OSGi Web Development in Action


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OSGi Web Development in Action

  1. 1. OSGi Web Development in Action Christian Baranowski, SEITENBAU Gmbh Even t 20 14
  2. 2. Welcome • Christian Baranowski • Software Developer @ SEITENBAU • Software Engineering • Custom Software Solutions • E-Government Solutions • Identity Management and SSO Solutions • www.seitenbau.de
  3. 3. Bndtools Easy, powerful and productive way to develop OSGi applications. Based on bnd and Eclipse. http://bndtools.org/
  4. 4. enRoute Blog • OSGi demo project by Peter Kriens
 https://github.com/osgi/osgi.enroute.blog/ • Step by step tutorial from Peter Kriens
 https://github.com/osgi/osgi.enroute.blog/blob/ master/OSGi-enRoute-blog.pdf?raw=true • Last OSGi Code Camp was based on this tutorial
  5. 5. Simple Web App HTTPService Apache Felix HTTP aQute! webserver Extender