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Purposeful Agile


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The 3 cycles of Agile Adoptions I experienced over time : the "Agile asa how-to technically bring another method in the organisation", the "Agile as state of mind way", the "Clarified Intention beyond Agile". The story of Agile implementation goes from linear thinking through cultural change shock toward system thinking.

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Purposeful Agile

  1. 1. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Purposeful Agile Agile Transformation With Intention 2016 Oana Juncu, An Agile Business DJ
  2. 2. Oana Juncu @ojuncu How Business and Technical Units collaborate effectively ?
  3. 3. Oana Juncu @ojuncu They can’t!
  4. 4. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Stages of Agile Adoption Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  5. 5. Oana Juncu @ojuncu People can!
  6. 6. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Stages of Agile Adoption #HowTo #Therapy #Purpose Perspective from a peopleware journey
  7. 7. Oana Juncu @ojuncu (1) Agile in the #HowTo : The Hottest Silver Bullet YES, we do ! Features List Product Backlog Business Value Durée fixe Démo Durée fixe Démo Durée fixe Démo Planning Game Rétro Planning Game Planning Game RétroRétro Deliver Incremented Value Planning Game #HowTo
  8. 8. Oana Juncu @ojuncu (1) The Hottest Silver Bullet YES, we do ! Durée Démo Durée Démo Durée Démo Rétro RétroRétro Planning The Business Working Tested Features Corroborated Requirements Analysis Process PO Operations ?! QA SM #HowTo Agile Ghetto
  9. 9. Oana Juncu @ojuncu The others
  10. 10. Oana Juncu @ojuncu (2) The Attitude YES, we are ! Durée Démo Durée Démo Durée Rétro Rétro Rétro Planning The Business PO Operations ?! QA SM Coach Agile Despair #Therapy
  11. 11. Oana Juncu @ojuncu People don’t resist to change , they resist to be changed ! #Purpose Peter Senge, “The Fifth Discipline”
  12. 12. Oana Juncu @ojuncu The Threshold #Usefulness #Transform #Prototype #HowTo #Therapy #Purpose
  13. 13. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Liste d’ Exigences / Fonctionnalité s Valeur Durée Démo Durée Démo Durée Démo Planning Rétro Planning Planning RétroRétro Valeur incrémentée du Planning (3) The Intentional Product YES, we contribute ! #Purpose Operations The Business POQA Agile Shared Dream
  14. 14. Oana Juncu @ojuncu (3) The Intentional Product What is our shared dream ? Operations The PO #NoVision “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Friederich Nietzche
  15. 15. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Who will benefit from it ? The Intentional Product User Operations The PO #Usefulness
  16. 16. Oana Juncu @ojuncu The Intentional Product Experiment Operations The PO #Prototype Demo-Demo-Demo ! How visible is our contribution ?
  17. 17. Oana Juncu @ojuncu The Intentional Product Culture Refactoring #Transform leads to
  18. 18. Oana Juncu @ojuncu Manage Like a Pirate #Prototype 0.8 #Transform #ObserveTo Learn #CleanYour Agenda #ObserveWith Intention #JourneyToThe Edge
  19. 19. Oana Juncu @ojuncu From how to implement Agile to how to make the change we want to see happen ! Oana Juncu - an Agile Business DJ @ojuncu