June 20, 2013 Ocean City Capital Plan update


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June 20, 2013 Ocean City Capital Plan update

  1. 1. J 20 2013June 20, 2013Sandy Related Project UpdateSandy Related Project Update From January 2013y
  2. 2. DUNE REPAIRSDUNE REPAIRSOC OLOCATION COSTCITYWIDE Dune Construction andCITYWIDE Dune Construction andEmergency Berm Construction CompleteSand Fence, and Beach Grass InstallationunderwayunderwayTotal Contracted = $ 2.2MTotal Contracted $ 2.2M6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 2
  3. 3. BAYFRONT REPAIRSBattersea Road Bulkhead ReplacementNorth Street Bulkhead Replacementp2nd & Bay Marina – Removed Safety Hazards3rd Street Bulkhead Emergency Repair10th Street Deck & Railing Repair Cove Walk Bulkhead Replacement (2)th lkh d d l12th Street Bulkhead and Pavilion Reconstruction16th Street Bulkhead Replacement and DrainageI tImprovementMarcus Harbor Bulkhead ReplacementTonga Harbor Bulkhead ReplacementTonga Harbor Bulkhead ReplacementTotal Under Contract  = $ 1.55M6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 3
  4. 4. RECREATIONAL FACILITIESLOCATION COSTLOCATION COST34th Street Tennis Surface $    136,000$ ,Restoration of Parks and Playgrounds $    100,000PARKING FACILITIESParking Lot  Repairs and Meter Replacements $      60,0006/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 4
  5. 5. PUBLIC BUILDINGSCITY HALL TRANSPORTATIONGround Floor • Restoration andCENTER• Remediation isesto at o a dMitigation Out to bid complete• Restoration and29th STREET FIREHOUSE• Replacement andMitigation – plansunderway• Replacement and Mitigation – plansunderwayVEHICLE MAINTENANCE• In design‐mitigationunderway  • In design‐mitigation phase6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 5
  6. 6. REPAIRS COMPLETED ON THE FOLLOWINGPUBLIC BUILDINGSC i C46th S B ildi • Community Center• 46th Street Buildings• Beach Patrol Buildings • 9th St. Restaurant • Music Pier• Bayside Pool House • Golf Course Pro Shop Totaling =   $ 200k6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 6
  7. 7. 2013 Capital PlanUpdate
  8. 8. BEACH AND BAYBEACH AND BAYADA B h P hUPCOMING –JUNE BOND• ADA Beach Paths Underway • Easements for south end beach fill to be • MOBIMATS purchased, i ll i dfinalized• Additional fencing,installation underway dune grass, MOBIMATS, through Summer 2014• 2nd Street Beachfrontoutfall upgrade gFunding Required $200kpermitting underwayFunding Required $200k6/20/2013 8CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  9. 9. DREDGINGDREDGINGSouth Harbor, Sunny Harbor, Venetian HarborCarnival Harbor and Clubhouse Lagoon to begcomplete this SummerTotal Contracted = $ 1.2MCDF reinforcement to facilitate additional lagoondredgingEstimated Cost= $ 300k6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 9
  11. 11. 2012 F ll 2013 S i2012 Fall ‐ 2013 Spring PAVING TO BEGIN WEEK OF JUNE 17, 2013Location From ToWest Avenue 8th Street 9th Street7th Street West Avenue Central Avenue8th Street West Avenue Asbury Avenue11th Street Wesley Avenue The Boardwalk6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 11
  12. 12. 2012 Fall ‐ 2013 Spring PAVING TO BEGIN WEEK OF JUNE 17, 2013,Location From ToLocation From To52nd Street Central Avenue The BeachOxford Road To be Patched15’x60’ starting at Bnear BartramP l Pl T b h il t h dPennlyn Place To be heavily patched6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 12
  13. 13. 2012 Fall ‐ 2013 Spring Battersea Road – Urging NJAmW and CMC get this  done ASAPdone ASAPPine Road at Bay Avenue  by CMC8th Street Trenches @ Bay Ave. Intersection‐‐CMCTennessee Avenue at Marcus Harbor by CMC6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 13
  14. 14. 2012 Fall/13 Spring Paving: POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 20132012 Fall/13 Spring Paving: POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 2013Location From ToPennlyn Place Ocean  The Boardwalk7th Street Central Avenue The Boardwalk7th Street Central Avenue The Boardwalk8th Street Asbury Avenue Atlantic Avenue11th Street Central Avenue Wesley Avenue900 Blk. alley * Palen Avenue Pleasure Avenue800 Blk. Parking Lot Behind City Hall800 Blk. Alley West Avenue Asbury Avenuey y* Mainly a drainage project need NJAmW to replace sewer 1st6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 14
