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Crisis comm #2


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Crisis comm #2

  1. 1. SNC-LAVALINCrisis Review
  2. 2. SNC-Lavalin Founded in 1911 by Arthur Surveyer Based in Montreal, Canada Serves as an engineering, procurement, and construction firm. Has contracts worldwide and is one of the largest engineering firms in the world. Vision: To maintain and strengthen its core business to develop new skills and activities, and to respond to the changing needs of clients and market.
  3. 3. SNC-Lavalin Crisis November 2011 Cyndy Vanier was arrested in Mexico due to allegations of trying to smuggle the Gaddafi son into the country. Hired by former Vice Presidents of SNC- Lavalin
  4. 4. SNC-Lavalin Crisis February 2012: Two Vice Presidents fired for not complying with Code of Ethics February 2012: Investigation to find the reasoning behind $35 million of unaccounted money. March 2012: Vainer linked to SNC-Lavalin March 2012: CEO Pierre Duhaime resigned. March 2012: Former VP Ben Aissa arrested in Switzerland for fraud and ties to Libyan scandal.
  5. 5. Former Vice President and CEO
  6. 6. SNC-Lavalin Response Very reactive instead of proactive. Mostly consisted of Press Releases, Tweets linking back to articles, and comments to the media. Never acknowledged Cyndy Vanier in a press release and her ties did not rise to the surface until executives were fired. Representatives insist that the company does not support illegal or unethical behavior.
  7. 7. Media Response Very critical response to SNC-Lavalin One article attacked the leadership of the organization saying that they did not ask the proper questions. Another article in the Canadian National Post ripped the company a part for not handling the Vanier situation.
  8. 8. Stakeholder Response Investors suing SNC-Lavalin for $1.5 billion The shareholder contribution has gone down in the past year. Stakeholders are concerned with ethics and reputation of company. Regaining support from investors will be a long road for SNC-Lavalin.
  9. 9. Recommendations Transparent Communication  Be honest.  Do not seem like you are trying to keep secrets.  Being completely honest may hurt the company a lot at first but trying to hide information will hurt worse in the end when it comes to the surface. Think about the future  We try to fix situations in the present but end up hurting ourselves in the future.