Collaborating with Open Source in the Cloud era, OW2con'12, Paris


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Collaborating with Open Source in the Cloud era, OW2con'12, Paris

  1. 1. Collaborating with Open Source in the Cloud era Frederic Aatz Open Software Initiative Microsoft France Alfonso Castro Open Solutions Group Microsoft Corp.
  2. 2. Play well Listen to Open in with others customers the Cloud
  3. 3. Microsoft + Open Source Momentum In a single year, OSS apps on Windows grew by more than 400% Microsoft WebMatrix 350,000 + 80,000 2009 2010 • 28,000 Open 23 of the top 25 most downloaded 23/25 Source projects OSS projects run on >1M • 300,000+ Windows downloads registered usersSource: Geeknet
  4. 4. Microsoft + Linux• Linux runs as a frst-class guest on Windows Server Hyper-V• Develop apps for both Linux and Windows (CoApp) “Microsoft is playing quite• Supported on Windows Azure Virtual nicely with Linux and Machines (CentOS, openSUSE, SUSE, Ubuntu) other open source tools. “ -Robert McMillan, Wired Enterprise
  5. 5. Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical – June 7 th 2012““Microsoft has built an impressive new entrant to theInfrastructure-as-a-Service market, and Ubuntu is there forcustomers who want to run workloads on Azure that are best suitedto Linux.”“The team leading Azure has a sophisticated understanding ofUbuntu and Linux in general.”
  6. 6. Open Source groups at Microsoft Open Software Initiative Open Product Open OpenTechnologie Groups Source Solutions s (Azure, SQL Technology Group Server, etc.) CenterCommunities Technology Code Business contribution
  7. 7. Open Solutions Group Focus and Customers Works on behalf of customers with partners, competitors, and communities in the open-source space to develop unified solutions for mixed-source environmentsOUR FOCUS Subset of 900+ Customers WorldwideMIXED-SOURCE DATA CENTERSVIRTUALIZATION of Linux on Hyper-VSYSTEMS MANAGEMENT of LinuxSupport for LINUX OPERATING SYSTEMWindows and Linux HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SOLUTIONSPRIVATE CLOUD and PUBLIC CLOUD + 7
  8. 8. Why Microsoft and SUSE Alliance? CHOICE INTEROPERABILITY OPENNESS DOING TOGETHER WHAT NOCUSTOMERS COME FIRST SINGLE VENDOR CAN DO MOVING IT FORWARD, YOUR WAY ALONE§ Investments maximized for § Collaboration from data § Consolidation, better economics center to cloud simplification, and better management for your mixed§ Best of both Linux and § Unified solutions replace environment Windows® technology silos § Processes and protocols that§ Emphasis on innovation § First-class support for mixed work across cloud environments infrastructure § Deep monitoring of mixed- source applications 8
  9. 9. Extending Microsoft’s Private CloudBy fully supporting the Windows and Linux environmentAu Customer-Facing Self-Service Portalto Monitoring Provisioning Configuration Data Protectionmat Exposed Web Services—Fully Configurable UIioM Windows and Open-Source StacksnixedI Directory®n Activefras Servers Storage Network Load-Balancingtructure
  10. 10. Adding the Public Cloud dimension Keeping consistency across the Windows and Linux environmentA Customer-Facing Self-Service Portalu t Monitoring Provisioning Configuration Data Protectionom Exposed Web Services—Fully Configurable UIaMti Windows and Open-Source Stacksoixned I Directory® Activenfra Servers Storage Network Load-Balancingstruc tu re
  11. 11. Collaboration Summary Why Microsoft and SUSE Alliance? FAR REACHING COLLABORATION Full set of cross-platform offeringsCUSTOMERS WIN GLOBAL PRESENCE COST SAVINGSCustomers gain the More than Building on a baseBEST 30 of 5+ years continuing a customer-focusedof both worlds COUNTRIES partnership where customersWORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS IMPROVING LINUX TOGETHER saved 100s of MILLIONS of800+and counting… Microsoft® and SUSE among the TOP 20 DOLLARS code contributors to Linux 3.0 kernel 11