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Rg course map


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Rg course map

  1. 1. Course Map - Gives an ‘at a glance’ overview of the course or module across four dimensionsRebecca Galley, OULDI Project Officer, IET, Open University
  2. 2. Three principles…• The use of • Mechanisms to • The development ofrepresentational encourage the empirical researchframeworks as a sharing and and conceptual toolsmeans of describing discussing of to help guide thelearning activity learning and decision-making teaching ideas process 2
  3. 3. The Course Map- Gives an ‘at a glance’ overview of the course or module across four dimensions
  4. 4. Course aspects facilitation cards- Includes 50 cards and some blank ‘jokers’. The card set can be used to supportdesign thinking and decision making about what the core course features, andsupports completion of the Module Map representation. • Mediates early, creative design discussion •Makes implicit ‘hunches’ about core features more explicit •Reveals how far there is shared consensus about the what the course will be like, and where the differences are across the team •Stimulates thinking about new (for the designer) tools and approaches •Produces a sketchy overview of what the course will be like
  5. 5. Activity: 10 mins1. In teams of 4(ish) sift through the card set and sort the cards into 3 piles Yes (a Yes/ No/ not core poss (not relevan feature) a core t feature)9. Agree on no more than 15 cards that you and your team feel describe the core features of the MOOC11. Once agreed, sort these 15 cards in to colour groups
  6. 6. Balancing the curriculum: 10 mins 4. Have a look at your cards. Are any colour of cards missing? If so, what might be the impact on the Support and Content and MOOC experience? Guidance Experience 5. Make any changes to your 12 as required 6. Use blu-tac to fix your chosen cards to the A3 Dimensions sheets on the wall. CommunicationReflection and 7. How far is there and agreement across theDemonstration Collaboration workshop? What are the key features, and what might need revisiting later?
  7. 7. Activity summary to camera: 7 min1. Allocate team roles. – A team representative to summarise your team’s design discussion and anything of note. – An interviewer to ask prompt questions if required – Someone to film a 5 min summary• Create your 5 min film (please note this film will be uploaded to the projects YouTube channel and embedded in the activity Cloud