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Assure method lesson plan.

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  1. 1. Katie Oxley 1/28/2016 ASSURE ASSIGNMENT A- The first grade classes that will be taught this lesson are a variety of 10 male and 7 female. The class is a few mixed ethnicities with 70% white, 20% African-American and 10% Latino. When teaching this lesson it is also important to change the materials according to the 7 students in the class who have mild to severe ADHD. S- By the end of the year, the students in the class will recite the ALL the months of the year and will chronologically list them with 90-100% accuracy. Students will review the months once a week throughout the whole year and look at the calendar daily to observe what day of the month it is. The students will know birthdays of fellow friends in the class. S- Only a few materials are needed to teach this lesson. A dry erase marker will be used to write birthdays of the week. A song can be played on a CD player or smartboard daily that lists the months in order. A list of the months could be displayed in the classroom as a visual for children as well.
  2. 2. U- The materials used for this lesson will include a dry erase calendar. Every week the class will check to see who has a birthday that week. If a student has their birthday that week they can write their name on the calendar. This makes the lesson relevant to them and they can reflect on it on a more personal level. Every day the students will sing a song that lists the months of the year. This allows the children to get in a daily routine of singing the months and can be used to transition into the day or morning lesson. Since students in the class have a harder time paying attention it is important to get them into a routine and give them time to fully understand the months in order. R- The months of the year will be used throughout that day when it comes time write the date on their papers. This is a small quick way to test what they remember and will be a key used throughout their lives. The song could also be played again at the end of the day to leave the students on a happy note as they exit the classroom for the day. E- To assess the students you can only do so much. While going over the birthdays on the calendar, each student will come up and write their birthday. The will have an easier time with this and can be easily assessed by how the remember their birthday and what months are around their birthday. Singing the song can be assessed by who is singing with everyone although, this does not show that they know the material because the student just might not want to sing. Assessing the students through the date on their paper will be used to show they are keeping up with the schedule of the year. The assessment s in the class require the teacher to know their students and be able to test them based off of what they know about each child’s ability.

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Assure method lesson plan.


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