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OSFair2017 Worksop | Scientific knowledge dissemination and Altmetrics


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Stephan Gauch & Clemens Blümel talk about scientific knowledge dissemination and Altmetrics & present OpenUP research work.

Workshop title: Innovative dissemination practices & Altmetrics

Workshop abstact:
The goal of the workshop is to further the understanding of innovative dissemination practices in open science and their relationship with altmetrics. In the first part of the workshop, OpenUP project researchers will give an overview of an innovative dissemination framework. The framework describes good practices and gives recommendations on how to create a successful research dissemination strategy beyond traditional academic dissemination. A special focus will lie on how to reach target audiences beyond the research community (e.g. business or the general public). Participants will be able to test the framework and a toolbox based on their dissemination needs and to give feedback in a discussion that involves the perspective of all stakeholders of dissemination and assessment (researchers and research organizations, funders, policy makers, journalists, practitioners & businesses etc.). In the second part, we will present a taxonomy linking channels of dissemination and altmetrics indicators. In between, we will present best practice examples of innovative dissemination.


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OSFair2017 Worksop | Scientific knowledge dissemination and Altmetrics

  1. 1. 1 OpenUp Workshop “Scientific knowledge dissemination and altmetrics”
  2. 2. 2 The medium is the worth? •  “Doing Science” and “Science made public” (Social Media, Microblogging, blogging) •  Explain & Entertain (Slides, Multimedia Content) •  Organizing Attribution (Reference Management & Recommending) •  Reproducability (Code, Data) •  Empowering others & signifying expertise (Q&A Forums) •  Stabilizing knowledge (Online encyclopedias) •  Evidence based policy (Policy Documents)
  3. 3. 3 Social Science Juniors Society Appreciate Inform Disseminate Code Repositories OpenLabBooks GenSocialNet PodcastVideo Wikipedia RadioTV Art Blogs PrintMedia PopScience Press PublicEvents OARepositories Newsletters AcadSocialNet ProjectWebsite Conferences AcademicPub 0 20 40 60 80 100 Value 05101520 Color Key and Histogram Count
  4. 4. 4 Taxonomical tree of Dissemination Channels based on OpenUp survey
  5. 5. 5 Typology of Dissemination Channel “Packages” •  Traditional academia channels (Academic Publishing, Conferences) •  Traditional PUSH Channels (Press, Radio, TV, Popular Science Books, Public Events) •  Innovative Science 2.0 PUSH channels (Art, Wikis, Generic Social Networks, Podcasts & Videos) •  Progress Channels (Blogs, Project Websites, Newsletters, Print Media) •  Sharing Channels (Open Lab Books, OA Repositories, Academic Social Networks, Code Repositories)
  6. 6. Sources for the metrics branch of the taxonomy •  OpenUp survey •  Desk research •  Expert Interviews 11.10.17 6
  7. 7. 7 Example of Taxonomy table
  8. 8. 8 What’s likely to be relevant in the near future? •  Narrative perspective on altmetrics (How can we use altmetrics to signify worth? Can we?) •  Reflexive perspective (How do altmetrics feed back into science?) •  The medium is the worth? (How does the worth of the medium interact with the value system in science?) •  Content-based perspective (What do we count? Who engages? With what? How? Why?) •  Understanding gaming effects (Offerbots, (Re-)tweet farms, “social media suppliers”)
  9. 9. 9The OpenUP project received funding through the H2020 Framework Programme, GA No: 710722 Thank you for your participation! See more of OpenUP: Stephan Gauch Clemens Blümel