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Tool box talks


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Tool box talks

  2. 2.  Toolbox talks are a useful tool in the maintenance of a viable safety and health education program in the construction industry. For best results, follow these guidelines:
  3. 3.  Schedule regular weekly meetings, and never skip a meeting
  4. 4.  Limit topic discussion to about 10 to 15 minutes;
  5. 5.  Review the talk in advance and deliver the information in your own words
  6. 6.  Encourage group participation. Receive and act upon questions, ideas and suggestions
  7. 7.  Avoid holding meetings in noisy areas. Use an atmosphere conducive to learning
  8. 8.  Devote meetings exclusively to health and safety matters that apply to the particular group of workers;
  9. 9.  Use visual aids where available or appropriate; • Document the meeting with a synopsis and signatures of attendees;
  10. 10.  If the talk involves an incident, discuss it with injury factors, causes and recurrence prevention, rather than the individual involved in the accident
  11. 11.  If the meeting involves work being planned, discuss potential hazards, safety equipment to be used and basic procedures to be followed