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The Benefits of Massage on Athletic Health and Performance


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Learn about the benefits of massage on athletic health and performance.

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The Benefits of Massage on Athletic Health and Performance

  1. The Benefits There are amazing physiological and psychological benefits to receiving a massage when you lead an active lifestyle!
  2. What is Massage? Massage is a natural practice for relieving pain and discomfort, and has been used instinctively since our earliest forms of civilization. -_ MASSAGE AND ATHLETICS ll . ‘ii Historically Present Day - Today athletes range from recreational walkers to 0 The existence of massage and sports goes back to the time of ancient Greece. professional competitors. All can enjoy the physiological Sports massage first became and psychological benefits popular in the U. S. after it was Of a massage! used in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
  3. Massage Improves N ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE |
  4. l Pre-Exertion Physiological Benefits By getting a massage before physical exertion, you may be doing your body a huge favor! HOW IT HELPS Prevents injuries Increases parasympathetic activity Increases (when massages are , range of motion received regularly) Decreases stress Decreases pain Decreases muscle hormones tension or spasm
  5. -L'~— r'-‘- - - n _ 1 ; ~~‘ » . T “ , . . .,-‘. ' , - 7 ~ 4 . . s I . , - . , D , . ___. ,/__-in I__‘: _3‘, “-q / ‘a _. »,. _{: .n? 3,, ~(«‘/ ‘?‘ 'r§fl . r,_ , f‘l‘: ?"~:1 I 4.. . ‘: «‘i‘fiir1). ,Ei s i‘ L ‘.4 ‘LU . ‘X(': ..--‘J «‘. .il“. ./til J I “L9 ll‘ KJL JlV; .«>il'i~. allL, /)L; _*/ .13 : ;;: »i'v. __4L 45.. .)“ ! .a_. § :31 '§,1' Intense training is associated with mental fatigue. Massage is the perfect way to counter that fatigue! Significant research has been done on the psychological benefits of massage, including: Overall well-being Anxiety Ca| mne55 reduction Mood improvement Improved state of mind Relaxation r L Understanding the benefits of massage can actually change the state of mind of the athlete. This can heighten the athlete's self-expectations and therefore heighten their actual performance.
  6. ; with the heel of the Massage Techniques to Optimize Athletic Health and Performance These highly effective sports massage techniques are used in a variety of combinations: Effleurage - elongated strokes hand to increase temperature and Vlb_"'f‘tl°“ ' _ _ _ relax tissues Tapotement ' eXCltlng and lnVlg0|'at| ng hacking, slapping, and the muscles, preparing cupping of muscles to them for the coming invigorate the tissues exertion Friction - T T heating the deep muscle Pe"is. sa9e- . . . * ' , 2'§i. ‘i. ‘Z?2,'i’. 'f2'r‘. '§i’r. ‘3f’. ”.-Z'. ‘a, i‘; ‘”. ¥?u'liiS kneading and lifting tissues to 5 mobmt ’ get to the deeper muscle tissues ' y
  8. Post-Exertion Physiological Benefits After a strenuous hike, intense workout, or tough competition, you want to make sure to take care of your body and give it the replenishment that it needs. Massages after your workout can result in: Supported recovery for heart rate variability Increased speed of recovery GI'OVVth Of new mitochondria (increasing muscle size) §
  9. Post-Exertion Psychological Benefits After all that activity, a massage can give your mind the perfect cleanse. Heightened sense of well-being Absolute relaxation Reduced anxiety Reduced heart rate Improved blood flow
  10. Massage Away Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness DOMS is pain that arises 24-72 hours after strenuous exercise that can persist anywhere from 5 to 7 days. Symptoms include: A . u K_‘ ', - . ,‘ I'll _i: i '-lI: - _ , , till ' I C -i $l "? lIIIl‘e‘-l. I.II_i‘1', ;,'J Decreased muscle endurance Solution: A targeted post-workout massage of 10-15 minutes can significantly reduce the symptoms of DOMS.
  11. Massage Statistics 16% of adult Americans received at least one massage in the measured year July 2012- July 2013. 32% of adult Americans who had a massage in the measured year received it for relaxation and stress reduction. w‘ 88% of people believe that massage can be an effective avenue for reducing pain. 43% of adult Americans who had a massage in the measured year received it for medical or health reasons such as pain management, soreness, stiffness, spasms, injury rehabilitation, or overall wellness.
  12. Be Kind to Your Body Intense exercise often decreases one’s performance capability until reverse actions have been taken and the damaged portions of the body are given the opportunity to heal.
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