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Banking in Pakistan


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An insightful presentation by Obopay on banking and mobile scenario in Pakistan.

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Banking in Pakistan

  1. 1. Banking in Pakistan
  2. 2. Understanding the Basics Traditional Banks Mobile Users Mobile Banking• Banking Model • No of Mobile Users • Banking for the Unbanked• Gaps in the Model • Mobile Penetration. • User-friendly• Banked percentage Technology of the Population • Reducing Expenses Like us on
  3. 3. Banking Model: Simplified • State Bank of Pakistan is the Central bank of the country and its head office is at Islamabad. • It has offices at Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Central Gujranwala, Sialkot , Multan ,Peshawar and Quetta. Banking • It is the most effective mobilizer of savings and provides short term requirements of working capital to trade, commerce and industry. • National Bank of Pakistan , Habib Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank Limited ,Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited are the five Commercial commercial banks in the country. Banking • It comprises of 18 foreign banks with 64 branches which are located at Karachi and other commercial cities. • It is engaged in financing foreign trade and is authorized to perform normal Exchange banking functions . BankingSource: Wikipedia Follow us on
  4. 4. Banking Model: Simplified • Post Office Savings Bank is the only Savings Bank in the country. • It is controlled by the Government of Pakistan. • It accepts deposits from the public and invests them in various Savings Banks Government projects. • There are 3 systems of cooperative banking in Pakistan. • They consist of primary cooperative societies at the base; Central Cooperative Banks and Banking Unions in the middle and Provincial Co-operative Cooperative Banks at the top. BanksSource: Wikipedia Read our
  5. 5. Unbanked Pakistan • 85% of the Pakistani adult population are financially excluded and do not use either formal or informal financial products. • 11% of the adult population are formally banked, but almost a quarter of these people withdraw funds immediately. • 32% of the adult population use other formal products such as insurance, leasing or microfinance. An average Pakistani farmer has no means of savingSource: Finscope Pakistan Today Join us on
  6. 6. Mobile Connectivity • Total Subscribers: 107 million • Annual growth rate: 4% • Population Penetration: 64%Pakistan has the highest mobile penetrationrate in the South Asian region. Source: Budde
  7. 7. • Mobile phone subscriptions in Pakistan is 112 million whereas only 25 million people – mostly from high income group have bank accounts • Which means 22% of the country’s population owns bank accounts, while more than 60% have access to mobile phonesSource: Tribune Obopay Confidential 7
  8. 8. Mobile Banking: The Solution There exists a comprehensible window of facilitation between the 25 million bank account holders versus the 112 million mobile subscribers. Five mobile phone companies have brought the entire country under comprehensive network coverage. SBP has now issued four branchless banking licenses and there are two services which are operational in the market at scale.Source: MIFA
  9. 9. Mobile Banking: The Solution Insufficient funding to increase outreach. All banks have limited access to capital. Lack of diverse products and services for every section of the society Duplication of efforts by non-governmental stakeholders (e.g., SBP credit bureau, wholesale funds)Source: MIFA
  10. 10. Bringing it all Together Consumer Linkages • Universal • Eco-system approach • Ubiquitous • Direct integrations • UI • Inter-operable Platform • High Performing GTM • Efficient • Investment in branding, distribution • Global and operations • Strategic partnerships • Appetite to stay the course Mass Market Offerings Drive Volume/Profitability Create Largest/Network EffectCorporate Website Like us on
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