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Cloudworks leafletv2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Cloudworks leafletv2

  1. 1. More information The site currently has ca.2000 registered users and over 45,000 unique visitors from 160 different countries. Cloudworks is being developed by the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University. It is part of the Open University Learning Design Initiative and is funded by both JISC and The Open University. What is Cloudworks? Cloudworks is a place for people interested in sharing, finding and discussing educational ideas and experiences. Who is it for? Anyone with an interest either formally or informally in education. You don’t have to be an experienced educator or social networker to use the site. The For a simple video introduction go to target audience is practitioners in HE and FE (e.g. lecturers, educational technologists, librarians, accessibility officers, managers and policy makers etc) although the site may also be of interest to other educational sectors. What can I use it for? Asking a question Discussing a problem Sharing an idea or experience Collecting related resources together Showcasing your work Finding inspiration
  2. 2. A Cloud is an idea, question, tool or activity Tags are keywords assigned to Clouds, Click here for more related to learning and teaching. Cloudscapes and people. Click here for a list . info about the site. A Cloudscape is a Click to see, and add to, a Search for people by Finding your way around collection of Clouds. list of events and key dates. name or institution. Click here to Particularly quickly and easily interesting or set up a Cloud active Your Name (new Clouds can Cloudscapes are be edited or even featured here. If deleted so don’t you would like to be afraid to have a suggest a go). Cloudscape, please contact the team. Click on the drop- down arrow by your name to A Cloudstream is access this a list of activity. shortcuts list. This is the Cloudstream for the site but you Use this list to find can also see the Clouds with Cloudstreams for the most recent yourself or a activity. particular RSS feeds can be set up for Cloudscape. most pages on the site.