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OSFair2017 | Open Science: A Global South Perspective


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Ahmed Oluwagbemi Ogunlaja presents the Global South perspective in Open Science

Plenary: Open for all? Diversity & disparity in Open Science.

Presentation abstract
Some have expressed fears that Open Science may perpetuate rather than eliminate the inequalities in global research and innovation. Are these fears justified? How can we ensure diversity and combat the drivers of disparity in Open Science? How can we promote inclusion and ensure inclusive development through Open Science?

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead.



Published in: Science
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OSFair2017 | Open Science: A Global South Perspective

  1. 1. Open Science Fair 2017 • Open for All? • Diversity & Disparity in Open Science • A Global South Perspective » Dr Ahmed Ogunlaja Founder – Open Access Nigeria
  2. 2. Prof Johan Fagan University of Cape Town
  3. 3. Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Operative Surgery Open Access Guide to Audiology and Hearing Aids for Otolaryngologists
  5. 5. 95 authors / 20 countries USA 25 South Africa 23 UK 14 Sweden 5 Germany 4 Canada 3 India 3 Switzerland 2 UAE 2 Slovenia 2 Spain 2 Netherlands 2 Australia 1 Nigeria 1 Kenya 1 Brazil 1 Belgium 1 New Zealand 1 Hong Kong 1 Libya 1
  6. 6. >1.2m chapter downloads >1200 chapters per day Chapter downloaded every 70 secs
  7. 7. Why the Disparity?
  8. 8. Economic problem? Infrastructure? Income Inequality? Digital Divide? Global digital Inequality? High Cost of Data Services Relative to Per Capita Income?
  9. 9. • The French ENT Society translated the textbook from English to French.
  10. 10. • Appetite for open content • Collaboration • Tracking/Mapping • Need for Outreach • Inclusive Development
  11. 11. • Deliberate • Partners in the Global South • Collaborative Research – Multiple stages – Design of the research problem – Data collection analysis methodologies – Publication & circulation of findings
  12. 12. • Platforms, spaces and opportunities for exchange • Integrated knowledge • Practical solutions
  13. 13. • Advocacy • Education
  14. 14. Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Prof. Leshi & Deputy Provost Prof. Okanlawon, College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL) at the Symposium/Panel Discussion
  15. 15. Credits • Prof Johan Fagan • Lorraine Chuen • Leslie Chan