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Bull Open Source Feedback OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris


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Published in: Technology
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Bull Open Source Feedback OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris

  1. 1. Open Source - FeedbackBoris Auché, Head of Strategy & Marketing,Business Integration Solutions
  2. 2. Digital revolution: a changing world COMPUTING POWER PLANTS THE INTERNET OF THINGS Explosion in Transition to ‘as a Development of Consumerization and computing service’ provision business computing M2M requirements Cloud and BPO: in Business processes By 2020 50 billion devices 1 Zettabyte of data in 2010, response to ever bigger increasingly computerized. 5% will be connected. 40 in 2020, 300x network infrastructures and need of IT spend current business- Embedded systems, traffic, towards Exaflop to manage complexity oriented. 30% in 2016 mobility, social networks Increasingly major challenges: security and sovereignty Bull vision2 ©Bull, 2011
  3. 3. Digital revolution: market in transformation Specialists in mission-critical systems (Bull’s territory) B2B Critical importance Integrators & business operators Integrated mega-suppliers Providers of ‘commodity Infrastructures B2C B2C mega-players Infrastructures Business services THREE STRONG TRENDS Vertical integration | Hourglass effect | Sovereignty BULL’S POSITIONING: European leader in mission-critical digital systems High performance High security High-end Made-to-measure3 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  4. 4. Mastering value chain for critical processes From infrastructures to business applications: design, build and operate powerful and trusted solutions Cyberdefense e-Government e-Banking Mobiles services Smart Grid Smart transportation Computer maker Integrator / Outsourcer Service provider Solution provider Security provider and operator #1 in Europe #1 in Europe Key player worldwide #1 in Europe Manage explosion in Support shift Drive digital Guarantee processing needs towards Cloud transformation trust INNOVATE OPTIMIZE INTEGRATE SECURE - Digital simulations - Consulting - Consulting, - Information security - TP/BD/BI appliances - Server, storage and - Integration - Sites security - Virtualization servers network integration - Application maintenance - Critical systems security - Cloud containers - Outsourcing & Cloud - Business solutions - Homeland security4 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  5. 5. Facts & Figures - Open Source contribution to the software industry : €12 Billion - France : 50% of total Europe developers - 40% IT penetration in France - 15% Gvt IT budget on Open Source based platforms - +30% versus 2009 - €10 Million dedicated to supporting Open Source initiatives5 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  6. 6. Open Source World has changed Challenges mentioned (quotes) • Availability of after sales service. • Cost • Documentation • We have to upgrade our systems and applications frequently. Is this • Feasibility of OSS with current applications • Information security • Lack of expertise for implementation of OSS still valid ? • OSS are difficult to manage • OSS are not excessively advertise. • OSS require fast implementation to en-cash its benefits. • Lack of expertise both internally and externally • Reliability of OSS • Software maintenance Base: 102 Senior Business & IT Executives involved in the decision making for open source software technology and related services in large enterprises. Western European OSS Online Survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by BULL, September 20086 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  7. 7. Where is Open Source now ? Everywhere - « Open Source inside » - Who has no offer ? - How to differentiate ? - Who cares ? Hype is over Reality now Disillusions7 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  8. 8. Pro’s and Con’s, Not so different - Open Source industry market goes professional - Enterprise editions - Services offer portfolio - Lack of business apps - Cost effectiveness - Governance, licensing is complex - Easy to deal with - Robustness & performance - Free access to the code is not a driver - Commercial Open Source, Proprietary solutions = the same !8 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  9. 9. Still strong values - IT, from Integration services to - Adaptability consumerization services - Is Software AG well known in - Worldwide spread Asia ? - Test & Go - Fast cycle - « What about these €300K if - Innovation booster my project fails ? » - « 4000 euros at minima to - Simplification publish a single RFP » - « 70% of my budget has been - Local business irrigation spent locally »9 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  10. 10. Good news - Open Source specialists, community solutions, much better Openess is a accepted by Business behaviour departments - Open Source advocates better work Collaborative is and integrate the future development teams10 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  11. 11. Lessons we share - Customers buy - Open Source delivers business value technology - Open Source software - Hidden costs stacks bring Complexity - From community to - Pay for the best business - Contribution is a cost - Who is willing to pay for it ?11 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  12. 12. What about Open Source at Bull INDUTRIALIZATION REPLICATION FOCALIZATION HPC Offer alignment Less is better Sces Delivery Cters Leverage Busines value Software support Packaging Strategic Be prepared for the Cloud12 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  13. 13. From Middleware to Cloudware Business focus Future-proofing Sovereignty Security13 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision
  14. 14. Our values and commitment Innovation excellence Agility Trusted partnership Our proven know-how: design, build Our approach: combine power of large Our people DNA: client-driven and run high-end systems to help you group and agility of start-up to build team spirit, and large partner run your critical, strategic business, custom, made-to-measure solutions to ecosystem, to build trusted, with technology supremacy and solve your specific challenge in sovereign solutions to your most business excellence uniquely efficient way strategic business challenges European leader in mission-critical digital systems14 ©Bull, 2011 Bull vision