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The Power of Responsiveness [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Infographic shows how resposiveness is important for small and medium business.

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The Power of Responsiveness [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Internet traffic from MOBILE DEVICES: The power of responsiveness MOBILE SHOPPING Responsive? 93% 7% WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT? 10% 20% 51% 19%5% Every third e-buyer makes purchases using a mobile device. 2013 2014 2015 30% of consumers feel discouraged, when the internet site they are browsing is too complicated to use. 28% of e-buyers limit their use of such sites. 70% of internet users surf the web using mobile devices. 59% of these users shop that way. {70% 59% Sunday Monday :every fifth internet user does his shopping on Sunday and Monday afternoons. POLAND GLOBALLY Not necessarily. Only 7% of SME businesses in Poland have adapted their mobile website to the screens of mobile devices. 5 advantages of RWD website higher position in search results better chance of consumer retention Better website quality faster website loading increased opportunities for consumer purchase 1 2 4 5 3 You can lose almost 6 out of your 10 new clients. . WHEN? WHERE? 80% of smartphone users and 85% tablet owners shop from home. 80% 85% Sources:,kiedy-polak-robi-zakupy-w-sieci… OSOM Studio – an interactive agency that specializes in creating interactive websites and mobile applications, e-marketing and ePR, graphic design for internet & mobile purposes, and video production. (+48) 791 169