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Electrical safety


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Electrical safety

  2. 2. Work on new and existing energized(hot) electrical circuits is prohibited untilall power is shut off and grounds areattached.
  3. 3. An effective Lockout/Tagout system is inplace.
  4. 4. Frayed, damaged or worn electrical cordsor cables are promptly replaced.
  5. 5. All extension cords have groundingprongs
  6. 6. Protect flexible cords and cables fromdamage. Sharp corners and projectionsshould be avoided.
  7. 7. Use extension cord sets used withportable electric tools and appliancesthat are the three-wire type and designedfor hard or extra-hard service. (Look forsome of the following letters imprintedon the casing: S, ST, SO, STO.)
  8. 8. All electrical tools and equipment aremaintained in safe condition and checkedregularly for defects and taken out ofservice if a defect is found.
  9. 9. Do not bypass any protective system ordevice designed to protect employeesfrom contact with electrical energy.
  10. 10. Overhead electrical power lines are locatedand identified.
  11. 11. ❏Ensure that ladders, scaffolds, equipmentor materials never come within 10 feet ofelectrical power lines.
  12. 12. All electrical tools must be properlygrounded unless they are of the doubleinsulated type.❏Multiple plug adapters are prohibited