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OSFair2017 Workshop | Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), Support and Training Services


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Kostas Koumantaros presents GRNET support and training services | OSFair2017 Workshop

Workshop title: National and European e-infrastructure cooparation for Open Science

Workshop overview:
This collaborative workshop comes in the context of coordinating EOSC related activities across large European infrastructures at European and national level. The workshop will offer an opportunity for cross-pollination on issues ranging from open scholarship to technical service provision, training, community engagement and support. OpenAIRE NOADs, EGI NGIs, GEANT NRENs and other national e-Infrastructure representatives will discuss gaps, synergies, coordination and service integration opportunities.


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OSFair2017 Workshop | Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), Support and Training Services

  1. 1. Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) Support and Training Services Kostas Koumantaros (kkoum at @ education @ research @ health @ culture
  2. 2. ● GRNET provides Internet connectivity, high-quality e-Infrastructures and advanced services to the Greek Research & Education community. ● The GRNET backbone interconnects: ○ more than 100 institutions, including all universities and many technical and research institutes ○ the public Greek School Network with speeds up to 10Gbps, through its high- speed, high-capacity infrastructure of long-term leased fiber that spans across the entire country Greek Research and Technology Network 2
  3. 3. • Target: Institutions connected to GRNET • Devised in two sections Services Helpdesk : that acts as Tier 1 service desk/call center for system/core services offered by GRNET (Cloud, DNS, Mail Relay etc) Network Helpdesk: that acts as Tier 1 service desk/call center for Network related issues - applications • Both are responsible for the handling of the corresponding tickets and the coordination of the involved teams. • Both require highly trained staff with the corresponding expertise to solve problems NOC Helpdesk 3
  4. 4. End User Call Center GRNET Helpdesk Team: • supports end users of digital services powered by GRNET (currently 8 National Services) • receives monthly appr. 7,500 calls • answers monthly appr. 3,500 emails Helpdesk Agents (1st level support) Helpdesk Supervisors (2nd level support) Projects Coordinators
  5. 5. • Two teams are established providing applications and operations support respectively. • User requests are accepted by email on specific address ( • Each email opens a new support ticket on the ticketing system (Jira), the ticket is assigned to a specific person who is responsible for responding to the request. • Further escalation of ticket may needed in specific cases (e.g. problems related to system issues). HPC (Aris) Support 5
  6. 6. • Regular trainings are organized both on-site in GRNET and in end-user institutes (Universities, Research Centers etc). • The training team comprises of application support personnel and the service management team). Trainings are organized in institutes all over Greece covering a wide geographical area. • Training program and support services are influenced by good practices and input from PRACE and other relevant infrastructure initiatives (EGI). • Recently GRNET was selected as a PRACE Training Center (PTC). This will further help improve the training program and will expand the target audience to cover also international HPC users. HPC (Aris) Training 6
  7. 7. • Target: Local individual Researchers and Research Communities • Dedicated Helpdesk System integrated with GGUS exchange • Operated 9-5, Staffed by Site Admins. • Responsible to handle Alarms/Tickets/Requests from Virtual Organisations / End Users • Day to day Maintenance and Upgrades of the GRID Sites • Site on Duty Rota every 2 weeks (Initiated by bi-weekly OC meeting ) NGI Operations Center (OC) Support 7
  8. 8. • One Stop Shop for for RIs • Harmonisation of Policies • Coordination of Operations • Best Practices / Guides • Exchange of know-how • Ticket routing and 1st line of support to big RIs • Liaison with Technical experts (3rd level of support) • Train the Trainers / Provide Training Material / Create Webcasts What can EOSC offer... 8
  9. 9. grnet_gr GRNET EDET GRNET SA