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SiriusCon2016 - Embrace the Power of Design. Core Principles for Creating Effective Model Visualizations


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Nowadays design is at the center of every business decision, as usability and problem solving are not enough to ensure user adoption: your solution must also be graphically delightful and pleasant to use.

This is particularly true for any graphical modeling tool created with Eclipse Sirius.

This 30 minutes talk is meant to be a concise guide throughout a set of structured and clear techniques for easily generating effective visual solutions to graphic modeling challenges. You will learn ideas and principles that can be applied to any diagram, during the model representation building process, wherever image and text come together to convey a meaning.

After this walkthrough you will be an Effective Model Visualizations pro ;-)

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SiriusCon2016 - Embrace the Power of Design. Core Principles for Creating Effective Model Visualizations

  1. 1. Embrace the Power of Design. Core Principle for Creating Effective Model Visualizations Loredana CHITUC
  2. 2. Setting the same shape, size, color, … for many or all your concepts are very bad manners Visual attributes are meant to create differentiation between concepts Bad Manners
  3. 3. Did You Know ? Around a quarter of our brains are devoted to VISION which represents more than all our other senses combined Also, information represented visually is also more likely to be remembered
  4. 4. Principle of Perceptual Discriminability Hierarchy | Redundant Coding | Contrast
  5. 5. Hierarchy Through Shapes
  6. 6. Did You Know ? Shape represents the primary basis on which we identify objects in the real world That’s why it should be the primary visual attribute for distinguishing between symbols
  7. 7. From Bad Manners...
  8. 8. Step by Step
  9. 9. … to Good Manners
  10. 10. Redundant Coding Through Color
  11. 11. Did You Know ? Differences in color are detected 3 times faster than shape and are also more easily remembered
  12. 12. Color Wheel
  13. 13. Color Schemes Monochromatic Scheme Analogous Scheme Complementary Scheme
  14. 14. Monochromatic Scheme Monochromatic Scheme
  15. 15. Analogous Scheme Analogous Scheme
  16. 16. Complementary Scheme Complementary Scheme
  17. 17. More discrimination
  18. 18. Color Palette - Analogous
  19. 19. Respect Choosen Color Palette
  20. 20. Contrast Identifying the Main Point Quickly
  21. 21. Many Ways Size Shape Color
  22. 22. Effective Representation
  23. 23. Some Links
  24. 24. Thanks! Questions?