Mcommerce digest - Nov 1 - 15, 2011


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The presentation focuses on the weekly highlights of Mcommerce, Mbanking sector with the future trends, growth & latest happenings of mobile money market globally.

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Mcommerce digest - Nov 1 - 15, 2011

  1. 1. MCommerce Digest – 1-15 Nov, 2011
  2. 2. Index• Latest news in Mcommerce 1st – 7th Nov, ’11• Latest news in Mcommerce 8th – 15th Nov, ’11 Obopay Confidential 2
  3. 3. Latest news in Mcommerce 1st – 7th Nov, ‘11Mobile banking is a reality for Nokia userswith Obopay’s Mbanking services. Click hereto read more: future market demand for mobilepayments is immeasurable says iReseachanalyst Du Feng in iReseach research report. remote deposit promotescashless transactions as well as branchlessbanking. is the future of Mobile commerceindustry? Click here to read more: Website Follow us on
  4. 4. Latest news in Mcommerce 1st – 7th Nov, ‘11 Digital-savvy customers engage frequently with Mobile banking services. Banking and credit card apps are getting popular with mobile financiers. Consumers in Middle East and Poland have started showing a strong preference for mobile wallet and apps for everyday expenditures. Mcommerce surges with customers adopting mobile apps and mobile access features inspite of security concerns. Shows how unstoppable Mcommerce has become. Growth of microfinance and non-traditional delivery channels surge in Philippines. Big news for M Commerce. Website Join us on
  5. 5. Latest news in Mcommerce 8th – 15th Nov, ‘11"Customers find bargains and read productreview to compare offers and deals withMcommerce. banking to play a critical role fornations lagging in Financial Inclusion. inclusion also has enormous scope inthe urban segment, says McKinsey report. Thevast usage of smart phones can be put totremendous use. preview of Mobile youth report 2012 predictsthe future of Mcommerce driven by betterexperience and increased control. now has the third biggest population ofinternet users with 100m users, says I-Cubereport. A large part of this population will soon bemobile. Website Join us on
  6. 6. Latest news in Mcommerce 8th – 15th Nov, ‘11 Banks using low cost alternatives to reach the financially excluded people. Mobile usage in Africa reached 649m exceeding 50% mobile penetration marks of 2010. Tablets have been the big game changer in Mcommerce. Click to read how Rural outreach in Columbia to be undertaken for Financial Inclusion. MCommerce will play a major role Mobile authentication cannot be avoided. Here are some upcoming trends and practices. Website Like us on
  7. 7. Weekly Highlights Highlights: Week 1 The focus was on the future market demand for mobile payments, its trends & while customers are becoming more comfortable with apps and other mobile access features, they still express concerns about information security yet Mcommerce surges with customers adopting mobile apps and mobile access Highlights: Week 2 Mobile banking surge throughout the world exceeding last year’s penetration mark. In a general view, it is promoting Financial Inclusion and fostering growth in to the unbanked and underbanked financial population Tablets and Smartphone apps usage surge as consumers get receptive to the new mobile innovations and boosts mobile technologyCorporate Website Like us on
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