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Hostile Subdomain Takeover
HST in a minute
● People register subdomains & point it to 3rd
 party apps/websites
● Github pages, Heroku, S3, AWS are so...
Interactive Session
Lets talk DNS & NameServers
● Check your DNS­configuration for 
subdomains pointing to services not in use.
● Keep your DNS­entries constantly...
Thanks To
● Prakhar Prasad (@prakharprasad)
● Detectify­
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Hostile Subdomain Takeover by Ankit Prateek


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Hostile Subdomain Takeover by Ankit Prateek @ Combined null Delhi and OWASP Delhi February 2017 Meetup

Published in: Technology
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Hostile Subdomain Takeover by Ankit Prateek

  1. 1. Hostile Subdomain Takeover
  2. 2. HST in a minute ● People register subdomains & point it to 3rd  party apps/websites ● Github pages, Heroku, S3, AWS are some examples ● Sometimes they migrate or stop using the feature and forget to  remove the name pointer ● An entry exists at nameserver pointing to a page ● Create an account and claim that page. ● Done!
  3. 3. #OkThxBye
  4. 4. Interactive Session Lets talk DNS & NameServers
  5. 5. DEMO
  6. 6. Defense ● Check your DNS­configuration for  subdomains pointing to services not in use. ● Keep your DNS­entries constantly vetted  and restricted.
  7. 7. Thanks To ● Prakhar Prasad (@prakharprasad) ● Detectify­ subdomain­takeover­using­ herokugithubdesk­more/