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Oasis USA:- Steps for developing a TFC


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Oasis USA:- Steps for developing a TFC

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Oasis currently works in 10 countries around the globe.
  3. 3. Oasis’ Journey into anti-trafficking work• Developing Oasis India in the early 90’s meant coming face to face with human Trafficking• Especially with women and children at the Asha Deep & Purnata Bhavan projects.• In the 00’s - Oasis started global education and advocacy initiatives which developed into the abolitionist movement called Stop The Traffik which now has over 2000 global members.• Oasis has been directly involved in the rescue of over 300 women and children from human trafficking.
  4. 4. Oasis USA Helps local American communities fight HT in their ownneighborhood and city and in developing resources for the global HT work
  5. 5. Oasis USA has theThe TFC Approach
  6. 6. The TFC Goals Traffik Free Community groups exist to enable local people fight trafficking in their own local area. Oasis USA helps by mentoring groups to:- • Engage local communities to make it to “hot” for a trafficker to operate • Educate, equip and empower the local community, schools, civic authorities etc.. • Advocate for the availability of slave-free products & just practices • Mobilize care for survivors
  7. 7. The TFC Birthing ProcessStep 1: Raising awareness in a particular communityStep 2: Forming a Leadership teamStep 3: Undertaking TFC research: “Discovering Our Community”Step 4: Developing a strategic plan: “Making Freedom Happen”Step 5: Begin working toward their TFC goalsStep 6: Share resources and learning insights with other TFCs 7
  8. 8. It is important to start with a core team ofapproximately 4 to 5 or more people, if possible.•   The core team and all those that join later must be willing to commit tomeeting on a regular basis.(we recommend meeting once per month)•   Leadership teams meet and prepare the group to research theircommunity for areas of vulnerability prone to human trafficking.(discover what are the trafficking issues in your city, where the needs are, what the focus ofthe group will be)
  9. 9. From the research, identify the focus of the group:•Developing mentoring groups for youth at risk of trafficking, present in allthe local high schools within the first year.•Raising awareness about human trafficking through quarterly events•Lobby City Government to improve city ordinances relating to massageparlors or labor trafficking.•Providing Freedom Bags to local law enforcement to be given to minor sextrafficking victims. Undertake or arrange training for the local lawenforcement.
  10. 10. •Display outreach posters through the city and advocate for localnewspapers to stop escort ads. Lobby local and national hotels chains•Develop opportunities and networks that help local business obtain slavefree products•Raise awareness about human trafficking in an agreed% of all the faithcommunities in the city within the year; assist the faith communities inhaving prayer events related to human trafficking; provide opportunities forthe community to meet the needs of victims through a network ofresources, etc.. The focus should be attainable, measurable, and clear to anywho wish to join the group.  All activities from the group should be geared toward this focus. 10
  11. 11. Current TFC Communities:• Pomona, CA• Pasadena, CA• San Gabriel, CA• West Palm Beach, Florida• Los Angeles (downtown), CA Other Traffick Free Community groups are under consideration and several will be starting in the near future.
  12. 12. One Key consideration is funding.Currently we estimate that a TFC costs approximately $5000 for Oasis to develop. Of this we ask that a TFC contributes $3000/year. Oasis USA will support the early development of any TFC. However, acommunity needs to eventually fund its own initiatives as well as assist in helping other TFC to start.Oasis USA highlights 3 different options a TFC has for enabling a funding strategy to be developed. 12
  13. 13. 3 Options1.A financial contribution from the TFC members or other supportivepeople. ($250 per month)2.The marketing of the Oasis 13 campaign. If a TFC signs up 20 people tothe campaign then the $3,000 is covered that way.3.Various fundraisers organized by the TFC (mentored & assisted byOasis) during the course of the year with a target of $3,000. This mightalso be allocated within a wider budget created for the workings of theTFC and programs it establishes. 13
  14. 14. Together we can end human trafficking one community at a time!For more information about the TFC model contact Oasis USA at 14