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4 6 burns


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4 6 burns

  1. 1. Internet ProcurementInternet Procurement
  2. 2. Oracle iProcurement – Centralize PurchasingControl, Decentralize Execution Procurement policy based self-service enablement Support requests for all goods and services Productive user interface for self-service audience Self-service receiving for improved payment accuracy
  3. 3. Manage the Spend, not the Transactions……But, do buyers have the time?SuppliersSuppliersBuyersBuyersRequestersRequestersManufacturingManufacturingMaintenanceMaintenanceR&DR&DG&AG&ACreate POsCreate POsDocumentDocumentApprovalsApprovalsCommunicateCommunicate
  4. 4. Automate Transactions…Flag ExceptionsSuppliersSuppliersRequestersRequestersManufacturingManufacturingMaintenanceMaintenanceR&DR&DG&AG&AImplementImplementControlsControlsManage SupplyManage SupplyBaseBaseAnalyze SpendAnalyze SpendFinancialFinancialControlsControlsRole-BasedRole-BasedSecuritySecurityApprovalApprovalWorkflowWorkflowCorporateCorporatePolicyPolicy
  5. 5. Define rules for corporate policy based automationFlexible workflows to configure your rulesApprovals Rules-based approval list Cost-center, location, commoditycontrols Flexible approval hierarchies Approve via email or onlineAutomatic PO creation Contract buys vs. one-off Approved supplier usage Standard vs. non-standard items Emergency POs Automatic approval and communicationCharge Accounts & Budgets Person, CC, location, itemcommodity controls Project tracking and reporting Full budgetary control usingencumbrance accountingApproved Suppliers and Items Identify approved suppliers foritems / commodities Establish approved item/pricingcontracts and represent as catalogs Control requester access toauthorized catalogs
  6. 6. Oracle iProcurement – Centralize PurchasingControl, Decentralize Execution Procurement policy based self-service enablement Support requests for all goods and services Productive user interface for self-service audience Self-service receiving for improved payment accuracy
  7. 7. Remote:Remote:Catalog HubsCatalog HubsRemote:Remote:Supplier HostedSupplier HostedLocalLocalCatalogsCatalogsContent Management ModelsMultiple options to support different item typesDirect Materialand MissionCritical MRODemand driven by MRPInventory level trackedItems under lot/serial/revision controlItems under existing long term agreementsDynamic pricing & availabilityConfigurable itemsLarge selection of itemsInventory not tracked in buying org.Catalog Content ManagementCatalog Content ManagementIndirect andNon-CriticalMROIndirect andNon-CriticalMROStatic item and pricing informationApproval controls for price changesInventory not tracked in buying org.
  8. 8. Supplier Hosted CatalogsUsers punchout to catalogs maintained on supplier websitesiProcurementiProcurement FirewallFirewall Catalog content onCatalog content onsupplier’s websitesupplier’s website Access company specific catalogs on supplier website Item configuration rules for CTO items Real time pricing and availability Information Support Oracle XML and cXML formats for punchout
  9. 9. Catalogs Hosted on Catalog Content Hubs Immediate access to wide variety of catalogs Suppliers author catalogs on content hub You approve changes to items and pricing Control requesters’ access to available catalogsiProcurementiProcurementFirewallFirewallCatalog Content HubCatalog Content Hub
  10. 10. Single Point of Entry for All Request TypesGuide users to appropriate “Store” based on request type Office supplies IT equipment IndustrialSupplies Professionalservices Temporarystaffing Maintenance Promotionalitems
  11. 11.  Purchase requisitions– Local or remote catalogs– Non-catalog requests for non-standard goods Internal requisitions– Internal catalogs for standarditems– Source based on availability– Inter- or intra-company requestswith cross-company accountingOrder Items from Suppliers or Internal Warehouses