  15. 15. 2012 Fall ‐ 2013 Spring Paving Continued2012 Fall ‐ 2013 Spring  Paving ContinuedDrainage Study 48th to 51st West to WetlandsDrainage Study 48th to 51st West to Wetlands under wayAnalysis being accomplished in house;Analysis being accomplished in‐house; Report available late summerReport available late summerPaving & Drainage CITY FUNDED under Contract  =$1.7M 6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 15
  16. 16. Utility Company Paving ‐‐ FALL 2013 – w/City ShareUtility Company Paving  FALL 2013  w/City Share12th Street Bay to Simpson South Side12th @ Simpson intersection1100 Blk. Simpson 11th to 12th East Side11th @ Simpson intersectionStenton Place NJAmWStenton Place NJAmWArkansas Avenue NJAmWPelham Place SJ GasAsbury Avenue—alleys  900 Block Asbury/Central SJ GasAsbury/West SJ Gas6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 16
  17. 17. 2013 Fall ‐ 2014 Spring  ‐‐ $600kLocation From ToAsbury Avenue 42nd Street 39th Street42nd Street West Avenue Central Avenue41st Street West Avenue Central Avenue41 Street West Avenue Central Avenue40th Street West Avenue Central Avenue39th Street West Avenue Central Avenue39th Street West Avenue Central Avenue2013Fall – 2014 Spring ‐‐ $2.7M ‐‐Merion Park2013Fall  2014 Spring  $2.7M  Merion Park Outfall Area 1 Argyle,  Bartram (E), Oxford (N) Pembroke (N)O f ll A 2 P b k (S) O f d (S) S (E)Outfall Area 2 Pembroke (S), Oxford (S), Somerset(E)Outfall Area 3 Westminster, Bartram (W), Somerset (W)6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITYOutfall Area 3 Westminster, Bartram (W), Somerset (W)17
  18. 18. 2013 Fall ‐ 2014 Spring –Location From ToWest Atlantic Blvd. Battersea Road  Gardens ParkwayBridge Road West Atlantic Blvd. Gardens Parkway  Crescent Road West Inlet Road Gardens ParkwayW t S f R d W l R d W t I l t R dWest Surf Road Wesley Road West Inlet RoadWest Inlet Road Battersea Road  West Surf Road$$1.1M West Station Road North Street Battersea RoadSindia Road North Street Battersea RoadHaven Avenue 2nd Street North StreetLanding Road Bulkhead$650,0006/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 18
  19. 19. 2013 Fall ‐ 2014 Spring –p gLocation From ToHaven/West alley 1st Street North StreetHaven/West alley 1st Street North StreetHaven/West alley 2nd Street 1st Street1st Street Bay West AvenueSimpson/Haven alley 2nd Street 1st StreetWarwick Road 1st Street North Streeth b dNorth Street Bay Avenue Asbury Road7th Street Bulkhead$$850,00028th Street West Avenue Wesley AvenueWesley Avenue 26th Street 24th Street$500,0006/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 19
  20. 20. 2013 Fall ‐ 2014 Spring –Location From ToSimpson Avenue 25th Street 24th Streetp25th Street West Avenue Wesley Avenue26th Street w/drainage Asbury26th Street  w/drainagework to West AvenueAsbury AvenueBeachWest/Asbury alley 27th Street 26th StreetWest/Asbury alley 27th Street 26th StreetCentral Avenue 28th Street 24th Street28 h S W A W l A28th Street West Avenue Wesley AvenueCentral/Wesley alley 27th Street 26th StreetCentral/Wesley alley 28th Street 27th Street$1.3M6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 20
  21. 21. Fall 2014– Spring 2015 ‐‐$1.3MFall 2014 Spring 2015  $1.3MLocation To From31st Street Bay Avenue West Avenue32nd St. ‐ Drainage N/S Bay Avenue Haven Avenueg / y32nd Street – N/S Haven Avenue Asbury Avenue33rd Street Bay Avenue Haven Avenue33rd Street Haven Avenue West AvenueSimpson Avenue 32nd Street 31st StreetSimpson Avenue 33rd Street 32nd Street$1.2M6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 21
  22. 22. Fall 2014– Spring 2015 ‐‐$1.3Mp g $Location From ToHaven/West alley 34th Street 33rd StreetHaven/West alley 34 Street 33 StreetBay/Simpson alley 32nd Street 31st StreetSimpson/Haven alley 33rd Street 32nd StreetSimpson/Haven alley 33rd Street 32nd StreetWest/Asbury alley 34th Street 33rd StreetW /A b ll 33rd S 32nd SWest/Asbury alley 33rd Street 32nd Street$200kPAVING FUNDING FOR JUNE 2013 BOND = $2.5MTotal Paving & Drainage to be under contractTotal Paving & Drainage to be under contractFall 2013 through Spring 2015   =       $9.1M*6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY* Current Estimate22
