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OW2con'14 - Real time product review on the web, DocDoku


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The web standard technologies have evolved quickly the last few years and hence have opened a brand new range of features which were impossible before. If we had to choose the two standards that will have the biggest impact in the coming years we would probably select WebGL which brings true 3D capabilities to the browser and Web Sockets which offers full duplex communication with the server. During this session, I will not only tell how WebGL can help product manufacturers to work more efficiently or how Web Sockets can be leveraged to implement user to user communication, I will mainly explain how we can smartly mix the two together. Actually, this is what we did within our open source PLM platform. By combining both WebGL and Web Sockets API we were able to enhance our web digital mock-up viewer with real-time collaboration features that enable users to perform product models co-reviews across the web.

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OW2con'14 - Real time product review on the web, DocDoku

  1. 1. Real-time product design review on the web The project 3D on the Web Real-time web API Demo
  2. 2. The project Process Management PLM = Product Lifecycle Management 3 Bill of Materials Document Management Product Confguration Product Structure Change Management Data Visualization
  3. 3. Technologies 4 Modern and standard stacks Elasticsearch HTML5 Java EE 7 BackBoneJS NodeJS
  4. 4. 3D on the Web  Works on all modern browsers  Based on OpenGL ES 2.0  Many mature engines built on  2D frameworks start using WGL renderer  Even has low level API like Vertex and Pixel shaders 5 Web 3D, the point Interesting things we do  Delegate computation on server side using Node.js  Rely on Web Workers to parallelize algorithms
  5. 5. Real-time Web API 6 Real-time Web, the point  Server-Sent Events: one way messaging  Web Sockets: great but not really HTTP  WebRTC: awesome features: SRTP, STUN, TURN and ICE for NAT transversal  MediaStream API Interesting things we do  Contextual chat & video conference  Digital Mock-Up review
  6. 6. Demo 7
  7. 7. Florent Garin Co-founder & CTO Tel +335 61 72 24 09 Web Twitter @docdoku Find us Toulouse Immeuble Le Delphe 37 rue Lancefoc 31000 Toulouse