Dev 2.0 @ OW2: from forge to distributed developer's services, OW2con'12, Paris


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OW2 has traditionally provided an infrastructure based on Subversion and GForge. However, software development is evolving toward a more distributed, social, flexible, and lean process. This talk presents how OW2 is embracing this new trend and the new tools and possibilities offered for your OW2 project.

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Dev 2.0 @ OW2: from forge to distributed developer's services, OW2con'12, Paris

  1. 1. Dev 2.0 @ OW2 Clément Escoffier Christophe Hamerling Guillaume Sauthier
  2. 2. From forge to distributed developers services DaaS - Development as a Service ;)
  3. 3. The Ancient Ages When I was a child ...
  4. 4. GForge● Objectweb was a forerunner ○ All in one integrated solution ■ CVS and a Web view ■ Bug Tracker ■ File management ■ Syndication ■ Mailing list ■ Role management ○ LDAP management
  5. 5. Up to now● GForge enhancement ○ Moved from CVS to SVN ○ JSPWiki● Progressive integration: ○ JIRA, Bamboo, Fisheye ○ XWiki ○ Gitorious ○ Nexus ○ Jabber
  6. 6. So far, so good● Centralized workflow ○ I work in my place and commit to the reference ○ Project team is clearly defined● But ○ Tools are scattered all around the place ■ Management became difficult ○ Tools are not unified (but sometimes are) ■ Multiple user account to manage ○ Contribution Wall too high
  7. 7. A New Hope The world has changed
  8. 8. Development is going "social"● Introduction of DVCS ○ Git / Mercurial ○ Everyone has the source repository at home ○ Everyone can become the reference point ○ There can even be multiple "trusted" references ○ Workflow schema is open
  9. 9. Development is going "social"● Clone / Fork ○ Fork is no more a swear word ○ More clone is better, means more contributors ○ Contribution re-integration (merge) is super easy
  10. 10. Development is going "social"● Merge / Pull Requests ○ Working in isolation is great, but sharing is the final objective ○ Mean of contributing back without losing control or credit
  11. 11. Everyone wants to be friends● Twitter / Facebook ○ Individually subscribe to sources of interest (other devs, ...)● Recent tools incorporates a social aspect ○ Follow someone in a Wiki and be notified when he/she changes a page ○ Follow diverse activities● There is no community, there are communities
  12. 12. Putting it all together One vision
  13. 13. Open-Source paradise Provides a better development experience Enhanced / faster feedback Efficiency, productivity, quality Easier contribution process Integrable
  14. 14. Contribution Process Contributors Team members Pull request(s) Discussions Clone Push CI Central Repo Feedback SQuAT
  15. 15. Quality / Support Process Code Quality Socialization Code Documentation Project Fossology Project Documentation OW2 Good Citizenship
  16. 16. Question(s)
  17. 17. Thank you !Clément Escoffier (Arrow-Group) @clementplopChristophe Hamerling (Linagora) @charmerlingGuillaume Sauthier (Peergreen) @sauthieg
  18. 18. Resources Old stuff
  19. 19. Development Process (auto?) merge Gerrit commit build status Git CI Repo feedback
  20. 20. Contribution Process Contributors Team members Pull request(s) Clone Push Central