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Grant Application

  1. 1. 2011 GLMA Mable Wyche Underwood Grant Application FormMy School is an…____ Elementary School Grades/Age of Students: __________X_ Middle School Grades/Age of Students: 6-8/11-14____ High School Grades/Age of Students: ____________ Other Specify:__________________ Grades/Age of Students: _______Title of Project: _______I’m Having Fun Reading!!____________________________________________Brief Description of Project(List objectives and describe benefits to students)The Kindle is a creative and innovative technology instrument. A Kindle is an electronic bookthat allows text to speech, and search capabilities. The Kindle can hold about 1500 books. It is ahand-held instrument. The reader is able to read directly off the screen. The instrument can beused by student or educator. The Kindle includes an in-line dictionary that appears at the bottomof the screen. The main purpose of the Kindle will be to assist struggling readers. Thestruggling readers will include students that are below grade level and students with learningdisabilities. Although, the main purpose will be for struggling readers, any student will be eagerto use the technology. On grade level or gifted students will benefit from the Kindle. TheKindle will assist with bringing new and exciting lessons to the classroom. It is part of an everchanging part of the classroom and society. The Kindle can be used in stations in the classroomsor Media Center.*To incorporate technology into the classroom.*To assist struggling readers.*To differentiate instruction.Budget(Describe how the money will be used) 1. The money will be used to purchase 4 Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) @ $189.00 each. 2. A 2-year Warranty for each Kindle will be purchased @ $65. The Kindle comes with a 1-year limited Warranty. 3. Purchase E-books @ $9.99 each. 18 books for $180.00Total: ____________________$1, 196.00____________________________________________Evaluation Plan(Briefly describe how you will evaluate the project)An Assessment of the technology:After checking out a Kindle, teachers and students will be required to complete a Questionnaire/Survey on their usage. These comments will assist the Media Specialist and Principal with
  2. 2. determining if additional Kindles should be purchased. Also, it will determine if the Kindles areeffective.Signature of Media Specialist: ______________J. Holloman_________________________Signature of Principal: _________________S. Reese_____________________________Applications must be postmarked and received by May 15, 2011.No faxes will be accepted.Criteria for Judging Quality Innovativeness Clear Objective Benefits of projects to students Budget Evaluation PlanReturn 6 copies of this typed form to: Grants Chair GLMA Executive Office 2711 Irvin Way, Suite 111 Decatur, GA 30030Name: __O’Rhonda Ingram____________ GLMA District: ______Metro____________ (See district map at to determine your district.)Position:___________Teacher/Media Specialist________________________________School Name and Address:______________________Redan Middle School_____________________________________________________1775 Young Road_______________________________________________________Lithonia, GA 30058________________________________School Phone: __678-874-7902_________ Home Phone: _______________________E-mail Address at School: Address at Home: ______o_rhonda@yahoo.com_________________________********************************************************************************************************
  3. 3. Principal,Your media specialist has applied for a GLMA grant. If awarded the grant, he or she willbe expected to turn in an evaluation of the grant by May 1, 2012. The evaluation shouldaddress the number of students affected, impact on student learning, a list of itemizedexpenses, and recommendations for improvement of the project. Failure to turn in theevaluation will result in the school being assessed a $100 fee payable to GLMA by yourschool. By signing below, you are agreeing to pay this fee in behalf of your school ifyour media specialist fails to turn in an evaluation by May 1, 2012.Signature of Principal:_________________________________________Principal’s name (typed or clearly written): _______S. Reese_________________Principal’s E-mail address (typed or clearly written):___________________________________________________________Signature of Media Specialist: ________________J. Holloman___________________