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Obopay Overview


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This presentation gives you an overview of Obopay as a company, which includes product evolution and its influence in key markets around the world.

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Obopay Overview

  1. 1. Obopay Overview<br />
  2. 2. Awards & Recognition<br />Only financial service provider in the world to be named Technology Pioneer 2010 by the World Economic Forum.<br />Named one of 50 most innovative companies in the world by MIT’s Technology Review.<br />CEO Carol Realini and General Counsel Judy O’Brien named 2010 Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley by San Jose Business Times.<br />Corporate Website<br /> Like us on<br />
  3. 3. Obopay is rolling out in key marketsaround the world<br /><ul><li>Powering MasterCard MoneySend offering domestic (US) and cross border
  4. 4. FIS and STAR are offering Obopay wallet services to their bank customers
  5. 5. Launching most comprehensive mobile payments service in India with widest retail agent distribution
  6. 6. YU Cash in Kenya and expanding in East Africa
  7. 7. SG Obopay Service in Senegal and expanding in West Africa </li></ul>Obopay’s strong partnerships, best of breed functionality and differentiated technology will enable it to begin rolling-out its services around the world <br />Corporate Website<br />Follow us on<br />
  8. 8. Product Evolution<br />Corporate Website<br /> Read our<br />
  9. 9. Differentiated, highly flexible platform<br />P2P<br />Casual Commerce<br />Transact or unload<br />Load, link or transact<br />Obopay<br />Platform<br />MasterAccount &Profile<br />E/M Commerce<br />Retail (POS and mPOS)<br />Topup, Bill Pay<br />Mobile Check<br />Obopay has built a unique, hard to replicate platform and mobile technology to service payment transactions across use cases, markets and geographies<br />Corporate Website<br />Join us on<br />
  10. 10. Broad range of capabilities and<br /> directions<br />Retail Payments<br />Check and Cash Replacement <br />eCommerce mCommerce <br />P2P<br /><ul><li>Bill Payment
  11. 11. Get Paid for SME
  12. 12. Taxi
  13. 13. Subscription and store collections
  14. 14. Home Delivery
  15. 15. Top up mobile and TV
  16. 16. Mobile Tickets transport & entertainment
  17. 17. Web checkout via mobile
  18. 18. Text to buy
  19. 19. Domestic Money Transfer
  20. 20. P2P on social networks
  21. 21. Card to Card
  22. 22. Cash to Cash
  23. 23. International Remittance
  24. 24. Wireless payments at retail (SME)
  25. 25. Payment cards
  26. 26. Virtual Cards with Pins at POS
  27. 27. mPOS (phone only)</li></ul>Obopay’s broad range of mobile payment services capabilities are positionedto address demand in any geography, market and customer segment<br />
  28. 28. Mobile Money Technology Leadership<br />Create Largest<br /> Network Effect<br />Mass Market Offerings<br />Drive volume/profitability<br />Universal Payments<br />Mobile Assets<br />Innovation Framework<br /><ul><li>Universal Access
  29. 29. Consistent Experience
  30. 30. Mastered Security
  31. 31. Embedded in web and other applications
  32. 32. Great User experience
  33. 33. New use cases quickly and efficiently
  34. 34. Packaging
  35. 35. Branding
  36. 36. Processing Rules
  37. 37. Collaboration with external systems
  38. 38. Master Transaction Account/ Paypal model
  39. 39. Link/transact to bank accounts, cards, payment networks
  40. 40. Create multiple options for payment arbitrage
  41. 41. Bridge Payment ecosystems and prepaid mobile account option</li></ul>Corporate Website<br />Follow us on<br />
  42. 42. Thank You<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />