Application-Driven Virtualization: Architectural Considerations


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Application-Driven Virtualization technologies offer new capabilities for optimizing data centers and enabling new IT operating models. This session will review the architectural strategies for getting the most of virtualization technology in a cloud environment.

(As presented by Ken Ellis at Oracle Technology Network Architect Day in Chicago, October 24, 2011.)

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Application-Driven Virtualization: Architectural Considerations

  1. 1. Oracle Server Virtualization Overview:Application-Driven VirtualizationKen EllisSales Consultant – Linux and
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Agenda• Integrated System Strategy at Oracle• Virtualization at Oracle• Oracle Virtual Machine 3.0 Update • Considerations for Application Driven Virtualization • Optimizing Availability, Performance, Scalability and Reducing Costs• Deploying Enterprise Applications Quickly and Easily• Q&A
  4. 4. Oracle StrategyComplete, Open, Integrated Systems Customer Benefits: • Open and standards-based • Innovation delivered faster • Better performance, reliability, security • Shorter deployment times • Easier to manage and upgrade • Lower cost of ownership • Reduced change management risk • One-stop support • Reduced down time
  5. 5. Virtualization Product Strategy Making Software Easier toDeploy, Access, Manage, & Support 5
  6. 6. Oracle Virtualization StrategyDesktop To Data Center Virtualization• Virtualization offers key cost savings benefits • Server consolidation • Lower energy, facility and labor costs• Oracle’s virtualization strategy offers much more • Most comprehensive desktop to data center product portfolio • Integrated management of the full hardware and software stack from applications to disk • Integrated support• Virtualization that makes software easier to deploy, easier to manage, and easier to support • Not Virtualization for Virtualization’s Sake
  7. 7. Oracle Virtualization Industry’s Most Complete Product Line SERVER VIRTUALIZATION DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION • Oracle VM Server for x86 • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) • Sun Ray Clients • Oracle Solaris Containers • Oracle Secure Global Desktop • Dynamic Domains • Oracle VM VirtualBoxThe Full Application Stack… …Delivered End-to-End.
  8. 8. Oracle Virtualization End-to-End, Application to Disk Solutions Siebel Contact Center Oracle Enterprise Manager E-Delivery • Enterprise applications WORK Siebel • Industry applications Oracle Sun Ray Client Solaris / Linux CRM / Windows VMs Solaris Linux HOME Oracle VDIOracle VM Oracle Virtual Desktop ClientTemplates Oracle VM Sun Servers &Assemblies MOBILE Sun Servers & Storage Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Your Datacenter Your Users SERVER VIRTUALIZATION DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION Provision the Full Stack… …Provision the Users
  9. 9. Oracle VM for x86 Better, Full-StackApplication Management
  10. 10. Architecture Considerations for Application DrivenVirtualization• Leverage Standards• Allocate Resources Dynamically• Availability• Management• Security• Performance• Compliance 10
  11. 11. Optimizing Availability, Performance, Scalabilityand Reducing Costs• HA Approaches • Infrastructure • Application Tier • Database• Performance & Scalability • Enhancements at Hypervisor and Management • Dynamic Changes• Reducing Costs • Templates • Operationally Focused 11
  12. 12. What is Oracle VM?• Oracle VM is server virtualization software which fully supports both Oracle and non-Oracle Applications.• Oracle VM includes two components : • Oracle VM Server • Oracle VM Manager• Freely downloadable, freely redistributable and usable.• Each VM consists of an operating system and a predefined set of resources from the hardware called a domain.• Oracle VM Manager includes easy-to-use, rich, graphical interface for managing virtual server pools, running on x86 based systems.
