Android is client Java


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Android is client Java

  1. 1. Android is client Java Cant we all just get along?
  2. 2. Tablet devices, and mobile devices in general, are revolutionizing IT
  3. 3. It is practical to treat Androids Javaruntime environment as separate from Android
  4. 4. When we say “Android is client Java”that is a more-general statement than, say, “Objective-C is amainstream language”
  5. 5. Client Java was... AWT Swing SWT JavaFX Qt bindings Etc.
  6. 6. Step1: “Write once, run everywhere” Step 2: Convince everyone this is a good idea Step 3: ?????
  7. 7. Step1: Make a reallyappropriate mobilemanaged language runtimeStep 2: Watch ISVswrite 200,000+ apps
  8. 8. Im goodenough, Im smartenough, and doggone it, people like me!
  9. 9. The recipe for modern smartphone OSs: Linux or otherembedded UNIX-like OS Managed language runtime Full-featured browser
  10. 10. Examples: iOS AndroidWindows Phone
  11. 11. Partial:Meego – more likeLinux-goes-mobile Bada – C++ app runtime and APIs
  12. 12. Android is client Java
  13. 13. Real multi-processing – multiple VM instancesLow memory overhead per instance Fast launch
  14. 14. Share-able data heap – copy-on-write Save/restore component and process state
  15. 15. Security benefits from true multi-processing Process per app UID per publisher Effective sandboxing of multiple publishers
  16. 16. VM efficiency for mobileSmaller bytecodeFaster bytecode
  17. 17. Mobile-tuned JIT compiler Much less CPU/power-intensive than previous JIT compilers Compiles much less codeRelies on efficiency of non- compiled code
  18. 18. Android is a really good, mature clientJava, and far ahead of other managedlanguage runtimes for mobile devices
  19. 19. So it is reasonable to want the Android application runtion on anotherplatform, but can you get it without diluting the advantages with virtualization, emulation, hypervizors, etc?
  20. 20. Why?
  21. 21. Here comes anotherguy prophesying the end of the PC era
  22. 22. Plummeting! Source: Hitslink
  23. 23. Why believe it this time?
  24. 24. The dominance of PCs in IT is artificial PCs were... Personal – you own it A revolutionEmpowering to individuals
  25. 25. Some people need PCsSome people need this stove
  26. 26. So why did all thealternatives fail?
  27. 27. The economics of PC manufacturing crushed all challengers Tablets are “large smartphones” - theyinherit the economics of smartphones
  28. 28. Tablets and touch makeeverything easier Cheaper to support Tablets can support legacy apps through desktop virtualization Tablets are a great delivery vehicle for Web apps
  29. 29. A new revolution in enterprise collaboration and communication
  30. 30. To sum up
  31. 31. Java is a good languageAndroid Java is the best managed language runtime for mobile devices
  32. 32. Tablets are an IT revolution Tablets will become the basis of a new collaborative work andcommunications paradigm Java can be a big part of this revolution
  33. 33. There will be lots ofAndroid devices, but...You can treat Android as a runtime separately from Android OS, if you need or want to
  34. 34. Learn Android Java