  12. 12. Simple and Advanced search for items in Catalog New self-guidingsearch offerstargeted results forself-service users Advanced search forattribute specificcriteria Control catalogaccess to usersbased on usage
  13. 13. Request for Services using “Smart Forms”Flexible templates to capture service details Flexible templates todefine authorizedservice terms andrates Professional andgeneral businessservices Minimize data entry,default values fromtemplates Capture additionalservice details duringrequest creation Configure approvalrules based on smartforms
  14. 14. Contractor requests for Temporary Assignments Contractor requestsfor administrativeand professionalneeds Requests based oncontrolled access toapproved suppliersand contracted rates Review candidatessubmitted bysuppliers Finalize candidateand terms, flexibleapprovals for budgetand candidateselection Fast-track processfor simple requests
  15. 15. Maintenance Requests for AssetsAssetsSupplierOrderRequestMaintenanceScheduleRule BasedEngineShip ToMaintenanceLocation Define maintenanceschedules for assets Create requisitions forwork orders frommaintenance workbench,search MRO catalogs forrequired items Track progress againstwork orders Receive and deliveritems directly tomaintenance location
  16. 16. Financial Considerations for all BusinessEnvironmentsFlexible cost allocation Automatic account defaults basedon business rules Security-based override capabilities Distribute charges across multipleaccounts/cost-centers Allocate charges to expense ormaterial accounts based on usageBudgets & Encumbrance Accounting Control spending using budgets andencumbrance accounting Track spending limits and spend-to-date Real-time validation of funds duringrequest creation Approvals based on budget ownershipProject-based requests Request goods and services forspecific projects Allocate costs to multiple projectaccounts and budgets Track and report against projectsRequests charged to specific Grants Capture grant award information onindividual requests Allocate costs across multiplegrants Default grants information ontorequest lines to minimize data entry
  17. 17. Oracle iProcurement – Centralize PurchasingControl, Decentralize Execution Procurement policy based self-service enablement Support requests for all goods and services Productive user interface for self-service audience Self-service receiving for improved payment accuracy
  18. 18.  Easy-to-use interface– Familiar “” interface– Create and submit requisitions in justa few clicks Productivity enhancement tools tominimize data entry– Shopping lists (Favorite and Public)– Saved shopping carts– Copy requisitionsProductive User Interface for Self-serviceAudience
  19. 19. RequesterRequester Supplier A WebsiteExchange.Oracle.comTransparentPunchout*Simplify catalog searching using TransparentPunchoutEliminate guesswork from catalog searchingUser sees all search results, irrespective ofcatalog source, on this familiar page*Patent Pending*Patent PendingLocal Catalogs
  20. 20. Full visibility into entire Procurement lifecycleSelf-service access frees up buyers’ time View approval status andhistory Related POs andassociated status Real-time tracking of in-transit shipments View Receipt history andassociated exceptions Invoice and paymentinformation
  21. 21. Rules-based Online ApprovalsEliminate paper approvals, improve auditability Centralized approval engineservices approval needsacross apps. Automatic approval routingbased on business rules Approvers can approve viaemail or from work list Nominate proxy approverswhen on vacation Full approval trail with relevantcomments captured for auditneeds
  22. 22. Oracle iProcurement – Centralize PurchasingControl, Decentralize Execution Procurement policy based self-service enablement Support requests for all goods and services Productive user interface for self-service audience Self-service receiving for improved payment accuracy
  23. 23.  Requester initiated receiptsusing self-service screens– Single-click simplicity– Record packing slip, waybillinformation– Track in-transit shipmentsand receive against them– Automatic invoicing basedon receipt System initiated receipts usingworkflow– Automatic notification ondue date– Requester acknowledgesreceipt via response– Automatic receipt generationbased on responseSelf-service receiving of goods and servicesIncreased payment control with 3-way matching
