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I was a Happy
Then Now
Information Insight
Then Now
Presentation Conversation
Then Now
Persuasion Influence
Then Now
Solution Collaboration
Then Now
Relationship Partnership
Then Now
Price Risk
Then Now
Differentiation Anticipation
Then Now
Selling Sharing
Then Now
Standardize Customize
Then Now
Outbound Inbound
Then Now
Negotiation Quantification
Then Now
Geographic Social
Then Now
Overcoming Blocking
Then Now
Then Now
Value Value
Was it VALUABLEfor you?
Obada Ahmed
All Thanks Belong to Victor Antonio
Sales Reset
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Sales Reset


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It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, although it is often underrated and misunderstood. The back-slapping, high pressure, joke-telling sales person has disappeared. In his place is a new generation of sales professionals: highly trained and well groomed, with the characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, and competence.

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Sales Reset

  1. 1. RESETSALES #M3malExperts
  2. 2. New ERA
  3. 3. I was a Happy Customer
  4. 4. Then Now Information Insight
  5. 5. Then Now Presentation Conversation
  6. 6. Then Now Persuasion Influence
  7. 7. Then Now Solution Collaboration
  8. 8. Then Now Relationship Partnership
  9. 9. Then Now Price Risk
  10. 10. Then Now Differentiation Anticipation
  11. 11. Then Now Selling Sharing
  12. 12. Then Now Standardize Customize
  13. 13. Then Now Outbound Inbound
  14. 14. Then Now Negotiation Quantification
  15. 15. Then Now Geographic Social
  16. 16. Then Now Overcoming Blocking
  17. 17. Then Now Empathize Educate Empower
  18. 18. Then Now Value Value
  19. 19. Was it VALUABLEfor you? Obada Ahmed All Thanks Belong to Victor Antonio