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Babycontact Project Eng

  1. BabyContact Club Dancing moms and kids
  2. Once there were two girls who enjoyed dancing so much... Alfia Psychologist, Dance therapist Olga Director for internal communications, business trainer
  3. Ilya, Ruslan, Jul’08 Dec’07 That after they became moms…
  4. They kept on dancing… with kids! 4
  5. NTV Russian network: — They say you are dancing with small children, can we come and shoot you? Alfia & Olga: — Sure thing!
  6. Watch it on YouTube:
  7. And so we thought: why don’t we make it a club?
  8. And so we started meeting, first as a closed group…
  9. And then as an open one!
  10. What do we dance? Dance Contact Elements of improvisation improvisation dance therapy
  11. What’s in it for the moms?
  12. An opportunity to find your own dance
  13. Make time for your body
  14. Get back to shape after giving birth
  15. Become open in your movements
  16. Discover your body’s resources
  17. Create performances
  18. And in the meantime, the kids are...
  19. Communicating with each other
  20. Finding common language
  21. And points of contact
  22. Playing with mom
  23. Studying objects
  24. Doing gymnastics
  25. Just crawling enthusiastically
  26. On their own
  27. Or with mom
  28. BabyСontact helps to find new ways of contact
  29. With a child
  30. With other families
  31. In a dance
  32. Find new ways of moving with a child
  33. Discover new surprises
  34. And just be happy together!
  35. Would you like to dance with us? Olga Alfia Zotova Rakhmanova