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  1. 1. ATTENTION ALL SUTTON BROKERS AND MANAGERS! It is worth your time … take a look! “ Your Sutton executive team have reviewed the Obeo Packages and Marketing systems in great detail. We highly recommend our Brokers and Managers bring the Obeo Marketing Solutions to your Sales Representatives!” Cary Shivrattan Franchise Relations Sutton Group Realty Services 416 498 9889 X 228
  2. 2. Online Strategies for Realtors That Match The Consumers Online Habits! Start with GREAT photos on your listings and watch your listings sell and client base grow… using the Obeo Marketing Solutions!
  3. 3. Begin your listing presentation by featuring that your marketing strategy includes professional photography and amazing online exposure of their home!
  4. 4. Obeo’s Photography Team work with you and your homeowners schedule. Photos appear in the best multi-media package today! Use the photos for all your other marketing requirements! Load you 21 photos to Century 21 and also use the tour link on your mls system
  5. 5. One of the features on your Obeo Tour is “Tools”, free brochure templates, download the tour, lead generation, nearby schools and Neighborhood information!
  6. 6. Brand Yourself…..the Contact Page includes cross promotion of your other listings!
  7. 7. Auto Posting to
  8. 8. free smart marketing Log in to Obeo and Create Your YouTube Video And Download As An MP3 To Your iPhone or Blackberry!
  9. 9. power of social media Easy click from all Obeo Tours via our “Share’ Button” Powerful Social Media sites, facebook, twitter etc., offer realtors a way of highlighting their listings to their network. Obeo ‘Share’ button allows a quick easy posting!
  10. 10. ONLINE EXPOSURE Obeo feels your listings deserve as much exposure as possible to potential buyers. Because of this, we have aligned syndication partnerships with many of the top real estate websites to bring your listings additional website traffic! (some conditions apply!) ALL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  11. 11. View at the click of a button how many online visitors to your listings from ALL sites. Impress your seller by sending them this report! Great for price reduction meetings and even better for Offer Meetings…..’we have had 6,000 online showings this week!
  12. 12. english french & spanish
  13. 13. Obeo Clients have a Resource Centre to quickly order, view reports, build YouTube videos, download high res and much more!
  14. 14. <ul><li>ORDER OR CREATE YOUR OWN CD PRESENTATION OF YOUR OBEO TOUR! </li></ul><ul><li>Gift for seller (memories) </li></ul><ul><li>Give away at Open Houses </li></ul>
  15. 15. <ul><li>ADD ON TO YOUR PACKAGE A PROPERTY DOMAIN NAME </li></ul><ul><li>Your seller can have their very own website. They will send it to EVERYONE! </li></ul><ul><li>Obeo links this domain name to your tour, cross branding your other listings while impressing your homeowner! </li></ul>
  16. 16. psychological ownership Now online consumers can truly envision themselves living in your listing!
  17. 17. Drag & Drop furniture Floor Plan FLOOR PLAN or SPACEDESIGNER! Add a basic floor plan FREE, or upgrade your Obeo package to showcase the floor plan in our interactive ‘drag and drop’ show!
  18. 18. Add the “STYLE DESIGNER” Feature to your tours, now consumers can take ownership online! Potential buyers are so impressed with interactivity they will call you!
  19. 19. Change the Wall Colour!
  20. 21. Change the Cabinets!
  21. 23. New Floors anyone!
  22. 26. Countertops! New Floors anyone!
  23. 29. What two rooms will you choose to have this feature?
  24. 34. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Call us for more information! The final slide will give you basic pricing for our most popular packages! Obeo Syndication Partner Brochure click here
  25. 35. PRICE LIST Stills ~ $89.00 - Up to 18 still photos. Mini/Condo ~ $99.00 - Up to 2 panoramas & 10 photos. Bronze ~ $119.00 - Up to 4 panoramas & up to 18 photos. Silver ~ $159.00 - Up to 6 panoramas & up to 30 photos Style Designer NEW 2 pictures $39.95 Let viewers change interior decor online ~ floors, walls, cabinets, countertop, trim and roof! Space Designer $49.95 (floor plan image must be provided by client) For detailed add on features, pricing and coverage areas please call our office. 1-800-SAY-OBEO (729-6236)