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Poster 031109


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Poster 031109

  1. 1. a place to share, find and discuss learning and teaching ideas<br />Gráinne Conole, Juliette Culver, Rebecca Galley,Giota Alevizou, Nick Freear, Patrick McAndrew, Simon Cross, Paul Mundin, Andrew Brasher<br />homepage<br />cloud<br />Clouds<br />Learning & teaching ideas<br />Designs & case studies<br />Resources & tools<br />Questions & debates<br />Open reviews<br />Cloudscape<br />A collection of clouds for a <br />Conference, workshop, <br />community or student cohort<br />cloudscape<br />cloudscapes<br />user profile<br />Features<br />Social networking for learning & teaching<br /> Add links, references and embed images and video<br /> Clouds as ‘social objects’<br /> Focus around community needs<br /> Follow people and cloudscapes<br /><br />