Open Source and Standardization


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Open Source and Standardization

  1. 1. OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris. Open Source and Standardization Jamil Chawki, France Telecom Orange/RD
  2. 2. 1. Standard • Definition • Official bodies • Landscape 2. Open Source • Definition • Landscape 3. Open Source & Standard 4. Conclusion & Recommendation Outline OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  3. 3. Standard ● It’s Like a Blueprint: a set of rules to be used consistently as good principles, practices or guidelines to develop a products, services, technologies, processes and systems. ● Standards are an important part for telecommunication system, software, format, hardware, food, health and other manufacturing area. ● Standards ensure interchangeability, interoperability across multiple vendors and economies of scale. ● Some important Telecom & IT standards: ISDN, IN, Ethernet, ISO model, IP protocols, HTML, GSM, SMS, MPEG, WS…. ● IPR: 2 main Licenses (Fair) Reasonable And Non- Discriminatory RAND ‘with Patent Policy’ and Royalty-free OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  4. 4. Official ‘de jure ’ Standards bodies Organised at International, Regional and National levels 3 officially recognized by World Trade Organization : ISO, IEC, ITU International Regional (European) National (France) Agence Française de Normalisation Union Technique de l'Electricité International Standardization Organization International Electrotechnical Commission International Telecommunication Union Comité Européen de Normalisation Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique European Telecommunication Standards Institute 3GPP OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris. …and Regional Cooperation 3GPP
  5. 5. Standards & Consortia Landscape Task Force, Forum, Initiative, Alliance… OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  6. 6. Open Source ● It’s kind of implementation: Open source is considered as particular way of software development & distributing based on  …the access to software source code….  …and Copyleft & Right to redistribute, to modify, to re-use… ● Open Source IPR rule: a Software Copyrights Policy… ● Many licenses GPL, LGPL, BSD, Appache, SUN, IBM, Mozilla ● And different Business Models: ● Free ● Paid License ● Integration service fee ● Support service fee OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  7. 7. Open Source Landscape: Crowdsourcing ! OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  8. 8. Open Source & Standard (1) Some common objectives: ● Avoid vendor lock and improve Economies of scale ● Facilitate the establishment of ecosystem and cooperation between different industry players ● Ensure interoperability and efficient development Model ● An implementation & testing way to accelerate the adoption of standard ● Open Source can contribute to new Standards emergence (APIs for Linux, plugins for Eclipse or Firefox….) Some conflicts ● Open Source License model can be in conflict with standard patent policy ● Maturity and software distribution can not be in phase with Standard evolution and releases OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  9. 9. & Cooperation: some Open Source implementations for Standard 1. IETF IP: TCP/ IP, in 1989 AT&T agreed to open the TCP/IP code developed for UNIX system at University of Berkeley 2. IETF DNS, DHCP, SSL/TLS, : BIND-DHCP/ISC & Open SSL 3. JCP/JEE As: OW2/JOnAs first J2EE Open Source As 4. IMS 3GPP/ETSI: Core IMS developed by Fokus Institute community and Android IMS 5. Broadband Forum TR069 CPE Management Client: Modus work on Java/OSGi & published by France Telecom 6. UPnP : 10 implementations for SDK, Internet GW, Device Management & AV 7. OASIS & ISO Open Document Format ODF: 20 Open Source implementations OpenOffice, NeoOffice, Zoho… 8. W3C HTML-5: Webkit DVB/ETSI: DVB-H Client ….. Open Source & Standard (2) OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  10. 10. JOnAS is the first Open Source Java EE Application Server developed by OW2 community: Bull, France Telecom, INRIA, Beijing University.. ● JOnAS 4 in 2004 : first Open Source JCP/J2EE 1.4 certified ● JOnAS 5 in 2009 : first OpenSource Java EE 5 OSGi based certified (JOnAs 6 under JavaEE6 certification) ● License and support: LGPL license and supported by Bull (~1 million) ● Telecom integration: Convergence with vendors SIP layers ● Implementations: JOnAS is integrated in Ubuntu 11.04 and Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and implemented by France Telecom Orange, D&C, French Administration (Ministère de l'intérieur, MEEDDAT..) ● Link with other OW2 project: JASMINe tool for deploying and monitoring Java EE, MOM and SOA applications ● Other JCP Open Sources : RedHat Jboss, SUN/Oracle Glassfish… JCP: OW2 JOnAs success story OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  11. 11. Conclusion & Recommendation.. ● Standard is a blueprint developed in a ‘de jure’ organizations & Consortia with IPR including patent policy ● Open Source is a way of software development & distribution in collaborative community: a major driver for software innovation  Implementing Open Source can accelerate standard adoption & the emergence of new standard ● Increasing cooperation and coordination between Standard Organizations and Open Source Communities is required :  To push Open Source implementation and testing in different standardization organizations  To promote Open Source International Organization recognized by International and Regional institutions  To improve licenses model for better IPR infringement OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.