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OSFair2017 Training | OpenAIRE monitoring services, EC FP7 & H2020 & other national funders


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Pedro Principe presents OpenAIRE monitoring services.

Workshop title: Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond

Workshop overview:
This workshop will showcase some of the elements required for the transition to Open Science: services and tools, policies as guidance for good practices, and the roles of the respective actors and their networks.


Published in: Science
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OSFair2017 Training | OpenAIRE monitoring services, EC FP7 & H2020 & other national funders

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIRE Monitoring Services EC FP7 & H2020 and other national funders PedroPrincipe UniversityofMinho(OpenAIREsupportandtrainingmanager) This is where you type in the event
  2. 2. Services for Funders Align Open Science policies. Sync infrastructures. Monitor and report. OpenAIREhelpsyoumeasure researchfundingimpactand supportsmonitoringofOpenAccess
  3. 3. Open Access & Open Research Data in H2020 @OSFAIR2017 3
  4. 4. Deposit once! • LocateanappropriatedrepositoryviaOpenAIRE. • If no repository is available: use Zenodo (OpenAIRE/CERN repository). • Acknowledgeprojectfundinginthepublicationor datasetmetadatarecord. • Use a fully OpenAIRE compatible repository. If don't… use the OpenAIRE linking services afterwards and associate your research results (Link/Claim publication or datasets to projects). • But we don't stop there! We apply cleaning, transformation, disambiguation processes, and identify relationships among all research entities: publications, data, funding… • AllpublicationsaccessibleviaOpenAIREandlinkedtoa projectwillbedisplayedautomaticallyinthereporting sectionoftheECParticipantPortalfortheproject. Wedid it! @OSFAIR2017 4
  6. 6. EC's participant portal (reporting)
  7. 7. OpenAIRE services and tools for projects:  Open Access Depositing  Storing Research Data  Claiming publications and datasets  Reporting research outputs  Monitoring and analytics  Discovery and Access Infrastructure to support the policy compliance @OSFAIR2017 7
  8. 8. OpenAIRE monitoring for EC OA with DOIs reports
  9. 9. EC projects and funding streams pages and stats and others @OSFAIR2017
  10. 10. Funders related activities in OpenAIRE SyncinfrastructuresandSupport nationale-infrastructures Guidelinesformetadatafundinginfo @OSFAIR2017 Monitormandatecompliance AlignandsupportOApolicies Textminingandinference Statisticsandreporting Analyticsandtrends APIswithprojectslistfor repositorysoftware
  11. 11. • A unique view of the scientific outputsthat derive from their funding. • OpenAIRE enables advanced monitoring (including of compliance with Open Access policies), reporting and analysis of research impact and research trends. • Funders can assess the impact of their funding by viewing advanced statistics onresearch outputs (publications and data-sets) andthe funding programme/stream/project from which theyderive (including co-fundedresearch results and research trends). OpenAIRE can offer funders: 11@OSFAIR2017
  12. 12. Agreement between OpenAIRE & Funders 12@OSFAIR2017
  13. 13. OpenAIRErequiresonlyaverylimitedsetofmetadatafieldsfromfunders.No personalorprivatedetailsarerequired. Themandatoryandoptionaldatafieldsare: • PROJECTIDENTIFIER(MANDATORY) • PROJECTTITLEorACRONYM(MANDATORY) • FUNDERNAME(MANDATORY)–e.g.WellcomeTrust,EC • STARTDATE(MANDATORY), • ENDDATE(MANDATORY) • FUNDINGSTREAM(S) (OPTIONAL)–fundingcategoriesformoredetailedstatistics • PARTICIPANT ORGANIZATION(S) (OPTIONAL) –i.e.,projectpartners Data description 13@OSFAIR2017
  14. 14. @OSFAIR2017 BETA
