyl’uri: l1asuig, M: urgt: r z1:vicwcd the prupnxed change under and the City Council of the City ul' Uucim City uulhoriwd. Change Onticr ‘/2 in the amount of $| .77_'li.0ll hy Rcanlntion #14-50-LU} atioplud un Jtuztuurgx 9. 2014 resulting in an zirljusted cnntmct mnmint nfisl 358,317 63;:1t1vJ WHERE. -KS, Roger D. l‘-‘1t: L.amor| , l‘. E._. l‘. l". , (‘. M.l". .., C. F.M. . C. '.P. VV. M., Director of [. ‘0ult11L: rIily Operations: Arthur Chew. P. P.. Assistant Pity F. l'Igl| l(T(. ’l‘. Do. rrill1_v I-. Mullrussun. City Solicitor: Darleen H. Kn-11]), Plll‘(! llflSlll3_', .'s. sis1:tt1t; .l2llllL1: L. Mruz. Principal C lurk and Joseph S. Clark. QP. -_. C ity Ptirchasiug, .1ztu_-, -cr reviewed the propusod change order and the City (‘ouneil of l'i'| :‘. City (»l‘0t: e;tn City ntrthortzed Cltungc Order #3 in the amount of ($41.20) by Resolution #l4-50-I42 adopted on Jun: 26. 11014 resulting in an iuljirstcd onntract snnrvunt n’r'Sl , ’-‘58,2’7fi.43; and WIIEREAS, Roger D. Mt: Lumon. l‘. E.. l‘. l'. . (’. ‘.| 1.F. ., (T. F.M. , C‘. P.V‘v'. M., Director‘ of Community ()pcra7.i(ms: M ichacl Russbucb, Ivlungur Spcciedist; Dnrmliy F. McC2'0ss0n. City Snlicitnrz Darlecn H. Kurup, Purchasing Assistant; Janice L. M1112. Principal Clerk and Joscpli Clark, Q1’. -', City I’ui'cliasing ‘Manger reviewed the proposed change orcle: ' and the City (Jouricil til‘ LZIU City ul'0c-. 'un Cit): uuthnrized t‘. 'l1.m1gc0rd<tr #4 ID the arnount of ( $341,754.45) by Resolution '. ’l'l S0 295 aultipterl rm December 29. .7'. l,Il-1 rcsullirrg in an auljtisted Cnnrmct amount ofsl .4 I 6,52 1 .98;
  37. 37. CITY OF 0Cl~. ‘,rt-’' CITY CAPE MAY COUNTY. NEW JERSEY RESOLUTION ’VHl'Ll{l'LA5_. Roger D. l'5-'lt: Larn-ill], Pf-. . P. P.. C'. lVl. l"L. , (‘. .l". |"l. , Cl’. V. M,_ Director of (f(, in1muniry ()p: :raIions; l'utic13r. el RORfil')£lCi1_, Wu. -igc: 5pL'L‘. i:‘1llSE; llurothy 1'. .-lcCrcss0n, l".5q. . City Sulicitorz Darlccn H. Koiiip, t’urchasm_u_ Assistant an-'. l Joseph ("larl-c. QPA. Cit}; J’1'ii‘cl1:1:iiig Mungcr have review-vcd mul t'L= tt1fiL'd all the work has bixn completed in i'lCC0l‘l‘ll>T. lk! U wifli lhc job spa-ziricatii‘-n. <: and that. the 'liIiulclI: Int. ‘4.= Bond, Release of Liens. Application ibr Final Paynicnt and Cert. fled l‘ayru| ls l1:Wt'—bc’t'I‘. stibmitfcd and are in pmpcr order and certified a lI'h. z1uge Order :25 In City Cmilrw. -I 1+1?--17, 2(Il2 Fall Road lmpim-cinuut Program — Phase 2 is o0:Toct .1: follows‘ Change Order #5 Decreases to Contract Item Desi-rintinn Quantity; Unit Cost Total Cost 1. l. iquidntni'l T); -‘: iii: »ii: cg I Lump Sum it 500.00 (S St)(l. (|U) Total Amnunt of llccrcascs for Change Order #5 . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . [S 50lI. tIlI) Total Amount uf Cllaugc Orders #5 to City Contract #1247. 2012 Fall Road lmprnvcmnnf Program — Phase . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... (S 500.00) l‘olal Anwuul ol'City Contract #12-4'7. 2012 Fall Rnail Improvement Program - Phase 2 Including Change Ordr-. r . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . l.4l(i. _l'l2l. ‘)8 ‘WHEREAS, the firm? H(l_ll| b'll. '-Ll contract cost including Chang. " ()n. l;: r: #1-5 is $l.4lL6,C-21.93 which represents a nut dccruasc to the original contmcr of -14.536 I‘? -ll. ) pcrix-nt decrease in the total for C-il_~. ' (. ‘<. ntm. cl1 #12 47'. 2012 Full Road lr. iprm/ emcnl l’mL; i"c: m — Phase 2: and NOW THEREFORE, BE l'l' l{l£SOL. "ED by the City Council 0|‘ '-. lic City 0l"0ccan City. NJ that it aurlmrires (ffhnugc (Jidu: #5. Final Acceptance nnd Final l’aym(-nt ul' $55,555.13 (PO #l3-('ll)". t,I]l for City Conimul #12-47, 20l2 Fall Road Irnpmvemeiit P; ‘0p, rmii — P2121502; zmd BE IT lv‘l. 