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Oklahoma place making leinberger


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Oklahoma place making leinberger

  1. 1. Walkable  Urbanism  Place  Making:  What  it  Means  to  Oklahoma  h7p://  
  2. 2. “See the USA in your Chevrolet”
  3. 3. 3rd Version of the American Dream:Option of Walkable Urban OR Drivable Sub-Urban
  4. 4. VMT  Trends  1970-­‐2012  US  PIRG  &  FronLer  Group,  2012  Decline  from  2004  peak  by  6%  on  average;  the  young  (16-­‐34)  declined  by  23%  since  2001      
  5. 5.    Santa Fe, NM
  6. 6. Arlington  Starts  Transforms  in  1980s:  Rail  Transit,  Overlay  Zoning  &  Mgmt  Same  Place  Today    1980s:  Ex-­‐Sears  Stores    Two  blocks  north  and  south,  single  family  housing  that  is  highest  priced  in  Arlington  on  $/foot  basis:  Best  of  Two  Worlds  10%  of  the  land=50%+  of  government  revenues  Among  best  schools  in  Country…new  housing  has  0.4  per  unit    
  7. 7. Christopher  B.  Leinberger  Land  use  strategist,  developer,  author,  researcher,  professor  (  •  The  Opon  of  Urbanism;  Invesng  in  a  New  American  Dream,  Island  Press,  2008  •  The  Next  Slum?,  The  AtlanLc  Monthly,  March,  2008    •  Here  Comes  the  Neighborhood,  The  AtlanLc  •  “The  Death  of  the  Fringe  Suburbs”,  New  York  Times,  November  26,  2011  •  “Now  Coveted,  A  Walkable  Convenient  Place”,  New  York  Times,  May  25,  2012