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[SiriusCon 2020] IRI Voracity & Workbench: A Total Data Management Environment Built on Eclipse & Sirius


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Voracity is an all-in-one data management platform for handling data in almost every format, source, and silo. The component software products in Voracity and its Eclipse IDE called IRI Workbench, allows users to perform, speed, and consolidate the 'discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics of data, big or small, static or streaming, on-premise or in the cloud.

In this talk we will present the Voracity platform and how it uses Sirius in its Workbench IDE.

David Friedland, IRI
David joined IRI in 1991 and has executive responsibility for the company, adoption of the Voracity platform, and the growing IRI partner network worldwide. He also continues to contribute technical content to IRI web, blog, and social media platforms.

Claudia Irvine, IRI
Claudia is responsible for Voracity job design and metadata modeling, and for expanding the functionality of the IRI Workbench user interface. Claudia is thus directly involved in integrating IRI data management parameters with EMF and Sirius technologies.

Don Purnhagen, IRI
Don has been with IRI for 15 years, and has worked in professional software development since 1985. Don is the primary architect and development manager for IRI Workbench, custom IRI data mapping and masking solutions, and multiple APIs.

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[SiriusCon 2020] IRI Voracity & Workbench: A Total Data Management Environment Built on Eclipse & Sirius

  1. 1. IRI Workbench, a Complete Graphical Data Management Environment Built on Eclipse with Sirius 18th of June, 2020 David Friedland, Claudia Irvine, Don Purnhagen IRI, The CoSort Company @IRI_CoSort #SiriusCon
  2. 2. About IRI, The CoSort Company ● Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. ● Founded 1978. HQ: Melbourne (Florida) USA ● Famous for CoSort sort/transform software ● Represented in > 40 cities worldwide ● Software products now used to: ○ Stage big data for DW/lake & BI/analytics ○ Validate, cleanse and enrich dirty data ○ Find / delete PII for GDPR compliance ○ Synthesize DB and custom file test data ○ Migrate legacy data and JCL / ETL tools
  3. 3. IRI Data Management Software
  4. 4. IRI Voracity Platform Capabilities
  5. 5. Front-Ending It All: IRI Workbench ™ ™
  6. 6. Using Sirius: IRI Workbench ER Diagrams
  7. 7. Using Sirius: IRI Voracity Workflow Diagrams
  8. 8. Using Sirius: IRI Voracity Mapping Diagrams
  9. 9. If you want to keep talking with IRI, please arrange an online meeting via Please learn more at Next: Sirius in IRI Workbench Walkthrough After Us: SiriusCon 2020 Closing - Mélanie Bats (Obeo)