  15. 15. Funders Integration status: This is where you type in the event 15 Funder Country Status European Commission (FP7 & H2020) EU Production Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) Portugal Production Wellcome trust (WT) UK Production National Science Foundation (NSF) US Production National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia Production Australian Research Council (ARC) Australia Production Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MESTD) Serbia Production Ministry of Science Education and Sport (MZOS/MSES) Croatia Production Croatia Science Foundation (HRZZ/CSF) Croatia Production Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) Nederlands Production Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Ireland Production National Institute of Health (NIH) US Production Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Switzerland BETA Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Austria BETA Research Council UK (RCUK) UK BETA Tara Expedition Foundation (TARA) France BETA Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Tubitak) Turkey Pilot Academy of Finland Finland Pilot CONICYT Chile Pilot Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Spain Pilot German Research Foundation (DFG) Germany Pilot
  16. 16. Funder integration in OpenAIRE: simplified workflow 16 1. Obtain list of projects 2. Data analysis for integration and inference module 3. Integration on DB 4. IIS module integration 5. Inference 6. Data provision on beta 7. Quality check Results available on the OpenAIRE portal @OSFAIR2017
  17. 17. Results from national EU funders @OSFAIR2017 17
  18. 18. Funded projects info in OpenAIRE @OSFAIR2017 18 Collect metadata including project grantID from OpenAIRE compliant repositories Metadata publications record enrichments by OpenAIRE deduplication Link Publications to projects by inference (text mining procedures) Link Publications to projects using the end-user service: claim publications
  19. 19. Enriched Document Example 19 Multiple Instances host the same document (which is de-duplicated) Funding Info either from metadata or by text mining
  20. 20. UsingtheOpenAIREportal,fundercan: • filterpublications/databyfunderandbrowsebyspecificfundingstreams • searchviaprojecttitle,acronymorgrantagreementandviewspecificstatisticsoftheproject: publications/dataovertime,OAstatus,wheretheywerepublished/deposited,etc. • viewoverallfunder/fundingstreamstatistics(facetsovertime,datasource,institution,etc.) • correlateauthor/institutionoutputwithfundinginformation • visualizeclustersofpublications/dataorfundingbasedontheirinterlinking(nationalorERA- widelevel). Features OpenAIRE can provide to funders 20
  21. 21. Monitor and reporting: statistics service, portal info 21
  22. 22. • Links to software • 1,290softwarelinksintheREFERENCES sectionand2,985linksinthefulltext. • Topic modeling • Trendsinresearch • Hiddenrelationships • Basicversiontobeinbeta Research monitoring and analytics 22
  23. 23. Data provider stats: Funders in data provider publications 23
  24. 24. Co-funded publications 24
  25. 25. Organization Page: Better funding and project information access (page and app box) 25
  26. 26. Search filters: Better funding and project information access 26
  27. 27. Funder Statistics More options: co-funded… 27
  28. 28. + This is where you type in the event
  29. 29. ‘Claim’ functionality available for all national funders Link research results portal facilities (1/4) 29 Link publication or datasets to projects: Identify the project, select publications or datasets and set the access rights.
  30. 30. Zenodo – extended grant support (2/4) This is where you type in the event 30
  31. 31. TheAPIs offercustom access tometadataaboutprojects fundedbyallfunders integratedintheOpenAIREinfospace(Dspace,Eprints,otherrepository platforms). (E.g.FundersProjectsListDspaceAdd-on) OpenAIRE API (3/4) 31
  32. 32. • IDEA:Repositories inOpenAIREmaybeinterestedtoacquiremetadatainformation aboutpublicationsthatare“potentiallyofinteresttothem”:i.e.bepartoftheir collection: addnewrecords,enrichtherecordswithextrametadatainformation. • CHALLENGE: Literaturebrokerservice • Enrichment:harvesting fromrepositoryandreturntorepositoryitsrecordsiftheyhavebeen “enriched”bydeduplication and/orinference. Dashboard for Content Providers (4/4) 32
  33. 33.  Datasource registration  Validation (againstguidelines)  Content enrichment andfixing  Content notifications  Datasourceusagestatistics Dashboard Functionalities
  34. 34. Content events - enrichments & alerts @OSFAIR2017 34
  35. 35. @openaire_eu