  13. 13. What is New in Oracle VM 3.0• Improved Scalability and Performance • Oracle VM can support physical servers totaling up to physical 160 CPUs and 2TB memory and 128 virtual CPUs per VM.• Automated Policy-Based Resource Management: • Improves application Quality of Service (QoS) and reduce power consumption for maximum operational efficiency by dynamically relocating running VMs across a server pool based on load.• Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) for capacity management: • Provides real-time monitoring of Oracle VM Server utilization to rebalance a server pool and provide consistent resources to the running VMs. DRS migrates VMs away from heavily loaded Oracle VM Servers to those servers with more resources available.• Distributed Power Management (DPM) • DPM complements DRS to reduce the number of powered-on servers in the pool when there are periods of low resource utilization. It can automatically power-on capacity as needed when resource utilization ramps up.
  14. 14. What is New in Oracle VM 3.0 ...cont’d• Storage Connect Storage Configuration and Management • Oracle VM Storage Connect is a plug-in API • Allows the Oracle VM Manager to automatically discover available storage • Allows Oracle VM Manager to directly leverage the resources and functionality of customers’ existing storage systems in the Oracle VM environment • Supports native storage services such as SAN or NFS storage creation, deletion and expansion • Allows users of Oracle VM Manager to configure storage to be used with a virtual machine through various storage management vendors. Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, and NetApp are among those enlisted to provide access to their systems through Oracle VM Storage Connect. Oracles own Pillar Axiom SAN storage system and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance also work through the Storage Connect API)
  15. 15. What is New in Oracle VM 3.0 ...cont’d• Centralized network configuration and management • Oracle VM Server logical network configuration and management is now performed using Oracle VM Manager; for example, NIC port bonding, and configuring VLAN Networks.• Updated Xen 4.0 hypervisor • More efficient power management capabilities, broader hardware support, better performance, and greater scalability and security for both hardware- virtualized and para-virtualized guest operating systems.• Updated Dom0 command and control kernel with the latest drivers • Enhanced hardware support for higher performance, leveraging the latest Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.• Updated OCFS2 1.8 cluster file system • Instant clone support that provides significantly faster virtual machine provisioning and cloning.
  16. 16. What is New in Oracle VM 3.0 ...cont’d• Support for Open Virtualization Format (OVF) • OVF is an open standard for packaging and distributing virtual appliances. • Customers can now use Oracle VM Manager to import a broad range of OVF based software assemblies, all of which are produced by Oracle to accelerate application deployment.• Browser Based Manageability from Anywhere • Oracle VM GUI is pure browser-based: with no client software required, and provides accessibility from “anywhere” on the web.• Dynamic user interface • Based on the latest Oracle ADF dynamic html capabilities, the Oracle VM Manager now includes a fully interactive tree view and automatic refresh to show the real-time state of the physical and virtual environment.• Server and storage discovery • Discover Oracle VM servers and storage in your environment to quickly get large numbers of servers up and running.
  17. 17. What is New in Oracle VM 3.0 ...cont’d• Job management framework • Every Oracle VM Manager operation is performed as a “job”. A job consists of all the steps involved in the successful completion of the operation. For each job, Oracle VM Manager provides status, such as percent complete, each step completed, and the steps remaining. Through the GUI, an administrator can view and abort a job at any time, or if the job is aborted by the system because of a terminal failure, the state is rolled back to its original state.• Extensive event logging • Oracle VM Manager maintains an extensive event or “job” history that is accessible through the Manager GUI, providing a simple way to see who made changes within the environment and to trace failures.• Resource information • Performance statistics are available for CPU, memory, disk and network for each physical server and virtual machine Events are displayed for each physical and virtual object, such as port up/down status. IP address and other configuration information are displayed directly in the user interface.
  18. 18. Guest Operating Systems Supported UnderOracle VMRuns Linux, Solaris and Windows guest VMs. Supports: Oracle Linux Oracle Solaris Red Hat Enterprise Linux Microsoft Windows Hardware and Paravirtualized virtualization supported HV on x86 hardware with HVM support 64-bit and 32-bit guest VMs Up to 128 virtual processors (vCPUs) per guest VM.
  19. 19. Oracle VM 3.0 Deployment ArchitectureFully Centralized Virtualization Management Networks • Separate… • Guest • HA Oracle VM Oracle VM Servers • Live Migration Manager 3.0 • Up to 256 CPU • Storage • Up to 2TB Memory • Management Server Pool 2 Server pools • HA groups • Resource groups • Live Migration groups Virtual Machines Server • Oracle Linux Red Hat Pool 1 EL • Solaris for x86 • Microsoft Windows Storage Repository Shared Storage Repositories • NFS, FCP/SAN, iSCSI • Volumes, files, LUNs… • Support heterogeneous configurations Sun Storage Partner Storage • Share storage between multiple pools and clusters. • Ability to share raw device between VMs
  20. 20. ENHANCED! Simple Install of Server and Manager Oracle VM Manager installation… • Easy, click-through installer  • Installs the full stack including Weblogic Server and Oracle Database • 5-7mins from start to up and running • Browser based GUI: no client software! Oracle VMOracle VM ServersManager  Oracle VM Server installation… • Fast: 90sec installation plus reboot • No further installation or configuration required • Storage and networking configured from the Manager 3.0
  21. 21. NEW! Set-up Network Resources From Manager Get started quickly… • Quick install of OVM server software (90secs + reboot) then… • Discover all OVM servers and their configuration from Oracle VM Manager • Discover based on IP range scan • Discover specific IP addresses Pool level… • Bridging Oracle VM • Bonding Servers • VLANs… Create independent networks for… • Guest VM traffic • Storage traffic • Management • Live Migration • HA Heartbeats No more manual configuration of each server! 3.0
  22. 22. NEW! Set-up Storage Resources From Manager Just about any storage… • NFS • FCP/SAN • iSCSI • Volumes, files, LUNs… • Local Support heterogeneous configurations Share storage between multiple pools and clusters. Ability to share raw device between VMs Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-Ins for Management… Servers • Oracle and 3rd party storage • Optional delegation of storage actions to virtualization admins Storage Resources • Exposed, operated from the Manager UI • Advanced storage functionality • Thin provisioning, cloning… More than just provisioning… • Create LUNs or Volumes Storage Resources • Expand LUNs or Volumes • Associate, share with VMs No more manual configuration of each server! 3.0
  23. 23. ENHANCED!Create a Pool of Servers From Manager, Add VMs Create server pools… Server pool functionality… • Add servers • HA groups • Create, associate storage repositories • Resource groups • Live Migration groups • Up to 32 servers per pool Server Pool 2 Oracle VM Servers Performance & Scalability • Support for paravirtualized- (PV), hardware Storage Repository virtualized (with- or without PV drivers) Server (HVM) guest kernels Pool 1 • Up to 128 vCPUs per guest; up to 160 physical CPUs per server • Up to 1TB memory per guest; up to 2TB physical per server Choice of Operating Systems Storage Repository • Oracle Linux • RedHat EL • Oracle Solaris x86 3.0 • Microsoft Windows
  24. 24. NEW! Advanced Policy Management of VMs Server Pool 1 NEW! Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) • Live Migrate VMs based on server load • Dynamically managed quality of service Utilization ! 3.0 Consumption Server Server Pool 1 Pool 1H.A. Auto-restart NEW! Dynamic Power Management (DPM)• Automatically restart VM(s) on Server- or VM failure• True clusterware logic for reliable failure detection • Automatically power-off under-utilized servers• Triggers even if Oracle VM Manager is unavailable • Consolidate VMs onto fewest servers • Reverse the process when load increases
  25. 25. Comprehensive Full-Stack ManagementApplications To Disk Virtualize Test Provision Configure Oracle Full-Stack Lifecycle Deploy Enterprise Management Manager Monitor Change & Patch Hypervisor Oracle VM Hardware Hardware Physical Virtual
