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OakX: The Data-Driven City Steve Spiker - Urban Strategies Council


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Published in: Technology, Education
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OakX: The Data-Driven City Steve Spiker - Urban Strategies Council

  1. 1. Data Driven Cities:An Oakland Experience Steve Spiker (GISP) Director of Research + Technology Urban Strategies Council @urbanstratoak @infoalameda @spjika
  2. 2. Urban Strategies Council… A social impact organization. 25 years based in Oakland! Social impact Civic innovation Applied research, data management and analysis.
  3. 3. Our Approach to Data Define the problem/need Review best practices, innovations elsewhereplan Identify potential data sources- public, private, scraped, MOUs Clean, process, geocode data: add value Perform analysis Communicate results Collect more data to evaluate the impact or success (feedback loops)
  4. 4. Foreclosures •Concerns raised by organizing partners •Purchased data since 2006 •Analyze, publish maps/data for community/policy
  5. 5. Foreclosures•Midway in crisis- no formalresponse..•Identify CLT as model to fit•City registration policy-doesnt stop foreclosures
  6. 6. Foreclosures •Data mining- private investors- new research- new response needed
  7. 7. Education Data•Research partnership with OUSD•Student level data- protected•Identify more than just schools-neighborhoods w issues
  8. 8. Absenteeism •Add more data to deepen understanding- reality=complex
  9. 9. Education Data •Predicting graduation with data
  10. 10. Public Services Data•211 insufficient: closed, outdated terminology•••Build tools for web- need training and promo•Next step: mobile tool for DPOs and teachers•Each agency collects, manages, uses data independently-huge duplication, massive differences.•OPEN system for county/city(Currently building an opensource resource directory tool)
  11. 11.•Data silos – gov and nonprofit•High demand/low funding for data/map requests•Web mapping and data viz to help people exploreand analyze•Downloads of raw data and geographical toempower other researchers, developers,policymakers
  12. 12.•Web based mapping platform•Data visualization•Full export of all data!•Platform for publishing research, data, maps•Built in partnership with ACPHD•Free- open to anyone•
  13. 13.•NNIP•Building shared indicator systems across 36 US cities•Sharing technology, methods, data collection tools•Multi city research•Multi-city data inventory•Opendata initiative
  14. 14. Thank you!Questions, concerns, excitement? @urbanstratoak@infoalameda