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CNOR Recertification: Maintaining Your Credential


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CNORs understand the importance of maintaining their credential. In this previously recorded webinar CCI staff gives clear insight to which method of recertification best meets one's professional development needs. Eligibility requirements, recertification options (including Extension Year), and the application process are also discussed. CCI staff answers questions at the end of the webinar.

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CNOR Recertification: Maintaining Your Credential

  1. 1. + Maintaining Your Credential CNOR Recertification
  2. 2. + We are conducting a sound test. Please type in the chat box if you CANNOT hear the speaker.
  3. 3. + HOUSEKEEPING DETAILS Submit questions via the Chat feature found at the lower right hand corner of your screen. Questions will be answered after the webinar.  If you need additional information or support, please call us at 888-257-2667. Our office is open 8-4, MST
  4. 4. + YOUR HOSTS FOR TONIGHT’S PRESENTATION  Dawn Whiteside, MSN, RN, CNOR, RNFA Director of Education  Julie Mower, MSN, RN, CNS, CNS-CP, CNOR Nurse Manager, Education Development
  5. 5. + OBJECTIVES Review eligibility requirements for recertification Describe the methods of recertification Discuss additional options for managing your CNOR credential 5
  6. 6. + CNOR RECERTIFICATION ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Hold current CNOR certification Hold current, unrestricted RN license Currently employed full-time, part-time, or per diem in perioperative nursing in one of the following areas: Nursing education Administration Research Clinical practice 6
  7. 7. + ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (cont.).  Have worked a minimum of 500 hours in perioperative nursing in the past 5 year recertification cycle  At least 250 of the 500 hours must be in one of the following areas and have an impact on patient care during the intraoperative period  Nursing education  Administration  Research  Clinical practice
  8. 8. + OPTIONS FOR MAINTAINING YOUR CNOR CREDENTIAL At the end of your 5-year cycle, you must apply for recertification by one of the following methods: Contact hours (125) Points (300) Exam OR File for an extension year Retire your credential
  9. 9. + ACCRUAL PERIOD FOR CONTACT HOURS/POINTS CNOR Credential Valid Accrual Period for Recertification Activities Discounted Application Fee Final Date to Recertify 2012 – 2017 1/1/12 – 12/31/16 7/1/17 12/31/2017
  10. 10. + RECERTIFICATION BY CONTACT HOURS 125 hours required 75 of the 125 hours must be related to perioperative nursing All contact hours must be earned through an accepted provider On-line application process
  11. 11. + RECERTIFICATION BY POINTS  On-line application  300 points  7 eligible activities  Continuing education  Academic study  Teaching in an academic setting  Publishing  Presentations  Service on a board or committee  Precepting/mentoring
  13. 13. + RECERTIFICATION BY EXAM Application is completed on-line. Application must be submitted by Nov. 30 and exam passed by Dec. 31, 2017 in order to maintain credential.
  15. 15. + FEES
  16. 16. + EXTENSION YEAR  Option for those certificants who do not meet eligibility requirements for recertification.  Provides an additional year to earn CHs or points.  Cannot recertify by exam.  Available once every 2 recert cycles/10 years.  Must apply in year due to recertify (2017).  Fee: $195+recertification fee.  Contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-257- 2667 for more information.
  17. 17. + EMERITUS STATUS Option to retire the credential for those no longer working in perioperative nursing. One-time on-line application/fee. May use CNOR(E) in correspondence. Must apply while credential is active. Only way to reactivate credential is by exam. Fee: $125
  18. 18. + HELPFUL TIPS  Review your professional accomplishments to determine the best way for you to recertify.  Submit your application before your certification lapses on December 31st, 2017.  Questions? Call our Customer Service team at 1- 888-257-2667 M-F, 0800-1600MT or send e-mail to
  19. 19. + RECORDINGS  Recorded sessions will be available via our YouTube Channel at KAytxqtJA (link at the top right hand side of our website) and on our website at 19
  20. 20. + UPCOMING CCI WEBINARS: 2017 All webinars are held live at 1700 Mountain Time. Register on our website at  June 1: CSSM Certification: The Next Step for Surgical Services Managers  June 14: CNOR Certification: Pathway to Excellence 20
  21. 21. + Please know that CCI staff is here to help you achieve your goal of CNOR certification. Julie Mower Dawn Whiteside 21