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CSSM Certification: The Next Step for Surgical Services Managers


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During this webinar, CCI staff discusses the CSSM (Certified Surgical Services Manager) credential explaining how it validates the knowledge required to serve as a leader in the perioperative environment. The presentation covers eligibility requirements, the application process, and exam preparation tips. For those nurses currently holding the CSSM credential, the development of a personalized professional development plan for recertification is also discussed. The session concludes with a question and answer period with CCI staff. 

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CSSM Certification: The Next Step for Surgical Services Managers

  1. 1. + CSSM Certification: The Next Steps for Surgical Services Managers 5 JAN 2017 7PM EST CSSM®
  2. 2. + Presenter James X Stobinski PhD RN CNOR CSSM Director of Credentialing and Education Competency and Credentialing Institute Denver, CO
  3. 3. + Objectives  Provide an overview of the CSSM certification program  Outline the application process for the CSSM credential.  Describe the recertification requirements for the CSSM credential  Delineate the professional points methods for a hypothetical CSSM certificant
  4. 4. + Background
  5. 5. + The CSSM Credential  The CSSM certification/recertification process was designed to be fundamentally different than the CNOR process  CSSM is conceptualized as a mechanism to facilitate your ongoing professional development and lifelong learning  Your professional development plan will address your knowledge levels as identified by your initial certification examination scores  This certification method was developed in response to the direction provided by our accreditation providers
  6. 6. + Eligibility
  7. 7. + Eligibility  RN License: Hold a current, unrestricted RN license.  Academic Degree: Hold a Bachelor’s degree either in Arts or Science (transcript will be required if audited).  Employment: Are currently employed (either full-time or part- time) and have a minimum of two or four years’ experience in a surgical services management role depending on CNOR certification status. Work experience in a non-paid, volunteer capacity is acceptable.  Perioperative Management Coursework (continues on next slide)
  8. 8. + Eligibility Perioperative Management Coursework: Have completed a minimum of 30 or 50 continuing education contact hours depending on CNOR certification status in the two years prior to application. Coursework must be in one or more of the subject areas covered on the CSSM exam:  Strategic Management  Operational Management  Financial Management  Leadership  Professionalism  Communication & Relationship Management  Human Resource Management
  9. 9. + Perioperative Management Coursework - CE/CH
  10. 10. + Perioperative Management Coursework – College Credit
  11. 11. + The Registration Process
  12. 12. + The Registration Process  Documentation Needed to Register  Nursing License  CV or Résumé  Diploma  CE or Academic Coursework documentation
  13. 13. + The Registration Process All CSSM exam applications must be completed online at Select  Certification  Apply / Manage CSSM  CSSM Handbook  CSSM Audit Process - A percentage of certification applications will be randomly selected for audit. Those applicants chosen for the audit process will be required to submit copies of the acceptable documentation as needed as well as verification of work history.
  14. 14. + The Registration Process  Once the application has been approved, the candidate will receive an e-mail confirmation and an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter.  The 90 day testing window begins the month following acceptance of the application.  The candidate may then select a testing date  Testing is done at Prometric testing centers  300+ testing centers nationwide and overseas  MON – SAT (no holidays)
  15. 15. + CSSM Exam Registration Fees  2017 CSSM Fees  CNOR Certified: $275.00  Non-CNOR Certified: $350.00  All prices are subject to change without notice
  16. 16. + The CSSM Certification Exam
  17. 17. + Facts About the CSSM Exam  The CSSM examination has 180 questions  180 Questions  150 are scored  30 of the questions are unscored (pre-test items)  Cannot tell the difference between scored and unscored questions  Assume that any question you do not answer may count against you
  18. 18. + Subjects Covered on the Exam
  19. 19. + Types of Exam Questions  Only one type of question on the CSSM certification examination  Multiple Choice  4 possible (plausible) answers  Only one correct answer  No multiple/multiple questions  No True/False  No essay questions
  20. 20. + Taking the Exam  Expect heightened security measures  Much like an airport experience  Very limited in what you can take into the testing station  Multiple tests and candidates at a Prometric testing center  Your personal items will be stored in a small locker  Ear plugs and scratch paper can be requested
  21. 21. + Taking the Exam  Possible to mark items and return to that item  Review screen option  Not a variable exam (NCLEX)  Scaled Score will be computed (620/800)  You will know Pass/Fail status prior to leaving the test center  Keep your Score Report
  22. 22. + Resources - Studying for the Exam AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice are an essential reference for the CSSM exam. The 2015 Guidelines for Perioperative Practice will be used for the 2016 certification examination. One perioperative nursing textbook: Rothrock, J.C. (Ed.). (2015). Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery (15th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby/Elsevier. Or… Phillips, N. (2013). Berry and Kohn’s operating room technique (12th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby/Elsevier.
  23. 23. + Resources - Studying for the Exam Management Textbooks Financial Management Penner, S.J. (2013). Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders, (2nd ed.). New York: Springer Publishing Company. Operational Management Kay, A., Fox, C., & Urman, R. (2012). Operating room leadership and management, New York: Cambridge University Press.
  24. 24. + Recertification
  25. 25. + CSSM Recertification  Professional development activities will facilitate knowledge acquisition and learning experiences relative to the Job Analysis findings underlying the CSSM credential  This recertification mechanism requires a degree of planning and commitment to the process  How much work you must do in your recertification process and in which areas is linked to your performance on the CSSM certification examination  The credential cannot be maintained solely by doing CE – No matter how well you scored on the initial certification examination
  26. 26. + Recertification Options Weblink:  There are just two choices for recertification 1. Take the certification exam again 2. The Professional Development Points Method  Pre-planning is necessary  The Professional Development Points Methods derives from the score on the CSSM certification examination.  No one can recertify by doing only CE
  27. 27. + Example 1
  28. 28. + Recertification Requirements  The certificant has scored At or Above Competency in 6 of the 7 Categories  The certificant has scored Below Competency in 1 category – Human Resources  The certificant must earn 250 Professional Development Points to recertify their credential.  The certificant must earn 125 Professional Development Points in the Human Resources category to recertify their credential.
  29. 29. + Timeline – 2017 Test Takers  If you passed the CSSM certification examination in 2017:  Your accrual period is 1 JAN 17 to 31 DEC 19  You must earn all of your professional development points during this interval  Your credential will expire 31 DEC 20  You cannot earn points in the year 2020  If needed, you may file for an Extension Year. Details may be found at:
  30. 30. + The CSSM Handbook candidate-handbook-2017.pdf?sfvrsn=2
  31. 31. + CSSM Webinars
  32. 32. + Pre-Planning is a must with the CSSM credential
  33. 33. + Emeritus Status  CSSMs who have retired from surgical services management may file for emeritus status.  Those certificants holding emeritus status may use the designation CSSM(E) for the balance of their professional career.  The retiree must pay a one-time fee and submit an application.  The application for emeritus status must be submitted and accepted prior to the current credential having lapsed.  CSSM(E) members may be considered for CCI Board and committee appointments.
  34. 34. + CCI Staff Shani Shirley Credentialing Specialist 303.368.6725 Jim Stobinski Director of Credentialing and Education 720.257.4372
  35. 35. + Questions?