  23. 23. BOARDWALKBOARDWALKReconstruction of the Boardwalk starting at 5th Street and working Southerly has been awarded in the amount of                          $1.1MExtensive patching is to be accomplished between 6th and 12th Streets – Summer 2013 through Spring 2014Funding required = $150,0006/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 23
  24. 24. PUBLIC BUILDINGS• 4TH St. LSS Exterior • UST Remediation andRestoration undercontract in the amountFuel Pump Rehabin punchlist statusco t act t e a ou t$613,000• HVAC Improvementsin punchlist statusContracted amount$305 000HVAC Improvements at City Hall and at theMusic Pier are in$305,000• Music Pier Painting, downspouts andMusic Pier are inpunchlist statusdownspouts, and lighting to be bid Fall 2013Contracted amount $440,000– to be bid Fall 2013Funding Required $300k6/20/2013 24CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  25. 25. Recreational FacilitiesRecreational Facilitiesd lk 6th St t R ti• Boardwalk Footbaths and fountains6th Street Recreation Complexpurchased• 15th Street Playground– In design stage– Includes 5th Street15 Street PlaygroundRenovation  to beli h d thi F llParking lot rehabilitationaccomplished this Fall• Two contracted rehabilitation– Construction Bid LateS 2013irrigation projects  inpunch list statusSummer 20136/20/2013 25CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  26. 26. Parking and IntermodalParking and IntermodalHAWK Si lMoorlyn– 8th St. • Parking lot• HAWK Signal grantreceived from NJDOT• Parking lot upgradewith connector in– Will provide safe crossing of 9th Street ld i h d fwith connector indesign phasehat Aldrich Road forbicycles and pedestriansDesign in‐house• Construction Fall hpedestrians• Design by others$100 0002013 thru Spring 2014  Fundingi d$100,000 Required $450,0006/20/2013 26CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  27. 27. Parking and IntermodalParking and Intermodal• Meter upgrades to 800 Central Parking lotsubsequent to pavingsubsequent to paving• Additional Cross Street Decorations and support poles to be installed between 6thsupport poles to be installed between 6and 8th and 9th and 11th on Asbury Avenue f th H lid Sfor the Holiday Season6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 27
  28. 28. Large Equipment and Trucksg q p• All Planned acquisition  • Fire Apparatusof Pick‐ups, Vans, and Utility vehicles are (Pumper)  to be bidthis summerunder contractt s su eUp to eight cars to be decommissioned and replacedUp  to eight cars to be decommissioned and replaced with six more fuel efficient, models – Ford Focus 4 door & Hatch back– Fleet Reduction of twodoor & Hatch back Fleet Reduction of two.Current cars are rusted out, many parts are no longer available (age range 1998 and 1999)available (age range  1998 and 1999)Insurance from Sandy damage will be utilizedFunding Required $100kFunding Required $100k6/20/2013 28CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  29. 29. June Bond TotalsJune Bond Totals$ 200 000BEACH  $            200,000 DREDGING $            300,000 $PAVING   $         2,500,000 BOARDWALK   $            150,000 $BUILDINGS   $            300,000 REC FACILITIES $            550,000 INTERMODAL   $            450,000 VEHICLES $            100,000 TOTAL JUNE BOND = $         4,550,000 6/21/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY
  30. 30. $200,000 $450,000 $100,000 $300,000 $150,000 $2,500,000 BEACH  PAVING   BOARDWALK  BUILDINGS INTERMODAL VEHICLES6/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 30BUILDINGS   INTERMODAL   VEHICLES
  31. 31. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BOND—PAID DOWN ANNUALLYPolice ATV $8,000 Weapons/Equip $22,000 p q pMDT’s $20,000 E‐ticket $10,000 $ ,IT Email Archive Hardware $9,000 Additions to WWANN (south) $4,000Additions to WWANN (south) $4,000 Replacement Server (Finance) $9,000 Application Upgrades $11 000Application Upgrades $11,000 Fire Power Loader for Ambulance (multi yr Program) $12 000(multi‐yr. Program) $12,000 2013 CIF TOTAL = $       125,0006/20/2013 CITY OF OCEAN CITY 31