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International businesses and climate change


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Published in: Technology
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International businesses and climate change

  1. 1. Businesses and Climate ChangePublic Relations and Communication DissertationOana Stefancu
  2. 2. Why? Why do I care? Why should the businesses Why care? should the world care?
  3. 3. QuestionWhy do different stakeholder groups influence thevalue that a company gives to the idea of carbonemission reduction?This question will be explored in at least two casestudy companies.
  4. 4. HypothesisThe reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in globalcompanies, based on the Kyoto Protocol standards, isdependent on the different stakeholder groups’ influenceand governmental initiatives but is driven by financialreasons.
  5. 5. Terms of reference• To consider the theoretical foundations of the companies’ environmental policies to key stakeholders, including theories such as corporate social responsibility, reputation management and stakeholder relation with particular focus on investor relation and public affairs.• To research the degree to which these are reflected in the climate change approach of Vodafone and Talk Talk and the importance they give to CSR and stakeholder relations.
  6. 6. Terms of reference• To research whether the companies’ stakeholder groups are aware of the Kyoto Protocol standards and whether the standards influence their perception of the companies.• To explore and critically analyse the reasons why stakeholder groups in these organisations value/do not value global standards.• To demonstrate that companies with more global stakeholders use global standards to demonstrate its investment in CSR to build its reputation on a global basis.
  7. 7. Research planShareholdersSuppliersNon-profit organizations Content analysisGovernmentsMediaCustomers ExperimentationEmployees QuestionnairesCommunities Focus groupBoard of directors InterviewsPressure groups VMM