  24. 24. Record receipt exceptions, reconcile paymentsaccurately using 3-way matchReturn to Vendor Self-service screens to return defectivegoods to supplier Reference RMA code Real-time updates to on-hand quantities Automatically generate debit memos forreimbursement Full receipt history audit trail to resolvediscrepanciesReceipt Corrections Correct data entry errors by issuingcorrections Factor corrections into receipt audittrail for accurate reportingReceiveReturn Correct
  25. 25. SummarySummary
  26. 26. Oracle iProcurement – Centralize PurchasingControl, Decentralize Execution Procurement policy based self-service enablementBuyers manage the spend, not individual transactions Support requests for all goods and servicesSingle entry point for requests, single business rules repository Productive user interface for self-service audienceQuicker customer adoption, smoother rollouts Self-service receiving for improved payment accuracyIncreased control with 3-way match
  27. 27. OracleSourcingInformation Age ApplicationsMaximize Savings and Sourcing Bandwidth
  28. 28. OracleOracleSourcingSourcing
  29. 29. DemandDemandCollectionCollectionIndirectIndirectGoodsGoodsDirectDirectMaterialsMaterialsEngineeredEngineeredGoodsGoodsServicesServices ApprovalRoutingTouchlessBuyingAutomatedPaymentEnforce Policy ComplianceBudget-BasedProcurementContractManagementSupplierPerformanceReduce Spend on Goods and ServicesCategoryManagementOnlineSourcingSpendAnalysisStreamline Procurement ProcessesSupplierSupplierCollaborationCollaborationSettlementSettlementOrdersOrdersProfileProfileManagementManagementSupplierSupplierNetworkNetworkLogisticsLogisticsSupplierSupplierPortalPortalOracle Advanced ProcurementThe Integrated Suite that Dramatically Cuts All Supply ManagementCosts
  30. 30. Oracle SourcingSource More ofYour SpendSource for LowestTotal CostCreate Immediate andLong-Term SavingsStructured EventStructured EventSupportSupportCross-FunctionalCross-FunctionalCollaborationCollaborationKnowledgeKnowledgeCapture / Re-useCapture / Re-useTotal CostTotal CostAnalysisAnalysisReal TimeReal TimeDecision SupportDecision SupportEnterpriseEnterpriseIntegrationIntegrationRapidRapidDeploymentDeploymentChangeChangeManagementManagementAutomatedAutomatedNegotiations, BidNegotiations, BidMgmt and AwardMgmt and AwardMake Savings StickMake Savings StickIdentifyIdentifyOpportunitiesOpportunities& Suppliers& SuppliersConductConductOn-LineOn-LineNegotiationsNegotiationsAnalyzeAnalyze& Award& AwardApproveApprove& Issue& IssueDefineDefineStrategies &Strategies &NegotiationsNegotiationsPurchasingPurchasingContractContractMgmtMgmtFinanceFinance MarketingMarketing OtherOtherOperationsOperationsIntegrationIntegration
  31. 31. Oracle Sourcing OverviewBlanketAgreementsRequisitionsSpreadsheets(1000 lines+)Demand CollaborativeSourcing ProcessBlanketAgreementsPurchaseOrdersOutcomeGlobalAgreements• RFI /Survey• RFQ• AuctionSuppliersSignedContractUpdateCatalogSourcingTemplatesPurchasingDataContracts
  32. 32. Oracle SourcingEnables You To… Source More of Your Spend Source for Lowest Total Cost Create Immediate and Long-Term Savings
  33. 33. Exploit More Savings OpportunitiesSourcing ResourcesSourcing ResourcesPercentageofSpendUnderContractOracle EnabledSourcingTraditionalSourcing ApproachStructured Event CreationOn-Line NegotiationSupportEfficient Change ManagementSystem Generated AwardsAutomated Bid Comparison
  34. 34. Structured Sourcing Event CreationGreatly Reduce Preparation Time and Manual EffortExpiringAgreement1-ClickRenegotiationInstantly create new sourcing event from previous agreementsRenewalDrivenRFx, AuctionRFx, AuctionRequisitionsSourcingTemplateRequestDrivenAggregate requests across the enterprise to leverage buying power
