Mcommerce digest - Dec 1 - 15, 2011


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The presentation focuses on the weekly highlights of Mcommerce, Mbanking sector with the future trends, growth & latest happenings of mobile money market globally.

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Mcommerce digest - Dec 1 - 15, 2011

  1. 1. MCommerce Digest – 1-15 Dec, 2011
  2. 2. Index• Latest news in Mcommerce 1st– 7th Dec, ’11• Latest news in Mcommerce 8th– 15th Dec, ’11 Obopay Confidential 2
  3. 3. Latest news in Mcommerce 1st – 7th Dec, ‘11Smartphones & Tablets apps boost the retailsales with three times than normal traffic. opt for mobile sites with simplesearch functionality for easy navigation andaccess. in future is a way to avoid economiccrisis -Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation. influences shopping patterns -KPMG global shopping habits survey.Mcommerce possibilities are tremendous. Website Follow us on
  4. 4. Latest news in Mcommerce 1st – 7th Dec, ‘11 A concise look at the global trends of shopping and banking on mobile. Insightful read. The step by step progress from devices to services and the technology changes altering the world. An insightful read. The growing need to be and stay online makes consumers rush for mobile commerce deals before Christmas. Online shopping is done moreover at the ease and comfort within houses. An important insight for miscellaneous shopping modes. Website Join us on
  5. 5. Latest news in Mcommerce 8th – 15th Dec, ‘11Financial inclusion programmes are a delight forpeople who are unbanked or underbanked. catch up on popular bargains andshopping deals via mobile phones. Projectedtrends coming true. with active mobile strategies poisedto make great gains online. is the favored location for Tabletshopping according to the study conducted byEquation Research. sneak peak with perceptive stats on thefuture of Mobile market numbers projectedfor 2012. Website Join us on
  6. 6. Latest news in Mcommerce 8th – 15th Dec, ‘11 A concise view on the latest report of online purchases via various channels of Mcommerce. Mobile shopping platforms considered to avoid the mad festival rush this season. Middle East Retailers tap mobile applications amid tough competition in the daily deals market. Smartphone gives a unique experience of mobile shopping for checking inventory & comparing prices. Nokia customers can undergo a simple registration process, pay cash & load digital cash to their M-wallet. Website Like us on
  7. 7. Weekly Highlights Highlights: 1st – 7th Dec, ‘11 The focus was on the future trends of mobile commerce & experts predicting a “breakthrough year” for mobile e-commerce in 2011 and how Technology influences shopping patterns. Highlights: 8th – 15th Dec, ‘11 The focus was on the concise view of online purchases via various channels of Mcommerce post Thanksgiving holiday retail sales after Black Friday and Cyber Monday predictions showing positive results. Christmas online sales & purchases made on mobile phones are expected to contribute to a much higher proportion of retail sales than ever before.Corporate Website Like us on
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