Big Data for Big Power: How smart is the grid if the infrastructure is stupid?


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Introducing the concept of SLEx (Substation Life Extension) and Intelligent Sensing at teh Edge when it comes to Smart Grid activities. This is a novel concept on truly using sensors to extend substation life, and then dealing with the Big Data that has just been introduced by using state of the art sensing technology. Both SLEx and Intelligent Sensing at the Edge are concepts that have been introduced by Brett Sargent who is CTO and VP/GM of Products at an innovative sensor company located in Silicon Valley.

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Big Data for Big Power: How smart is the grid if the infrastructure is stupid?

  1. 1. Big Data for Big Power How Smart Is The Grid If The Infrastructure Is Stupid? Brett Sargent CTO & Vice President/GM – Products & Solutions AWAKENING YOUR November 12, 2013 6 th SENSE
  2. 2. Big Data From a Sensor Manufacturer Perspective Photoacoustic Gas Monitors NDIR Infrared Gas Modules & Instruments Fiber Optics Temperature Measurement Solutions Infrared Thermal Imaging Infrared Thermometry for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Software & Integrated Solutions CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Electric Grid
  4. 4. Electric Grid
  5. 5. Development of the Smart Grid CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Obstacles to Building a Smart Grid Infrastructure 01. Budget 02. Time 03. Not In My Back Yard 05. Integration of Renewables 06. Qualified Personnel 07. Build Absolutely 08. Cyber Nothing Anywhere Security Near Anyone CONFIDENTIAL 04. Downtime needed to build new infrastructure 6
  7. 7. Today’s “Old” Substations • 40-50 years in age • Limited communications in/out of substation • Assets running at 75% to 100% of nameplate CONFIDENTIAL • Limited ability to do maintenance (criticality, parts, personnel) • Minimal sensors and data • Knowledgeable people on substations retiring and/or leaving • Huge risk of failure 7 • Cannot afford to replace or update (budget, disruption)
  8. 8. Doing Nothing is Not an Option
  9. 9. Covering Your Substation Assets • Visual indicators and sight glasses • Assets over 40 years old, overdesigned and heavily loaded to 100% nameplate or higher • Shifty log readings looking for physical wear and broken parts OLD SUBSTATION • Analog Gauges: analog outputs, log readings • Aged workforce, in general less experienced • Manual samples, manual analysis, manual interpretation Periodic portable thermal imaging camera Manual oil samples Portable Partial Discharge Monitoring CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Covering Your Substation Asset NEW SUBSTATION • Solid state sensors with intelligence • Data concentrator to pull data together from multiple sensors • More remote, less local • 10-fold increase in sensors, 1,000-fold increase in data • Most assets under 20 years old • Assets designed to • Aged workforce, in general nameplate and loaded less experienced 75-100% Continuous Online Thermal Imaging CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. Sensor Technologies for Transmission and Substations CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. SLExTM - Substation Life Extension 12
  13. 13. SLExTM - Substation Life Extension Extending the life of aged assets by “sensoring up” components to provide insight and information on their condition to enable: CONFIDENTIAL • Condition Based Maintenance • Safe Life Extension • Safe Dynamic Loading • Safety • ICR – Intelligent Component Replacement • Workforce Deployment • Maximize Asset Performance • Probabilistic Risk Assessment 13 • Forensic and Diagnostic Analysis
  14. 14. SLEx - Substation Life Extension Potential Transformers Bushing Monitoring Partial Discharge Monitoring Acoustic Monitoring Current Transformers Frequency Response Analysis Monitoring Electronic Temperature Monitoring Dissolved Gas Analysis CONFIDENTIAL 14
  15. 15. Typical Data Flow CONFIDENTIAL 15
  16. 16. Where Do You Process Your Data? BIT PIPE Device Factors to consider on where to process your data? • Cost • Bandwidth • Integrity • Security - NERC CIP CONFIDENTIAL • Stability/Reliability • Size of Network 16
  17. 17. Where Do You Process Your Data? AT THE EDGE IN THE CLOUD • Moving processing/intelligence to the sensor head • Easy to get information into and out of the cloud • Will drive the cost of the sensor up - "sensor protection" • Concerns of virtual and physical attacks, disabling infrastructure and stealing data • Must be comfortable with data and decisions occurring somewhere else - outside of headquarters • NERC CIP concerns on data security in the “CLOUD” • Processing to occur at one location and can physically secure and control this data storage and analytics • Provides an infrastructure overload scenario by having to allow for such large bandwidth to accumulate streams of data pouring in • Will involve "inherent" delays in processing and decisions • Allows for fast data action with minimal chance of interruption CONFIDENTIAL IN THE SERVER 17
  18. 18. Sensors Can Deliver Big Data 18
  19. 19. Past Sensing Philosophy CONFIDENTIAL 19
  20. 20. Future Sensing Philosophy CONFIDENTIAL 20
  21. 21. Data Flow Failure Mechanisms SUBSTATION • • • • • • • • • • Sensor Failure Environmental "Cut" Communications Power Failures Physical Attack Interference Failed Redundancy Data Corruption Encoding Issues Decoding Issues CONFIDENTIAL TOPOLOGY DEPENDENT FAILURES • • • • • • • • • • • • Data Corruption Hacking Environmental Overload/Bandwidth Physical Attack Virtual Attack Wrong Configuration Failed Redundancy Physical Connection Failure Switch Failure Power Failure Interference SERVER • • • • • • 21 Server Attack Server Virus Server/Component Failure Power Failures Decoding Issues Encoding Issues USER STATION • User Station Virus • User Hacking • User Error
  22. 22. What is Intelligent Sensing at the Edge? Intelligent Sensing at the Edge • Move decisions/actions/analytics as close to senor head as possible. Localization Localize sensor and analytics as close to asset/sensor as possible. CONFIDENTIAL • Data Storage • Report by exception only... not all data Short Range Communications for Localized GUI Enabling SLExTM (Substation Life Extension) Tablet based provisioning and interaction through bluetooth low energy, WiFi, Zigbee. Mesh networking between sensors to collect data. Saving the worlds transmission and distribution grids one substation at a time. 22 Fail Safe Sensor Logic Asset and sensor logic continue to operate even with network outage.
  23. 23. SUMMARY • Intelligent Sensing Is Needed To Enable The Smart Grid Reality • Building New Everything Is Not A Reality Given Many Obstacles BIG SENSORS CREATE BIG DATA • And It Is Needed And It Is Here To Stay THE DATA CREATED BY SENSORS IS NEEDED MOVE TO HAVE MORE ANALYSIS, DATA STORAGE, AND CONTROL TO THE SENSOR HEADS • Enhance SLExTM • Enable CBM and Asset Optimization • Save the Bit Pipe • Security Concerns • Minimize the Effects of Communication Failures • Minimize Time to Decision CONFIDENTIAL 23 23 REPORT BY EXCEPTION • Not continuous Streaming Data • Intelligent Sensing at the Edge • Data Buffered When Network is Offline
  24. 24. Thank you Questions?