  35. 35. Efficient Online Negotiations: BuyerSlash Cycle Time by Eliminating Manual ProcessesView new incoming supplierView new incoming suppliermessages and incomplete tasksmessages and incomplete tasksDrill into individualDrill into individualsourcing eventssourcing eventsView responses and monitorView responses and monitorbidding activity in real-timebidding activity in real-time
  36. 36. Efficient Online Negotiations: SupplierSlash Cycle Time by Improving CommunicationsSuppliers can reviewSuppliers can reviewall requirementsall requirementsbefore bid submissionbefore bid submissionSuppliers review contractSuppliers review contractterms early in the sourcingterms early in the sourcingcyclecycle
  37. 37. Efficiently Manage ChangeQuickly Create New Round or Amendment• Create and Publish New Rounds or Amendments Online• Full Audit Trail Including Net Change Comparison• If Suppliers Accept, Their Quotes Roll ForwardRFQ 1234RFQ 1234BuyerRFQ 1234-1RFQ 1234-1New Round orAmendmentSupplierAcknowledgeChangesPublishChanges
  38. 38. Optimized, Policy-Compliant AwardRecommendationSystem Generated RecommendationsEliminate Time-Consuming Manual Analysis• Multiple Sites• Dozens of BidLinesCompany Policy Complex BidsMaximum ofMaximum of5 Vendors5 VendorsMinimum 60%Minimum 60%to incumbentto incumbentsuppliersupplier$100k Annual$100k AnnualMaximumMaximum• Sourcing Rules• Budget Constraints• Supply Base RulesMultipleMultipleSuppliersSuppliersModel multiple businessModel multiple businessconstraints and supplier inputsconstraints and supplier inputsAward Optimization Engine
  39. 39. Facilitated Online Bid ComparisonMake Faster Award Decisions• Utilize structured bid data- Automatic bid scoring- Consistent format for side-by-side comparison ofcompeting bids• Provide online analysis forfast, accurate awards- Multiple chart and graphformats (e.g., scatter plot,bar, pie)- Flexible award methodsenable selection ofsuppliers, bid lots orspecific line items- Business and regulatorycompliance policies (e.g.,multi-sourcingrequirements, minority• View awardsummary forpurchaserecommendation,approval, andcompliance details
  40. 40. Oracle SourcingEnables You To… Source More of Your Spend Source for Lowest Total Cost Create Immediate and Long-Term Savings
  41. 41. Cross-Functional CollaborationCombine Expertise for Higher Quality at Lower PriceCommodityCommodityManagerManager• Best delivery terms• Handling instructions• Define requirements• Implementation planningProjectProjectManagerManagerSuppliersSuppliersSourcingSourcingManagerManagerFinance /Finance /LegalLegal• Constraints• Costs estimates• Marketknowledge• Bestpaymentterms• Corporatepolicy andprocedure• Latest BOM,specs anddrawingsDesignDesignRequestorRequestor(eg., Mfg,(eg., Mfg,HR)HR)ContractContractManagerManagerLogisticsLogistics• Domainknowledge• Supplierperformance
  42. 42. Sourcing Knowledge CaptureDrive Optimal Results by Re-Using Best PracticesNew Sourcing EventNew Sourcing EventBidding RulesBidding RulesSourcing Policy RulesSourcing Policy RulesNegotiation Event StyleNegotiation Event StyleScoring MethodsScoring MethodsSourcing TemplatesSourcing TemplatesSupplier ListsSupplier ListsPricing FactorsPricing FactorsKnowledge fromPast SourcingEvents• Leverage Proven Practices• Replicate Buyer Expertise• Retain Knowledge acrossthe Organization
  43. 43. Example: Template-Based Scoring CriteriaExclude fromExclude fromsupplier shortlistsupplier shortlistWeighted scoringWeighted scoring• HeaderHeader• LineLine• Attribute groupAttribute group
  44. 44. Total Cost and Complete Bid AnalysisEvaluate Tangible and Intangible Costs*Bid vs. Transformed BidLatin AmericanSupplier$14 vs. $26*EuropeanSupplier$16 vs.$23*North AmericanSupplier$21 vs. $21*AsianSupplier$20 vs. $23*Example:Supplier “C” Bid$14System AddedFreight $6Tariff $ 4Risk $ 2Transformed Bid =Example:Supplier “C” Bid$14System AddedFreight $6Tariff $ 4Risk $ 2Transformed Bid =• Capture Total Cost- Tangible (e.g., freight)- Intangible (e.g., switchingcosts)- Buyer and Supplier Entered• Evaluate TransformedBids- View Transformed or Un-Transformed
