Kalimucho Project Use Cases


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Kalimucho Project Use Cases

  1. 1. • Paris POSSIBLE INDUSTRIAL • Biarritz USE CASES OF KALIMUCHO1 Marc Dalmau, Philippe Roose LIUPPA / University of Pau - France1 Kalitatea means « Quality » in Basque language, Mucho means « a lot » en Spanish language : A lot of Quality !
  2. 2. Examples of scenarios Scenario A : Execution without any problem Scenario B : 1 user with a low battery Scenario C : 1 new user
  3. 3. What does Kalimucho stands for ? (1/2) It is a service based software platform allowing to solve many problems :  Dynamic Application [re-]deployment on mobile devices (smartphones, tablet, PC, etc.).  Hot reconfigurations : ie. Reconfiguration without stoping the application  Whatever the reason is (functional/energy/hardware/user oriented requirements)  Information transfert between software components  With hot adaptations of data (completion, format, modality, etc.)  Without gateway management (automatic route selection)
  4. 4. What does Kalimucho stands for ? (2/2)  But also…  Short-lived Installation/Deployment on temporal devices.  When the application is shuted down, deployed components are « undeployed/destroyed »  Access to non-resident application/service  Ad’hoc installation/deployment according to current needs, without any user operation, without « [android-]market » or « any app-store »
  5. 5. Example of adaptations requirements • User Contextual adaptations • User wishes new functionalities, wishes new requirements • Motor handicap adaptation • User preferences (evolving dynamically), skill increasement, etc. • Harware Contextual adaptation • « on the fly » Multimedia data adaptation to mobile devices (interactions, display, light, etc.) • format format adaptation between 2 uncompatible devices • Automatic completion : tagging a picture with the GPS position of another device • Power/CPU/bandwitdh : delocalization of processes in order to save low level battery or to lighten CPU or to avoid networks congestions
  6. 6. How running Kalimucho and its applications Before all  Download Kalimucho on a market (free) Vendor Specific Application/Deployment Kalimucho  Download Target Application Description (free/private)  Or being a neighbour of a device hosting a Kalimucho platform  Availability : o via a website (download) o on a market o via a vendor-specific terminal with various connections : bluetooth, wifi, 3G, etc.
  7. 7. Pervasive Applications focusing on Territory Discovery• Exemples of Territory Discovering Oriented Applications • Discovery of cultural heritage • European Project (pending) • Nature trail • City tour • with thematics or ad’hoc orientations • Parcs (botanics, zoo, etc.) • Current ANR MOANO Project
  8. 8. Context Relaxation I’M TIRED… Kalimucho can help you ! With a classical situation, it is difficult I WANT TO EAT to find the nearest seat ? ME TOO !Parents with childs are visiting themark. Children are tired and want tosit down and to eat. Where are Where canrelaxing places ? I sleep ? 120m 312m Seats Chairs Tent Overview Map Augmented Reality Mode Seats are fixed whereas tents are continuously moved (according to events)
  9. 9. Recreational activity It’s time to ask help to myDaddy, I want smartphone / tablet !to play to a OK, if you gogame !! down of my back Is there games ? If yes, where are they A child to do walk a ? What are the available games ? lot…quick ! Jeux Enfants Adultes With my tablet, I can have an additional augmented reality mode…
  10. 10. Tourism & Multimodality• City tour • Guidance according to preferences • including physical disability • Focus on local (space, time or thematic) events • Access to mobility multimodality • Bus, bicycle, walking, car, all
  11. 11. Alarming• Accident management + When batterie Low => Continuity of the application Dynamic reconfiguration (hardware adaptation) Accompanying Adult - Takes pictures/video of dammages - Injured persons - Receives instructions Map of bombers/help Intervention Involved organisations
  12. 12. Social • Creation of « on demand » spontaneous communities I’m on Hollydays in the Basque Country I do an exhibition in the Basque Country since 15th of July to the 31st every thuesday of July I’ll be in the Basque Country in September for the Indian Summer I live in the Basque Country
  13. 13. How to get Kalimucho• On OW2 • http://forge.ow2.org/projects/kalimucho• Open source• Implemented with Java on : • PC (Windows/Unix) • Android platforms (Smartphones, Tablets)
  14. 14. How to contribute Kalimucho• Download Kalimucho • Follow the turorial dedicated the run the demo • available on http://forge.ow2.org/projects/kalimucho • Run the demo • Reports for (eventual) bugs• Implementation • Follow the tutorial for developpers • Reports for (eventual) bugs • Make components available for all (enrich the repository)• Looking for firms • Developing specific applications for Kalimucho
  15. 15. Conclusion • Results of several PhD Thesis • Open source platform for mobile devices • Java (PC with Windows/Linux) • Android (Smartphones - HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. , Tablets : Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.) • Apple (iOS) Iphone/Ipad : not for the moment • Very flexible (migration, replacement, dynamic reconfigurations, etc.) • Easy ! • To develop specific components • Specific framework available (component/connector model) • To deploy new component based applications • Natural deployment language
  16. 16. Any questions ? Kalimucho2• Marc Dalmau & Philippe Roose • LIUPPA / IUT de Bayonne / University of Pau• Sophie Laplace (2006), Emmanuel Bouix (2007), Christine Louberry (2010) • Ex-PhD Students• Cyril Cassagnes (Engineer) 2 KaliMucho is also a famous beverage made of red wine and cola usually drank in parties like “San Fermines in Pampelune (Spain) & Fêtes de Bayonne”