'RTllER RESOLVED that '1 In: Dirwtor of Financial Mmingciiiciit is auithorized to process die final pa}-inenr of PO #13-U020] for City C-urfruct «‘. I‘l 2-47, '. ’.{)l‘2 l-‘all Road hupruvcment Program - l’h2is«. '. 2 to lIlfl'8Sl'I‘Ill‘lIll‘€S, LLC. 155 South New York Rnacl. Galloway, NJ 08205 -In the miiotiiit oI'S55,555.l 3 [PO Baldnc-C) C| :'. I{'l'l l<‘I(IA'I”I('lN OF FUNDS Frank Donate. III. (. ‘M F0 Knthony I‘. Wilson Director cl’ Financial Man agcmcnt Council President Files ‘? FSt'. ‘Ov5F. ‘Fl‘ I2-‘-. ‘2'. '. 2 Fall Rmd l‘m2::1ri mm 2.dr: , ()fl‘ez‘ed h_ . . . . . . Sccuiitlcdh) . .. . Hie ahnvc rcsnlzilim wasm'uIy adapted L11-'rl1eC‘i: y (‘a -i. :m: .l nllhe C'ityof()cr. -an (“it_-: _ N; :w , l_rsc: .f, a: 3 | nc¢‘. ||'3 or vii'l(‘r~iunil-. lii| _-licl-. l-; IntlIe. ... ... ... . . .. _ : l.1_'af. ... .. . .. .. 20 ‘NWIL AT h»‘v . -HSl>I l' l. ll<'l'. #'KT-TI : I-sgu-i. u D-: 'I. c§-. i T (’tiii. wsw {_ I-. r :1! - - . . li'. '.‘lA. ‘ill1l' T" j '‘ ": ’( la“ Ma-. l.l: -n V i '3.’ I-, .vvI
  38. 38. CITY OF OCEAN CITY . ~.MERlLT. »x‘S . Fnu~. .A I: .!.4'; ‘ I~'. »'r. ',| |_' RF: §rr. u DTEP/ R'lMl. :NT OF COMlVll_. ‘l'l'l'Y Ol‘EIUTlONS u (.3a. le En1'uru: m:nt- I. onstruuinn ' E1_gmce'nnr; ° | :Imr(mmcr. tz1| , ianagcn1<: nt - Fnmlnn-s Management 0 P| anmn_v, ‘. "c‘rIiw‘. |f' ’rTaiuI: nan; e ' éuuilug IVIEMORAVDUM To: Joseph Clarlc, Purchasing Manager Fmm: lvliehacl Rossbach, Manager Tln-ough: Roger v1cLamr. vn_. Director ()fC'0ll1Il]lIuily Operations, City Engineer CC: James Mallon, Frnnl: DI. ‘-unto, lliehan. 'l Dattiln Date: February 6, 2.015 RE: FINAL ACCEPTANCE AND CLOSEOUT 2012 FALL ROAD IMPROX-'El1I€. 'T PROGRAM PHASE 2-l'IOW'N‘l‘OwN Project #: 3-12-47 The above fl. 'lL‘1'L‘lIl. ‘€Ll contract is complete. The CunIractur‘s Affidavit at‘ I’uynu; n| and Release ol‘Liens. Affidavit of P. :_x1na--‘ n”L)c'o‘. > and Claims. Consent nl'S; :11=l}’ L0 Final P: .yinent. _ lltltl Pvlaintea-. ancc Bond h. -we been accepted. Final a-: ccpIr. n:= r'. ofthe contact is requested ii’-r I in: January 22, 20! 5 Cmlneil Meeting. Road and dminugc improvements included in this prnjecr wei'P. : 7" Street ~ tom We-st A'. »I—: nIIe to the Bcardvmlk. 8"’ Stree1— rmm Vt'. e'lA‘v'61‘ll. l€ to Atlantic Avenue, 11"‘ Street from Lfemul Avenue to the Bnmclw. -ilk. |’t: nn13.'nPlacc the entim leuglll, Vl/ '.-st Avenue frr-rt X’ Sucre! to 9"‘ S. reet. :'di. 'i. Ill0l’IZl drainage -: nrl< was completed at Senspray am? W. 'ive: “.y to upg1'ad; : the outfall pipe. lhcjob also included la; :|(iScnl, t'l: + and sidewall; improveinents nn H awn behind the lntcimcc. ia7.e sL'i’IUUl between I8” :51 and 19" St. A: mdicated on the at*. n;. =*. e<l F iual Paymcrtt Cemficme. the sum uJ'S55.555. 13 is due. The crriginal euntract to I:1f. "astru.1ure LLC was fur i§l, t3(~3,3."i'. -‘.60. This reprencms 14 86% net decrease. Flo»-ul (I 1) i1lu.1impa_V:1t: ."1'. :s made. The I’-. :1al Payment Ceitilienli: llllNll'? llL‘. E the final qunmitir-. -a and lb. ‘ bl'L‘. ?.l(d0‘l'*. ‘l of coma: Original [? o1Itt'ncl Amount: ll 1,663,537.60 Final Change order: 3 -50(II. (.I. ) Total IIICIGEIS-t; ':a'. S ' 38,097.31 ‘I‘nml Suppl». -m: .:nLnl Items: 5 214,707.22 T-mil lkcrcascs: _ ('39 70l,1'I‘. () 3'15) 'l‘c-tal Adj .1;-lcd Contract Value: $1.-"ll 6.02 I .05 lfyou have my qucslinns. please feel live to cnnmel Inc. I15 12"‘ su cu , ocEA_u an I v. M -15:26 r-n: I'1'Il9—f'99--Elli FAN;600-%75-(I851 a"/ '1'-A. 'r: ¢' av I-lrryrmi i‘a, .-en