  45. 45. Total Cost and Complete Bid AnalysisBalance Price, Quality, Promise Date, etc.Preferred quotesPreferred quotesrepresent anrepresent anoptimal balance ofoptimal balance ofprice, quality,price, quality,promise date, etc.promise date, etc.Display quoteDisplay quoteprice and scoreprice and scorebased on allbased on allattributesattributes
  46. 46. Oracle SourcingEnables You To… Source More of Your Spend Source for Lowest Total Cost Create Immediate and Long-Term Savings
  47. 47. Rapid DeploymentStart Saving Immediately• Implementation in days or weeks -- notmonths!• Incrementally implement capabilitiesSupplierEnablementSimpleRFx /AuctionsOff-the-ShelfIntegrationComplexRFx /AuctionsStart with a few key activitiesQuickly enable suppliers to participate in sourcing eventsGrow into advanced capabilities as neededAutomate complete business process using integratedAdvanced Procurement platform
  48. 48. Consistent Execution and ComplianceRealize Sustainable Savings via IntegrationSourcingPurchasingiSupplierPortalProcurementContracts• Transfer negotiated terms and pricing to execution• Drive contract compliance and track deliverables• Monitor contract utilization and supplier performance• Enable suppliers to openly compete for business• Seamlessly execute negotiated agreements• Leverage common source of master / reference data• …
  49. 49. Example: One-Click PO CreationCreate Purchasing Documents Directly from AwardAwardedQuotesReceiveGoods orServicesCreateAgreements/POsPaySupplierWorkflow Enablement• Copy all pricing, contractand deliverable information• Eliminate manual entry andassociated errors• Copy all pricing, contractand deliverable information• Eliminate manual entry andassociated errors
  50. 50. Example: Real-Time DeliverableMgmtEasily Monitor Compliance Across theEnterprise• Ensure supplier compliance and consistent evaluation- Sourcing deliverables- Contractual deliverables• Enable buyers to be proactive- e.g., Contract milestones or expirationsReview status ofReview status ofdeliverablesdeliverablesTrack notes andTrack notes andcorrespondencecorrespondenceDrill intoDrill intodetailsdetailsLink to sourceLink to sourcedocumentdocument
  51. 51. Business TargetsBusiness Targets Contract UtilizationContract UtilizationContract UtilizationContract UtilizationQuality PerformanceQuality PerformanceConsumption TrendsConsumption TrendsExpose needfor new orrevisedcontractEvaluatesupplier andcontractperformancebefore renewalTrack KPIsincluding priceExample: Contract IntelligenceEvaluate Compliance and Identify Opportunities
  52. 52. Seamless Data Flows• RFIs• RFQs• Buyers Auctions• Templates• Attributes• Etc.ProcurementDataSourcingDataIntegrated Flows• Requisition to RFx/Auction Creation• Requisition allocation upon award• Removal of requisition from requisition poolduring negotiation• Return of requisition to requisition pool oncancellation/partial allocation• Negotiation number viewable in iProcurement• Contract to RFx/Auction creation for renewals• Contract created from award• PO created from award• Sourcing accessed from single iSupplier Portal• Supplier search of the Supplier Master and ASL• Requisitions• POs• Contracts• Etc.
  53. 53. Shared Data• Requisitions• POs• Contracts• Etc.• RFIs• RFQs• Buyers Auctions• Templates• Attributes• Etc.ProcurementDataSourcingDataShared Data• Operating Units• Buyers• Buyer ApprovalHierarchy• UOM• Ship to Addresses• Bill to Addresses• Currency• Payment Terms• Attachment Repository• Purchasing Categories• Inventory Items withrevision• Contract Variables• System and User-Defined• Supplier Responses• Contract Deliverables• Contractual &Negotiation• Contract Clauses• Contract Templates• Suppliers• Approved Supplier List• Supplier Classification• Supplier Commodities
  54. 54. Cross-functional collaboration,sourcing knowledge capture / re-use,and total cost analysisSource forLowest Total CostEasy sourcing event creation,management of on-line negotiationsand bids, with automatic system-generated recommendationsSource Moreof Your SpendOracle SourcingRapid deployment capabilities withmodular integration to AdvancedProcurement, and real-time decisionsupport including deliverable mgmtCreate Immediateand Long-TermSavings
  55. 55. Information Age Applications