  26. 26. Faster Application Deployment Oracle VM Templates &Validated Configurations
  27. 27. Deploying to the Grid Oracle VM Templates Save Time • Ready-to-run virtual machines containing enterprise software • Implementation time for using Oracle VM Templates  Required only 1/6 of the usual time required for set up a major reduction in man hours*. Using normal physical environment Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Template1400 14001200 12001000 1000 confirm operation confirm operation800 initial setup 800 83% initial setup apply patch apply install software Faster prepare600 confirm environ. 600 Deployment! download install OS400 400200 200 0 0 Time(m) Time(m) * Source: K.K. Ashisuto, an IBM Japan, Ltd. Solution partner
  28. 28. Oracle VM Templates (Virtual Appliances) Enable Rapid Application Deployment E-Delivery Save days or weeks in installation and configuration time Download from Oracle • Pre-built, pre-configured VM • Complete app, middleware, Siebel Siebel Customize & Save DB installation as Golden Images CRM CRM • Complete Siebel CRM, VM 1 VM 2 VM VM VM Database 11g, Enterprise Manager… Oracle VM Server PoolSiebel CRM File Enterprise Oracle VM Servers Manager Start-Up in Oracle VM Pool Import via Oracle VM NAS, SAN, iSCSI Manager VM
  29. 29. Oracle VM TemplatesRapid Deployment; 90+ Templates AvailableSave Weeks/ Days in Configuration Time:• Pre-built, pre-configured VM• Apps, Databases, Middleware, OS• Siebel CRM, Database 11g, Enterprise Manager, More… Oracle VM Siebel Servers Siebel CRM CRM Siebel CRM File File E-Delivery VM 1 Import to Server Oracle VM Pool 2 Download from Start-up in Customize & Save Manager Oracle VM Pool as Golden Image
  30. 30. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Easy Build and Deployment of VirtualOracle Data Center Using Oracle VM Oracle Oracle Oracle Package multi-tier applications for rapid, error-free SOA BPM Identity deployment WebCenterSuite Suite Mgt Oracle Application Grid Application A Application B Oracle Database Grid Introspection Oracle Enterprise Manager & Virtualized Assembly Software Appliances Assembly A Assembly B Assembly Builder Oracle VM Server Oracle VM Template Builder Deployment OVF Packaging
  31. 31. Create Application AssembliesProduction Environment SOA_PROD_1 • Introspect your existing deployment • Collect application component and configuration metadata • Import into application catalog • Mix, match, assemble application components • Edit configuration and init parameters • Create resource- and scalability policies • Package application, config metadata, and policiesIntrospecti on SOA_PROD_1 SOA Components VM VM WebLogic Server Package VM VM DB VM VM Deployment Policies • Assemble Configuration Metadata • Edit Oracle VM Assembly • Create Polices
  32. 32. ENHANCED! Support for Application Templates & Assemblies Oracle VM Assembly: Deployed: Production Environment SOA_PROD_1 Production Environment SOA_PROD_1 SOA_PROD_1 VM VM WebLogic VM Server Depl VM VM DB oy VM Deployment Policies Configuration Metadata Server Pool 2 Oracle VM Servers Storage Repository Server Pool 1Deploy application into Oracle VM NEW! Guest VM API Manager as ‘Golden Image’ • API allows direct integration• Clone, initialize, and start-up between guest software and instance Storage Repository virtualization layer• Up and running in hours vs. days • Assists in orchestration of or weeks with little risk complex, multi-VM deployments
  33. 33. Testing: Oracle Validated Configurations• Pre-tested, validated, and supported Linux architectures on Oracle VM • Software, hardware, storage, drivers, networking Oracle DB, Oracle AS components• Best practices for Linux deployment on Oracle Linux OS VM Oracle VM &• Real-world testing of complete stack Server Hardware• Many configurations published, Storage freely available for download • Oracle Validated Configurations offer faster deployments while lowering infrastructure costs
  34. 34. 34