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"Tactical Urbanism" or Vandalism


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"Tactical Urbanism" or Vandalism

  1. 1. HAMILTON, ONTARIO Amber Conwell ARCH 4970, Spring 2014
  2. 2. The Doors Open Hamilton, celebrates the city’s best urban structures
  3. 3. Graham McNally Local Hamilton architect Mike Lydon author of the Tactical Urbanism and a principal at The Streets Plans Collaborative
  4. 4. April 18, 2013 Hamilton- Burlington Society of Architects & Mike Lydon brainstormed several inexpensive ways to make improvements to problematic streets throughout the city
  5. 5. Main St. & King St. Temporary traffic signs Cannon St. & Mary St. Temporary crosswalk painted Locke & Herkimer St. Temporary bump-outs
  6. 6. May 1, 2013 Surrounding Intersection: St. Joseph Elementary Historical Church Shops Problems: Busy intersection Four-way stop Faded cross walks Rush hour traffic Solution: Temporary bump-outs Locke & Herkimer St.
  7. 7. Locke & Herkimer St. I asked the long-time crossing guard what she thought of the project. With immediate enthusiasm, she said, “I like it!” The guard did not know who had installed the cones or why, but she was highly supportive, saying it makes the corner a lot safer. The traffic calming “really controls the traffic. It was getting scary,” she said, noting that the bump-outs force the cars to slow down instead of racing aggressively through the intersection
  8. 8. “illegal, potentially unsafe and adding to the City’s costs of maintenance and repair”
  9. 9. response to the Council: (which included a copy of Tactical Urbanism Vol. 2) that explained what their intentions were and left a final note to the Council stating, “Perhaps the most important part of tactical urbanism, however, is that it is about doing. We would welcome any opportunity to sit down with interested Councilors and staff to discuss how Tactical Urbanism can improve our city.”
  10. 10. the faded memory of where the orange cones use to stand on the intersection of Locke and Herkimer, are now replaced by newly painted bump-outs and crosswalks with white pylons
  11. 11. 1.Calm 2.reclaim 3.recreate Amber Conwell ARCH 4970, Spring 2014