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Improving Your Office Environment with Air Conditioning

Take a look at how you can improve your office environment by using air conditioning in the latest Oakland Group SlideShare presentation.

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Improving Your Office Environment with Air Conditioning

  1. 1. Improving Your Office Environment With Air Conditioning Presented By
  2. 2. In many modern day office environments air conditioning can still be considered a luxury, as some still believe that investing in an AC system is unnecessary and not worthy of the cost involved. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo How Can Air Conditioning Improve Your Business?
  3. 3. In actual fact, with modern day Heat Pump A/C systems, most customers make their money back in cost-savings within a very quick turnaround due to the renewable aspect of the Heat Pump mechanism providing ‘free heat’ from the outside air throughout the winter months. How Can Air Conditioning Improve Your Business? Besides this your business also experiences a wealth of benefits! Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo These consist of…
  4. 4. Environmental Improved carbon footprint Less power used to operate new AC systems Reduced energy consumption and wastage Significant decrease in carbon emissions Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  5. 5. Better Working Conditions Changeable cooling/heating and energy controls to meet staff preferences Instant temperature relief for your building; hot or cold Consistent, comfortable temperature levels for all staff and visitors Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  6. 6. Cost Savings Due to system improvements and innovations Maintenance costs involved are now very low, less in fact than they were 6 years ago. Low energy ventilation systems that require up to 70% less electricity to operate Low initial investment costs as customers can qualify for an interest free loan from The Carbon Trust and Salix Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  7. 7. So now we know the benefits of air conditioning, let’s look at what options are available for your business… Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  8. 8. Commercial Units Commercial installation is ideal for buildings that have larger workspace, for example: Shopping Malls Factories Industrial warehouses Supermarkets Leisure Centres Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  9. 9. Small-Scale Units Offices Small shops Converted offices School classrooms Commercial Atriums Server, Conference and AV rooms Small-scale units are perfect for premises with smaller space, for example: Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  10. 10. Wall Mounted Floor & CeilingCassette Style Small-Scale Units Here at Oakland, we have a number of small-scale units available to meet a variety of needs: You can find more products at:
  11. 11. Key Brands At Oakland, we work with a number of top-tier brands to bring our customers the latest, high-quality products on the market. All of our current AC systems are provided by:
  12. 12. How Oakland’s Service Can Help You At Oakland we promise to: Securely and professionally mount all units Supply and install pipework, wiring and insulation to the highest standards Ensure that all systems are optimised and operating at full efficiency Our team of air conditioning professionals have longstanding, reliable experience in designing and installing a broad variety of AC systems to meet the needs of any business, regardless of your size. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  13. 13. Air Conditioning Calculator Alternatively, you can register your interest by contacting us directly at If you’re interested in purchasing a new AC system then head over to the Oakland air conditioning calculator to get an idea of the costs involved in buying a new unit. Image courtesy of Bigstock Photo
  14. 14. Keen to find out more? Our skilled workforce is able to offer advice on the best systems available for your application, helping you every step of the way. If you would like to speak to any of our friendly expert technicians, please contact the Oakland Group today: 0800 542 2580 Oakland specialise in energy-efficient air conditioning solutions throughout the UK.