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OpenIO: Objet Storage and Grid for Apps


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OpenIO is an open source Object Storage software with strong technological assets.You will discover who we are and what we do. Come to learn how OpenIO can be on the basis of others OW2 solutions, delivering the storage with restful APIs. Our solution is performance oriented solution. Thanks to the Conscience technology, the solution is aware of all nodes on the platform, and selects the best ones to route requests in real time. You will never have to rebalance data when they add capacity on their platform. New nodes can just be used immediately and automatically, without any loss of performance. Another important point is the Grid for Apps technology. With OpenIO, you will be able to use the free CPU/Ram of the storage hardware to run services like data transcoding, antivirus analysis, or anything else, to get most of your platform.

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OpenIO: Objet Storage and Grid for Apps

  1. 1. 2015 Paris Open Source Summit Guillaume Delaporte
 Co-Founder & Product Manager
  2. 2. OpenIO What is OpenIO? Open Source Object Storage project For small to massive storage infrastructures New player in the market 2
  3. 3. OpenIO 3 2006 idea & 
 concept 2007 design
 dev starts 2009 1st massive
 production 2012 the project
 is open
 sourced 2014 10+ PB
 managed 2015 OpenIO
 fork I said new ?
  4. 4. OpenIO 4 20157 8 50 fellow co-founders years in the field million users launch
  5. 5. OpenIO Object Storage The right answer to massive storage needs Email, Cloud, Video, eSafe, BigData, Web Content For Telcos, Cloud Providers, Hosting Companies Multiple PetaBytes storage environments A clever solution than just basic storage capacity Open Source - Scalability - Linear performance 5
  6. 6. OpenIO Open Source 6
  7. 7. OpenIO technology highlights
  8. 8. OpenIO 8 Distributed Hash Tables Consistent Hashing Single name node • Good for few large files
 (large web indexes, nosql tables, …) • Bad for numerous small objects
 (emails,…) • Good for trillion of objects • Bad because of rebalancing of part of the data when adding capacity Existing technologies
  9. 9. OpenIO Pragmatic design Containers store locations of objects, 
 not objects 9 Containers … Data chunks … … Indirections
  10. 10. OpenIO • Collects metrics of each node • Computes node scores • Real time asynchronous process • Advanced load balancing:
 select the best nodes at a particular time route requests to them Conscience 10 Grid of nodes • Massively distributed • Each node takes part in directory & storage services • no SPOF - Resilient to node failures On-the-fly best matchmaking Grid & Conscience
  11. 11. References?
  12. 12. OpenIO Email use case A major French telco email platform 8PB - 20Gbps IN+OUT - 500+ nodes 8 billions of emails and attachments Strict SLA with defined response time on GET, PUT and DELETE ops No pain migration, hardware re-use More than email storage: Mailbox cache - Full text email indexation/Search - Consumer Cloud - Antivirus - Content transcoding 12
  13. 13. Why OpenIO?
  14. 14. OpenIO 4 key points Open source Available on GitHub, Licences AGPLv3/LGPLv3 From 0TB to 100+ PetaBytes No requirement in terms of initial capacity No rebalance No need to rebalance old data to make use of new storage nodes Grid for apps Unused CPU/RAM from your storage hardware used to run apps 14
  15. 15. OpenIO 15 >_ Amazon S3® OpenStack Swift® Optimized native APIs (Python, Go, C) Command line interface APIs
  16. 16. OpenIO Deploy in Production 16 Available Puppet templates for every OpenIO processes Automation toolPackage repositories Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 / CentOS 7 Fedora 21 / 22 Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04 - Debian 8 Jessie 1 2 3
  17. 17. OpenIO Start today! 17 Get the Vagrant box $ vagrant up Cheers!
  18. 18. OpenIO 18 3 avenue Antoine Pinay
 Parc d'Activité des 4 Vents
 59510 Hem @OpenIO OpenIO 180 Sansom Street, FI 4 San Francisco, 94104 CA FRANCE USA Follow-up
  19. 19.