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OSFair2017 Training | Big data and evidence-based medicine in Greece


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Lefteris Thireos talks about big data and evidence-based medicine in Greece.

Workshop title: Datathons in Evidence-Based Medicine: Applying Open Science Principles to Support Cross-Disciplinary Education and Research

Workshop abstract:
In this interactive workshop, we explore how open science enables “datathons”, events that bring together teams of researchers to work together on unanswered clinical questions. We begin by outlining the datathon model and describe our experiences in holding these events internationally. We then offer an opportunity to participate in an interactice exercise, working together to analyse highly detailed information collected from patients admitted to critical care units at a large tertiary care hospital. Participants will learn about open science in clinical research and gain an overview of MIMIC-III, a freely-available critical care dataset collected from over >50,000 hospital stays.


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OSFair2017 Training | Big data and evidence-based medicine in Greece

  1. 1. Lefteris Thireos MD, MSc in Public Health General Practitioner/Family Physician Member of the National E-Health Board of Greece Secretary General, Athens Medical Society Big data and evidence-based medicine in Greece DATATHONS IN EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE: APPLYING OPEN SCIENCE PRINCIPLES TO SUPPORT CROSS-DISCIPLINARY EDUCATION AND RESEARCH
  2. 2. the clinician’s cumulated experience, education and clinical skills patient’s personal preferences and unique concerns, expectations and values
  3. 3. Clinical effectivenessCost effectiveness
  4. 4.  As Therapeutic Protocols defined by the set of instructions diagnosis and treatment of a disease, based on the findings and the clinical application of medical science. (Ν. 3697/2008, άρθρο 35)  A Therapeutic Prescription Protocol is a structured, comprehensive, coherent and scientifically documented description of the pharmaceutical treatment of a specific disease or condition.
  5. 5. Key objectives for the development of Therapeutic Prescription Protocols (TPP) are to be used:  by all physicians as an aid in prescription,  to set out a framework of “good medical practice” at all levels of care, as a result of fully adapted guidelines, based on the up-to-day clinical evidence.  to improve the quality of health services,  both in paper and electronic form.
  6. 6. The development of the web-based application for the TPP has the following objectives and benefits:  Common form and common coding and nomenclature for all protocols  Usable and easily accessible and searchable  Information-rich content combining ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and standard EOF ATC4/ATC5 coding for Medicines  Fast and easy use by all users (doctors) in devices such as PCs, tablets, etc.  Interconnection with other application (DRGs/KEN, ePrescription/ e-syntagografisis, etc) through standardized Application Programming Interfaces – API (phase II of the project) Digital imaging and documentation of TPP
  7. 7. 1. Initial development of Medicines Prescription Protocols by EOF Working Groups / Medical Societies as unstructured test (PDF Files) 2. Filtering of initial text and transcription into tabular structured text, suitable for digital display and processing (EXCEL template) 3. Import of EXCEL Template data into the MPPA Application Database 4. Prescription Protocol is available on-line through World-Wide-Web. Easy access and display of the Protocols by all prescribing physicians through the web-based MPPA application. The Application also allows access to the full PDF documentation of the protocol if needed. Maintenance and update of Protocols in the MPPA Database is assigned to specialized Working Groups / Medical Societies. The whole process is under the auspices of the Athens Medical Society (AMS) & the National Organization for Medicines (EOF). AMS IT experts Group undertake the contractual technical support of the application. 5. Prescribing physician have fast and easy access to the MPPA application to assist him on prescription. Cost-efficient prescription may gradually become mandatory. 6. Statutory Insurance Funds can control Medicines Reimbursement by paying only cost-efficient prescriptions according to the (mandatory) Prescribing Protocols Schemes.
  8. 8. From TPP…
  9. 9. … to risk assessment
  10. 10. … in forming an excel_template
  11. 11. Patient registration Specialist centers Patient code, Therapeutic Plan and information for the GP Web registration Follow-up Adverse drug reaction General Practitioners End of treatment NHS Common Components Central registries (MPIs, HCP, Nomenclatures, etc) 1...n) Data Location Registries (1...n) Central Data Repositories (1...n) Security Components - eID Hospital Information System (1...n) Cloud Based HIS (IDIKA) (1...n) Regional Healthcare Information System (1...7) NHS Primary Care System Doctor Information Systems (1...n) Laboratory Information Systems (1...n) Hospital Information System (1...n) Doctor Information Systems (1...n) Laboratory Information Systems (1...n) User 1 User 2 User n ... User 1 User 2 User n ... ePrescription System (IDIKA) User 1 User 2 User n ... Reinbursement & Insured Records (EOPYY)
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention